Thursday, May 08, 2008

Now RPK's Show-Boating Is Over, Can We Do Something About The Real Menace Karpal Singh?

I am pleased to hear that RPK has come to his senses - surely thanks to his wife.

It was getting really painfull seeing the silliness coming out his refusal to post bail - someone was organising a "candle light vigil" tonight for him to be released. Hello!! Why? He CHOSE to stay in prison! So RPK could well have 'released' himself earlier by posting bail, with RM5k, even before donations from the public. I'm still not sure what RPK was trying to achieve other than causing some of his fans to act like idiots. Candle light vigil...

Now that this drama is over, perhaps we can get a straight answer from the government as to why
Karpal Singh, who has unashamedly gone and insult the Sultans, has not been charged for treason! Of course, charging RPK makes Najib look bad whilst charging Karpal does not benefit Pak Lah directly... hmmm... I am not a lawyer, but I can see more sense in Karpal being charged with sedition than RPK, though it looks more like treason to me.

The case against Karpal is not like the case against the alleged 'Natang' calling of the Sultan of Terengganu recently - with posters held up by unknown persons showcased in grainy photos such as to cause reasonable doubt of whether it even happened. Karpal has rather openly, and it seems rather proudly, denied the Sultans of their power such as the act is indisputable.

Unlike RPK, who is of royal blood but NOT a royal, the Sultans are due our allegiance as subjects, respect for their status and the right to see those that deny their powers to be cited for the highest contempt. And unlike in 1983 (which so many Pak Lah apologists like to roll out, though the young don't really care), the Sultans have done no wrong to the rakyat in their recent actions and are likely to be united in their contempt of Karpal Singh.

Certainly Sultan Perak has done a great deed to the Muslims of Perak by ensuring Islam is not going to be used as a political football by PAS so easily in the state. Does Karpal even understand this, or is he so keen on competing with Anwar Ibrahim and RPK for the limelight that he doesn't mind committing treason?

For the sake of consistency, the AG must go after Karpal Singh with all they've got for his recent acts against the Royals. Else, this will be further proof of the incompetency of the Pak Lah leadership to administer justice and add to the suspicion that the PM's office is now working with elements of Pakatan Rakyat.


mir said...

What treason are you talking about? What wrong in asking a question and giving your mind the way we know how?
Why don't you say the same thing to the malay who goes against the Sultan of Perlis and calling 'Natang' to our Agung? Is that one of the malays right too?

Anand said...

What kind of primitive being are soon as someone speaks his mind, you force them into prison? you are the true embodiment of everything that is wrong in malaysia. I respect the people who are willing to put their reputation and freedom on the line to question the government (including the sultans) in their actions. putting them in prison won't solve anything. we are not living in the era of Hang Tuah. questioning the sultan is part and parcel of a true democracy. they are no longer above the law. case and point the British Monarchy.

BrightEyes said...

Lets make a comparison. About what Karpal did, is it worse than...

- calling the Agong a creature/'natang
- running off with the Selangor Sultan's daughter to Thailand?
- objecting when the Royals of Perlis & Terengganu decided to sanction someone else for Menteri Besar?

A M Ubaidah S said...

Thanks commenters. May I first advise you to re-read my posting. If you are still unclear, I apologise, and will try to address your concerns.

mir. Denying the Sultan his constitutional powers is treasonous. The method of questioning the questioner's knowledge are differentiators between right and wrong.

Karpal committed treason for denying the Sultan Perak's rights whilst being fully aware of the Sultan's powers, what with being an accomplished lawyer and seasoned parliamentarian. His actions hence leads us to consider his harbouring treasonous motives.

anand. True that the Kings are no longer above the law, thanks to Tun Dr M. However, they are empowered by the constitution with some powers that cannot be denied, especially not by a man with knowledge of the law! The Sultans of Malaysia actually have more power than the British Monarch and this needs to be respected. Karpal is not above the law either.

brighteyes. It is not to my knowledge clear who called the sultan 'natang'. The person does not represent UMNO and I agree should be cited for being so rude to the Sultan. I similarly agree that Mat Taib deserved his punishment from the Sultan of Selangor and believe Pak Lah needs to resign - the clash with the Sultans being another reason why.

Unlike some other parties, UMNO members have their own minds and can oppose and ave even toppled their leaders in the past :)

Suggest mir and brighteyes start defending Karpal and not deviate the issue to UMNO internal matters. I am happy to roast the republican UMNO members and leaders together with Karpal!

whackthembugger said...

I am uncertain what game or games RPK is playing; he’s however showing to his followers he’s smarter than all. At first I thought he was playing the role of the ‘King’ in a long drawn match of chess but his game lasted only two days after realizing there’s danger rather than protection in jail; nak makan pun ada phobia. Looks likely he is merely a ‘pawn’ for somebody or something big to come. I must admit his shrewdness in galvanizing the support of bloggers and the mighty guardians or sentinels of free speech. It’s as though the sky has fallen for all these fellows all because RPK doesn’t see justice in a RM5K bail. By his behavior patterns, RPK must have taken a lot of cue from DSAI in moving human sentiments I am anxiously waiting for the disclosure of the truth RPK believes he has on the specific case.

The candle vigil looks very similar to likes of one laying him self on the road to be run down by a lorry to get public sympathy and attention while the same time recklessly frames up the truth by superimposing photographs in justifying himself as a member of parliament. What has Malaysians come too in the name of freedom and truth? I wonder what kind of “true” friend is the vigil bearer; he is playing sinful politics the kind the silent majority will no longer appreciate.

Kapal Singh, what a pitiful fellow, on the wheel chair and still trying to prove to the country he is still a worthy representative. Both Kapal Singh and Lim Kit Siang seemed to be in a ‘big’ hurry as they try to undo UMNO lest their long time dreams don’t come true soon enough. I just hope at their age they don’t suffer from “pre-ejaculations” cum ecstasies to get deadly heart attacks. I still think two old frustrated “idolas”, Kapal Singh & Lim Kit Siang, are more valuable to the Malay dilemma if they are allowed to be roam free to make abhorring remarks in inciting the blood of the Malays/ Bumiputras. Letting them roam free will not depict weak leadership if there’s a more decisive strategy to follow; hitting at the most opportune moment. Further these two ‘demons’ actions to control the Malay Muslim minda through PAS’s intended penetration of the mosque institution had made PAS looked so anesthetized and dumb. Perhaps PAS now sees about the true colors of Malaysian Malaysia. And the PM-In -Waiting, he is sitting quietly as he keeps sucking his thumb while pondering on his exclamation of Ketuanan Rakyat. He wipes his tears as he watches as the Malays consolidate against the concept of Malaysian Malaysia; he should know he’s going too old to continue sucking his thumb if he does not move soon enough if he wants the No.1 position.
Any suspicion that the PM's office is working with elements of Pakatan Rakyat only impresses the depravities from another loose orgy of strange bedfellows. No wonder the oldest trade in the world is called prostitution which incessantly increases when absolute power corrupts absolutely within the corridors of power.

Cucu Adam said...

You had shown prejudice against Karpal just because he is a non Malay. And by the same token you did not consider the incidents that took place in the states of Perlis and Trengganu as treasons. A double standard and a racialist. You are out of your mind and bias.

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