Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There Was A Time When The Palace Didn't Have To Fight Their Own Battles... A Time Before Pak Lah

There was a time when the istana, whether it be individual sultans or the Majlis Raja-Raja collectively, didn't need to fight their own battles. There was a time when UMNO would fight their battles for them.

UMNO has been fighting for the right of the Malay Rulers since the time of its conception. It had honoured the Rules with respect and in return, the Rulers by and large have been comfortable with a relationship whereby they stand as the symbols and guarantor of Malay leadership in Malaysia whilst UMNO executes the responsibilities of government with its partners in Barisan Nasional.

Even during the worst of times, over the period of the constitutional crisis of the early 80's, the Sultans did not need to 'turun padang' to defend themselves. At that time, part of UMNO fought on behalf of the majority of Rulers for the retention of all their rights whilst the another part of UMNO, allied with a minority of Rulers, challenged to further moderate the power of the Sultans as they felt was befitting a maturing democratic country that is Malaysia.

UMNO fought for the Rulers in the spirit of ensuring the continuity of the Malay tradition as custodians of what is Malaysia - now spun by the ill informed into the shallow concept of 'Ketuanan Melayu'.

another Istana rises to address the challenge of the once insignificant Karpal Singh, one must again regret what UMNO has lost. Efforts of late by UMNO to belated rise to defend the rights of the Rulers against attacks by the Republican minded opposition parties, though commendable as efforts go, are severely undermined by the recent and not so recent past behaviour of the Pak Lah and the 'First Family" as well as their own court of sycophants (pengampu!).

One would have thought undermining the royal households by allowing UMNO controlled papers to declare Pak Lah's family the first family is bad enough. One was then stunned at the callous behaviour of the 4th Floor boys in renaming the SJER (Singapore's Johor Economic Rape) after the name of the Johor Sultan without permission.

However, these breaches of etiquette, though hardly forgivable, may have been excused to ignorance (perhaps Oxford does not teach manners to its graduates?). The most recent behaviour of Pak Lah's in disregarding the powers of Rulers in the decision-making and appointments of State Governments and Leaders have been appalling! Even more disturbing, one then sees some leaders and members following Pak Lah's lead in this matter against UMNO's grain!

Such actions have undermined UMNO's ability to act in its past capacity as a defender of the Rulers in recent times, and is hence further crippling UMNO's capacity in asserting the custodial rights and responsibilities over Malaysia. And nothing demonstrates the extent of damage caused by Pak Lah and co than the sight of the Rulers having to come out to defend themselves!

Pak Lah has lost the right to speak as the wazir of the Malay Rulers of Malaysia and certainly cannot turn from being an insulter of the Rulers himself into a defender of The Royal Highnesses overnight! To save UMNO from drifting further from its roots and reasons for being, to save UMNO from being so burdened by the his, his family's and cronies' wrong-doings any further, I yet again urge Pak Lah to Withdraw. I urge Pak Lah to return UMNO to its members...

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whackthembugger said...

May I commend your article for expounding the SIL and PM to be vaporized from the Malaysian political scene, sooner than later.

With all the havoc that’s happening in the Government to-day, the lay men would be able to acknowledge that PM and his SIL (including the 4th Floor boys) know nothing about governance in multi racial and religious Malaysia. The kris which these two have unsheathed and pointed at TDM and the Sultans is now pointing directly back at them.

But what’s behind the insolence against the Sultans is something worth probing.

Pak Lah is just a pak turut to the 1st Family in particular the SIL and the 4th Floor boys; he’s just their mouth piece. Pak Lah lost his face to the Sultans in the Perlis and Treggannu via the MBs saga. That the Malay masses are uniting amongst themselves and with the Sultans and no longer under the banner of UMNO against the banner of Malaysian Malaysia is indeed the biggest slap in the face of any UMNO leadership in its entire colorful history. Indeed the SIL has brought much shame to Pak Lah. UMNO in defense of the Sultan against a defiant old man in a wheel chair is nothing exceptional; the old nut can do more harm to himself and his cause if he loose. Loosing control of the wang ehsan, wow, a whopping RM7.4 B in the last 3 years, must be hurting some people’s deep pockets. The SIL has proposed reforms to the Judiciary without prior consultation with the Rulers; he will effectively reduce such powers of the Council of Rulers in the appointment of Judges. There’s very little a young punk called SIL can do to improve the relationship between UMNO and the Sultan, in fact SIL can only be deemed treacherous.

Now what’s the DAP leading the fuss with the Sultans in Perak and Selangor and the Agong in Penang? A show of biadap? – Yes but there’s much more to it. The Sultans and Agong now stand in the way of Pakatan’s infiltration into their minds of the Faithful in these 3 states via the mosque intuition etc. DAP knows Malays are the deciding component and consequently controlling the Malays by “divide and rule” is the best route to effectively break the unity of the Malays. PAS is foolish enough to come forth “innocently” to indoctrinate with their brand of Islam not realizing DAP is merely “playing their backsides” rather than anything else. PKR is not a Melayu tulin entity and therefore cannot speak for the Malays and Islam even though their apparent leader, the PM in waiting, is a Melayu by birth but frankly I do not know kind of Melayu he is, maybe treacherous is a good description. So are PKR’s Socialist Rakyat Malay members with their brand of Islam is so liberal and falls so closely with the philosophical concept of “Freedom of the Future”. So in togetherness, PAS-PKR-DAP are bent on manipulating the results of the G12 where UMNO holds more legitimacy than PAS and PKR (Melayu representatives) on Malay and Islam representation in the 3 states. DAP’s ulterior motive in the defiance of the Sultans and Agong: to enable the DAP to have a field day in destroying the Unity of the Malays in letting loose their puppets, PAS to do their work. And that’s why the PM-in-waiting abhors the call of Ketuanan Melayu and the patriotic role played by BTN; he wants to break the patriotic mindset of the Melayu and Malaysians.

In Indonesia, 10% of the population belonging to a particular race holds 90% of the country’s wealth, the same will hold true if the Malaysian Malaysia concept and Ketuanan Rakyat becomes dominant. Alhamdullilah, we are fortunate that the Rulers stood firm against the deception and ploys of the Minority against the legitimate wishes of the Melayu Majority. The PM and SIL are so self centered and ARROGANT (SOMBONG & BODOH SOMBONG) that they can’t do anything good for the Melayu; they only have their selfish interest at heart and I hope they soon kena terajang by the Rulers.

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