Thursday, May 15, 2008

Halal Biz <-> Pak Lah Family <-> Temasek Nexus; Another Nail In Pak Lah's Political Coffin?

It is not so much a surprise when Rocky broke the story of yet another Government Business <-> Pak Lah & Family <-> Temasek/ Singapore nexus, but a disappointment. This should not be happening still, on the back of:

  1. The obvious; the poor PRU-12 results for BN surely was reflective of the people's dissatifaction with the governance of the country and blatant pork-barreling by "the friends and family of Lah" club.
  2. Ever increasing food costs brings sensitivity to any issue related to the food and beverage (F&B) business, including the Halal certification. People should be, no, they actually will be asking why Pak Lah and family is making money out of the F&B business via a link to what is a government monopoly of sorts when the people are having to suffer the cost of spending more money just to eat! And Malaysians MUST HAVE OUR FOOD!
  3. When there is sensitivity around Islam Hadhari (resulting in the loss of Kedah), Karpal's challenge over the role of the Sultan in Muslim affairs and the challenge on the use of Allah in non-Muslim literature, why is Pak Lah and co. fooling around with another issue sensitive to Muslims in Malaysia?
  4. The Pantai Cross-Border Economic Bail-Out and other pro-Singapore initiatives like the SJER have blown up in te government's faces in the past. Surely Pak Lah is not intending to tempt the fate of Thaksin Shinawatra yet again!

One good thing about this news though... at least its another potential nail in Pak Lah's political coffin!


whackthembugger said...

Nail SIL for good, Pak Lah will go accordingly; no two ways about it. We can't have a young punk aka Prince of darkness aka evil young Count Dracula interfering and meddling in national strategic issues on behalf of PM while he sucks the blood out of our leadership and plunders the country's wealth. SIL must keep his mouth closed or his blunt fangs will cause too much sickness to the country. We have no choice but to pound the message all over and over again in the best interest of the nation.

fie the elf said...

You have got to be kidding me. Pak Lah is not the only politician around who has million dollar businesses connected to him.

Almost all politicians do. Especially your beloved TDM.

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