Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Resign From UMNO Or Not To Resign From UMNO, That Is The Question...

I had earlier posed the question to readers here on whether I should follow the lead of Che Det and my Ayah and resign from UMNO. I have had a decent number of friends leaving and a large number who are 'staying for now'.

It may disappoint and excite some to know that as of late last week, I had decided to be among those who are 'staying for now'. The reasons are various, as befitting a complex question for any long-time UMNO member, but up front, as I make no money from UMNO, I can duly declare that it has nothing to do with money. It does however have to do with:
  1. Mukhriz's decision. It would have been embarassing for me to stay in UMNO if Mukhriz had left. However, as Mukhriz has chosen to stay for now, I cannot leave and allow my action be used as yet another, albeit perhaps less significant barb, for UMNO's enemies within to use against him.
  2. The different battles between the generations in the on-going war. Note that the battle between Tun Dr M <-> Pak Lah <-> Anwar is a battle of the so-called 60+ generation. I am not part of that battle, but I am a small participant in the Mukhriz<->KJ battle of the 30's-40's generation. Whilst resigning is a key battle tactic of the 60+ generation, the time is probably not right for it to be applied for the younger generation in UMNO.
  3. The on-going sand-shifting among the Najib and Mahyuddin generation would be a key factor in whether Pak Lah survives, and that is developing in a positive direction. Already Mahyuddin is seen as a shoo-in for Deputy President, making Najib's declaration for the Presidency no longer a question of if, but when. The when he may choose to declare himself if Pak Lah's intentions to stay become clearer.
  4. In line with 2 and 3, if I and other UMNO 'youngsters' do choose to leave, we need to give meaning to the departure and make the event significant. Already we have heard of groups holding back from resigning so that a larger group of 'young' UMNO members may depart en-mass, in the tens of thousands, in a symbolic gesture of disgust should Pak Lah not resign.

So for now, I shall continue with my 'Duri Dalam Daging' activities to convince the mamoth, 'Tanduk Seladang Dalam Daging' that is Pak Lah to resign from the UMNO Presidency and from the PM-ship of the country...

Besides, it'd be more ego-boosting if I could get them to sack me...!


The Hidden Side said...

Join PAS after 'washing' your sins. You have eaten too many harams, after all your father was in the nick.

MMcrossings said...

what's this rumour i've just heard AAB is stepping down very soon.

And the SPR stating they're ready for snap election - ie fresh mandate for whoever taking over.

Najib not a good choice and this will be further trouble for BN.

any ideas?

Papa Aqeef said...


Join me with PBB..


Still remember me huh??

joe said...

think wisely bro.....join what ever u want cause perjuangan adalah perlaksanaan kata2....
good luck bro

whackthembugger said...

A target has been set, not an easy one especially when it involves a most acute & difficult task in bringing down the only despicable PM in our history, what more when he has all available resources at his disposal. Tun’s temporary move is an eye opener as well as a ground breaker while Mukhriz staying within has his justification.
I am not an UNMO member but I was a firm supporter of the form of governance under the BN structure. However much have changed since PM took over and his form of governance never stood up to my expectations since day 1; how could professionals in the field of good corporate governance endorse his weak leadership shrouded in nepotism? The Government has introduced the best practices in good corporate governance for the corporate entities to comply. One could easily observe hypocrisies from the leadership which are inconsistent with the reforms it advocates; simply it means that the leadership is up to no good. Such poor governance advocated by the 1st Family has no place in our beloved country lest we want our country destroyed. So to me, not being in UMNO, the best way to advocate for PM’s dismissal is by spreading the gross misdeeds of the 1st Family, the gross deceits and the dangers they pose in destroying of the country by word of mouth, in the blogs and distribute hard photocopies for onward distribution and reading for many others. Finally, to make the appropriate decision together with the other Silent Majority at the ballot polls when due.
It is no easy task to even convince die hard “gurkas” who have been in UMNO for many golden years who are so obedient to UMNO’s leadership. Fortunately in one case, with the concerted help of relatives and close friends, we have managed to convincingly expose the many “shit” of the present leadership and now the UMNO grass root member has opened her eyes, she on her part will try convincing others.
You have made your choice and that entail continuing your struggles together your associates from within UMNO to ensure the target is finally achieved; it’s a long and bruising battle but no doubt it will eventually be achieved. Asking friends as well as UMNO members to response to Che Det’s blog is the easiest of task; with more positive responses, Che Det energies will be boosted and deserve the credit due.
A weaken party with its President constantly under siege and won’t listen to the ground will continue making numerous mistakes. Further mistakes could also be easily prompted by the grassroots themselves to ensure that such weak leadership cannot function comfortably against the interest of the majority without watching it‘s every step and back. The leadership has made a lot of mistakes and many issues remained unaddressed that some would need to be given special focus.

For your age group and your support for Mukhriz, an issue of critical significance in which UMNO grassroots are already restless is the wayang kulit of Ezam’s and other PKR’s recent re-entry into UMNO. Many questions are being asked and these will be reflected by deeds rather than twisted tongues in the days, weeks and months to come. Keep these “bastards” in check and arouse the grassroots, eventually the masters of these “bastards” will have to come out forth.

Some actions proposed

1. As reported in tunkuaisha’s blog, joining Ezam will be seven other former PKR youth chiefs. They are
- Annuar Shaari (former PKR Youth chief for Permatang Pauh and private secretary to party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim),
- SD Johari Mohd Yasin (former Selangor PKR Youth chief),
- Mohd Nazmi Rosli (former Selangor PKR Youth secretary),
- Ahmad Daud Che Ghani (former PKR Perlis Youth chief),
- Azwan Din Hamzah (former PKR Youth executive council member),
- Khairul Annuar Ramli (former PKR Kedah Youth chief) and
- Abdul Ghani Haron (former PKR Youth executive councillor member).

As at time of writing Annuar’s Shari has been accepted in. As one of my Chinese friends alerted me by SMS upon hearing the news “What’s going on? By the time its over, KL will be in Singapore and vice versa”.

2. You and your networking could easily find out who brought them in, why did they come in and what the wayang kulit is all about? Expose them critically. Some conspiracy theories have also come forward and needs focus:
i) The former head of Gerak in joining UMNO hopes to eradicate graft and he saw “no other formula can realize this quest” ie PM’s proposed reform for the ACA. What was his significant contribution in Gerak and his detail achievements? Was his moving out of PKR a well planned pre-empted move?
ii) Does one need to join a party just to ensure his wonderful ideals is realized, noting that the ACA regulatory institution will not be accountable to Parliament making it will be like a big white dick that cannot stand erect? He has not been offered any position. Come on mate, do you need to believe all these shit? Follow and trace their every movement and find out the works of this secret society within UMNO and then expose them up!!!!
iii) I remembered Mukhriz saying anything goes at the youth movement so long as the Prince of Darkness gives his approval irrespective of what the movement says. I would believe the Prince of Darkness’ toothless fangs had the big say in allowing this penetration of ex-DSAI buggers. This should provide a most thorny issue to be optimally capitalized at the AGMs coming soon this July.
iv) Ezam was an ardent critique of UMNO during his many years with DSAI. The Prince of Darkness has his mentor in DSAI ever since before. DSAI has never publicly attacked the Prince of Darkness. Could Ezam and his teammates from ex-PKR have been coaxed into UMNO be a political agenda developed by the Prince of Darkness (perhaps in cohorts with DSAI) to enhance his continued sustenance in UMNO with a group of paid “thugs”? Was this returning into the UMNO fold a long thought out strategy by the Prince of Darkness who has nobody’s interest at hand except his?
v) The Prince of Darkness will unlikely stand for the Ketua Pemuda position because he will likely loose due to the many disasters he caused etc. As his possible proxy, will Ezam be paraded “naked” before all and for his pole to be recommended for the Ketua Pemuda post? Will the Prince of Darkness suffice for the No. 2 post as is the present case where Hishamuddin is but his mouth piece? The state of sickly governance under PM will continue. Know then why PM will not resign this coming AGM, why he refuses to announce the date of transition of power? His objective has always been for the interest of his family first and in this case to give ample breathing space to a useless young SIL blamed for much of BN’s losses.
vi) Ezam's entrance into UMNO and his statement stating his support for PM’s reform policy clearly states that UMNO's struggle today is no different than PKR. Noting he is weak and fragile, PM wants his legacy continued under his SIL, the ruthless Prince of Darkness. Can UMNO members still not see the dangers lurking within the party? Has PM’s reforms been simply concocted to make SIL the eventual benefactor?
vii) A conspiracy theory I once upheld – talks between pemuda UMNO, PAS and PKR in the greater interest of the Malays were recently initiated. My view was what was the necessity to bring PKR into the talks as PKR cannot represent the Malays? DSAI had planted his ex-punks in PAS. My suspicion then was these youths (between those closely or previously close with DSAI) were to come to some mutual understanding supposedly in the greater interest of the Malays but its real objective was to bridge the gaps in the greater interest of the Prince of Darkness and DSAI . Remember an earlier initiative to merge UMNO and PAS was out rightly rejected by a former ex-DSAI strongman in PAS. Now with the advent of these former PKR youth chiefs into UMNO, what’s the agenda? Anyone can make some conspiracy theories but they all point to one direction sooner or later – the imminent destruction of UMNO and of its original ideals. Perhaps this is what is Tun really meant that PM is the “Pemimpin Pemusnah”

I strongly advocate that the advent of these ex-PKR punks into UMNO needs much focus and scrutiny and it should be among the most explosive issues to be brought out during the UMNO elections should some of the conspiracy theories crystallize by then. You and your net working as true spirited UMNO members could do the most damage to these bunch of bandits made up of the PM, the Prince of Darkness (and other members of the 1st Family and the 4th Floor punks), DSAI and the so-called ex-PKR defectors. So provide the awful arsenal for members to raise the issue at the AGMs and to counter act whatever SPIN and arm twisting by the Prince of Darkness and his protégées. I am sure many disgruntled grassroots will be rushing to your assistance. It would be real sickening to see comptemporaries in UMNO being arm twisted by money politics and watching their ideals slowly diminishing by the day. Come on mate, take up the challenge as one of the many that you have; it surely is in furtherance of your stated objective of 'Tanduk Seladang Dalam Daging' that is Pak Lah to resign from the UMNO Presidency and from the PM-ship of the country.

MMcrossings said...

I'm beginning to suspect the scenario as written by whackthembugger.

KJ is losing clout in Pemuda and this is the step prior to next UMNO election.

He's adding his proxy in UMNO.

There will be some real big money politics in the pipeline. filthy big i guess.

Mukhriz will have to start campaigning hard now.

The ex PKR need to be watched.

Perhaps DSAI beginning to see it will be much easier to become PM under UMNO.

He only has to buy his way into UMNO and in the mean time plant his people to make that in-roads.

UMNO members has the history of being bought.

It's time to draw a line between the hardcore and the spineless.

I'm not surprised if AAB suddenly accepts DSAI into UMNO, PKR dissolved, and a new election to be called.

AAB will use this excuse for the malays as uniting the malay to strengthened his position and thus obtaining stronger mandate.

This is his political survival and to collaborate with DSAI seems more viable for him to stay in power for at least another term.

Then DSAI will step in as PM and later followed by KJ.

How's that?

Texas said...

All the people like yourself have no guts and does not have any honour. You should quit if you have any honour. Or SHUT UP and let Pak Lah get on with his job.


I find so many 'harams' in umno today . Namely rasuah ,ISA ,pembaziran duit rakyat ,too much entertainments spoiling the young etc. So not to get involved I quit .

If you are involved in SHIT you get SHIT.

Muhamad said...

Hi Akram?

Wife and kids doing good?

You can count me in on your 'missions'. Albeit not an umno member, I do believe that we Malays (albeit Kelantanese rather than Achenese descent)has every right to have a strong representation in this country - which at the moment is UMNO.

I see UMNO as a huge mother ship that is towing a barge housing 22 million people. Of course there are tug boats (components parties and also the opposition) around it, each trying to pull the mother ship to its direction, simply because ,whether they like it or not, the mother ship decides the direction. Deep inside they do resent the mother ship, merely differing in its intensity.

Now, there are two ways to change the direction of this mothership: (1) change the people in the bridge; (2)OTHERWISE you have to rock the ship so that it is forced to change its direction(and a ship of this size, you need a big frigging wave!)

To rock the ship, some has to go out and push it from the outside, but some have to stay in to run from side to side to create enough rocking momentum that either the bridge gets seasick and get out or the bridge is forced to steer in the direction of the rocking rhythm.

So I guess, whether to resign or not to resign from UMNO doesn't matter - so long as it is done in a concerted and transparent manner. You can be either side of the team but there must be a team. Right now, I believe that is what is missing. There are dissenting voices within umno but there is no single unifying 'team' that they could identify themselves with. It will be ironic that a former Team B member having to face a new Team B. I wonder how that would pan out?

But the new team B MUST NOT physically split UMNO. Then we would be really ****ed up!


jaim said...

I personally supported TDMs decision. ButI personally will stay behind and fight from inside. If we all to leave the party then who will make the changes. A new party will be considered if every effort failed.

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