Monday, July 28, 2008

Why The Desparation To Save Anwar?

I e-mailed a DAP friend recently advising him to desist from his defence of Anwar. My reasons were sincere in that I did not want him and his party to needlessly lose all the credibility in has recently earned on defending a criminal, on the false premise that he's innocent. I then made the observation that the championing of reform in our country should not hinge so much on the future of just one man.

A couple of days ago we saw the unveiling of the next dramatic attempt to save Anwar by RPK. This was of course celebrated by reform activists and more formal 'institutions' with similar sympathies like Malaysiakini and LKS. To many of these activists, this news was a much needed vindication of Anwar's 'innocence'. The only problem is, how much of it is real and how much highes on hope?

Perhaps it is telling that LKS did not celebrate Anwar's 'presumed innocence', but simply urged for the police to be more transparent in their investigations. This is probably because Lim Kit Siang, seasoned politician that he is, knows that the risk of Anwar actually being guilty is too much for him to balance the future of his party on, especially with his son now doing so well in Penang.

Too much has been invested by too many people on Anwar being the victim all these years. Too many have invested not just their time, energy and material wealth to the struggle for his 'justice', but also their soul to the belief that their struggle is for the right side.

So if Anwar is proven guilty without a shadow of a doubt to have raped Saiful in that condo, as the horror of the realisation dawns that all those other victims were raped by Anwar in the 90's, it is not just the ringgit, sweat and tears wasted these last 10 years that would be lamented, but faith, hope and the reason for being would be lost by so many...

...will RPK ever be believed again?
...will Harris Ibrahim remain a rebellious hero?
...will there be any pride left in those who proudly wear the light-blue badge?
...will there be any fondness left in the memory of wearing a light-blue bandana?

Faith in Anwar had been fading, slowly, but surely, ever since he ran to the Turkish Embassy when Saiful came forward. All of Anwar's rhetoric has come to naught as his behavior retards the image of innocence, whilst Saiful, despite all the dirt hurled in his direction, remains a victim in hiding. It should be no surprise then to see those like RPK attempt to save Anwar yet again, even if he is not worthy, as the cost of Anwar's guilt it too high for them to bear...


Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...


The desperation only comes from desperate people.

But the problem is,our PR exercise has been useless to the point of turning away the rakyat from the truth!

This is the chance to finish of DS Anwar, and yet the flip flopping and soft-stance approach has brought more skepticism!

In any case, RPK can go to...well, does he actually believe in heaven and hell?

Kepimpinan Masih Belum Memahami Kami

Omong said...

Malaysians should have just trusted Tun Dr M.

Anwar has caused so much confusion and chaos at the expense of taxpayers money as well as the small business affected by his riots and protests.

whackthembugger said...

Anybody with experience going to specialists’ doctors for examination would know the difference; the GP’s medical expertise and check up is limited. Those who watch CSI would already sense the difference – the details required. More so when one needs to get a medical report for certain additional purposes say a legal suit or for lodging a police complain whereby the report has to be most extensive and credible to stand in court. I assisted someone recently at HKL and it was a long and detail process.

RPK has been threading on very dangerous grounds, putting his reputation (as well as bloggers) to rock bottom after his “fiasco” in the stat decs, video confession and now this. He sounds so desperate, vindictive and vulgar, much like character of ‘the Joker” in the Batman latest movie; he really sucks.

Let us be patient and let the Police do their job. Do not press them; in fact the protraction of the police investigation has already demonstrated that DSAI has not changed a bit as well as the changing colours of those who believe or don’t believe that the sodomy could have taken place.

Certain important people, because of their impatient with vested interest (not national interest) have already “pre-ejaculated” before reaching the climax (completion of police investigation) desperately using the American way of justice – trial by media just based on a GP medical “report”; Ambiga, LKS, the man himself and his wife as well as a host of his ardent (PKR) worshippers including RPK and of course the representatives of the Dajjal (US administration and UN bodies like the IMF and world Bank). Such a pity for some of these people, telling the Ministers and others to refrain from making “prejudice” statements so as to let the police do their job while boasting about respecting the rule of law but they themselves “pre-ejaculate” as they shit at the fan.

Should the Police subsequently proceed with an arrest for a sodomy charge, I am sure there would be a mob protecting the Man. Will our men in blue be allowed do the job in balaclavas or should we call in the Army with their armoured personnel carriers, tanks and machine gun do the sweep?

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