Monday, May 05, 2008

Raja Petra's Show-Boating A Little Much?

I am a friendly acquaintance of Raja Petra and if we spent more time with each other, I am sure we would be friends. His nice wife Marina's company at least well compensates for some discomfort I sometimes do feel when Pet is 'on song'. As all good aspiring friends, we are quite open with our differences I feel.

However, I do not agree to
his apparrent show-boating by refusing to post bail until his Oct 6 trial on sedition. It will not do anyone any favours and the fact that the bail required was just RM5k, which RPK could afford, makes it worse! It would be a distraction against more pressing issues facing the nation, like removing Pak Lah, disrupt open debate on the web on these same issues and claim personal cost to people who's passions are better focussed elsewhere... this includes RPK himself.

I know there must be some twisted logic to your madness this time too Pet, but this will have to be one of those many occassions we disagree... looking forward to a chat over coffee on this some time soon... my treat of course...

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whackthembugger said...

I am certain RPK is most aware of what he’s doing; he has his own advisers plus a team of 7 senior lawyers to defend him and the support of the whole gang from Pakatan and bloggers. He has his own mind, pride and ego to satisfy and unfortunately he won’t see your logic or any one else who stand in his way in attaining his objectives (whatever they maybe). Against him are those who have been adversely affected by his blogs which include the DPM and his wife, those affected and concern politicians, amongst the population who may not appreciate his ideals and especially the power brokers. While RPK assumes he is an astute player in his gambit, the stakes are high; as a big “pain in the arse”, he well become a “King” to be timely “checkmated” by the mighty power brokers. Let’s see how the game unfolds as RPK has made his first move.

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