Monday, June 30, 2008

And The Main Beneficiary Of Anwar's Sodomy Charge Is... Anwar? Actually... Zzzz...

I have to be uncommonly honest about some of my sources in this posting, hence I seek forgiveness of those I may inadvertantly expose and understanding from those who would like to think they know of my bias beyond the obvious.

I first heard of the charges against Anwar whilst choosing the fish at a very late night gathering of chums in Alor Star. The news came from someone in Datuk Seri Najib's office. The news came late, on Saturday night, a couple of days after the police report, and the tone of the friend was panic! Najib's office was freaking out... they did not see this coming and was mindful of suspicion towards Najib...

I then heard that Anwar's accuser, Saiful, had been seeking an appointment with Che Det's office about his case. He did not get one.
(Editted from original following input from A Voice)

The above appear to have been further confirmed by Saiful's family and fiance. So by my estimation, there does not appear to be a Najib or Tun Dr M conspiracy afoot to have Anwar charged for Sodomy / Homosexual Rape. However, there does appear to be a conspiracy afoot in laying the blame on Najib over this scandal. To track this, one must ask, who benefits?

After some thought and analysing the impact of these accusations upon Anwar, as well as the arguments now raging on the web, over sms' and coffee shop talk, one can surmise that the early beneficiary of spinning this issue in Najib's direction is Anwar! No, I don't think Anwar conspired to get Saiful to fabricate this accussation, but please just bear with me. Let us consider that:

  1. Anwar was a big beneficiary of his 90's sodomy case. Of course, Pak Lah still stands as the biggest beneficiary, being otherwise politically near-dead, but Anwar's dismissal was looming after he challenged Tun Dr M. In fact, many of Tun's supporters wished he had supressed Anwar's earlier sodomy charge... the result was sympathy for Anwar, sandiwara, then PRU 1999...

  2. Anwar is facing the prospect of being held to account on his promises. He has problems delivering a new government based on BN defections by an already delayed 16 September date. The veracity of his claims on returning subsidies if he comes to power and the dodgy performance of the Selangor PKR government also present big challenges. So a distraction helps...

  3. Anwar's backup plan of planting his loyalists in Pak Lah's camp, likely assisted by long time fan Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), is now attracting attention. The appointment of Suhaimi Ibrahim as Pak Lah's pol-sec in place of Lah-ist Othman Desa (who helped depose Suhaimi from GPMS' leadership earlier), was followed by Ezam's return to UMNO. (Has Ezam turned traitor?)

A distraction like another 'conspiracy' similar to that in late 1990's would certainly help Anwar and be a great excuse to not fulfilling some of his promises. However, Anwar's desperation over the last few days, including his messy arrangements when hiding in the Turkish Embassy, smacks of unpreparedness. If there is a conspiracy, Anwar is not running it, only trying his hardest to make the best of it.

And actually, Anwar's time at the Turkish embassy and hints of assistance from a close neighbour have backfired. It seems to confirm views that he is much too strongly linked to foreign powers for the comfort of the majority of Malaysians.

This brings us then at last to a group of conspirators who would benefit from this scandal in too many ways, especially if the finger of blame is successfully pointed in Najib's direction. I shall pull together bits of anecdotal evidence that indicates the conspirators behind the media spin to blame Najib, but this wise kakak has to take credit for setting my mind down this tangential path.

  1. Two of Ministers that have had photos taken with Saiful are firmly in the Lah camp, Datuk Azalina Othman and Datuk Shahrir Samad. Datuk Mustapha Mohamad has always been seen as a loyal worker, but he was one of Pak Lah's preferred candidates for UMNO Vice President in 2004. Ironic then that it is the photo with lowly Najib aide that is given early and persistent press.

  2. The Najib aide in the photo is an Oxbridge graduate and is not very famous for what he is doing... unless you're keeping tabs of Najib's team, or know him personally, or are from the same Oxbridge generation...

  3. The likeliest source of these photos other than Saiful himself or his family would likely be someone close to Saiful, probably at PKR's or Anwar's office. Wonder

  4. Even without the picture of the aide, Najib would have been seen to be the likeliest beneficiary of the conspiracy, hence implicated. What more with Anwar and his cohorts continuing to attack him on Altantuya, even the simplest of minds would imagine Najib's guilt. Pak Lah's is seen to be too incompetent... really?

  5. The media spin by the subtly pro-Pak Lah new media is now playing up the issue to show that in the end, he is still the best person to lead the country.... Hahahahahaha.... no, I'm not joking, see? The same new media also shows how cunningly the 4th floor and NST leadership is playing this.

  6. There was a delay between the time when the police report was made on Anwar's rape of the boy and the news (spin) went to press. With the exception of the MCA controlled Ministry of Health, both agencies that would be first alerted of the formal charges against Anwar, the police and the AG chambers, are under the control of Pak Lah or his allies in the Home Ministry.

  7. Najib was starting to show some VERY subtle signals that he wouldn't mind being nominated for UMNO President last week. Pak Lah feeling the heat of a real threat at last? But this scandal could remove any potential of Najib successfully challenging Pak Lah, it's more effective than Altantuya!

So my view of things as they stand now? I think Anwar raped that boy, that's what sodomy is, homosexual rape. And the biggest beneficiary of the spin around this case is Pak Lah! (And KJ, Kali, et al).

And it is so like Pak Lah and his gang to take advantage of the misfortune of one of his rakyat, isn't it...?

Anyway, I am too sick of this topic to write any more about it now. So from now on, I'll follow my Nyak's advice and start writing about something that's more productive... besides, Rocky has a couple of expose links that should convince you of Pak Lah's nastiness ... one wonders after reading them why we ever trusted Pak Lah!


A Voice said...

dont think 3rd para happened and necessary to be written.

patthebardude said...
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Amran said...

I don't think it is easy to rape a young healthy male of 23 years old. One kick on anwar's (62 years of age) butt will surely knock him down unconscious.

A M Ubaidah S said...

patthebardude. Thanks, I sympathise, but off topic.

amran, as I no longer write on this issue, the following I have cut & pasted from

"...“How could an old man sodomise a healthy 23-year old man?” – uncannily resembling some of the thoughts of people with Phd from renowned Universities.

“Drugs, intoxication, power of influence, love, charmed by the personality and charisma…”, and as I rattle on the possibilities, I could sense a shift in mood. It doesn’t seem so impossible now does it?..."

whackthembugger said...

As I have commented in some other bogs, I sensed the logic in the conspiracy theory that indeed the ultimate result of Sodomy Part 2 and now with the latest SD disclosure by one called Pxxx Balak is none other than to attack the character of DPM with the prime benefactor being PM.

That being the case, let’s not get our friendly bloggers uptight about the smear campaign being galvanized by the likes of human rights groups, the DAP and PKR – for whatever reasons, these prophets of doom fear the ascendancy of Najib to be the next PM .

While we must defend the character of DPM where deserving while letting DSAI run breathlessly on his nationwide tours in showing his true negative self and desperation for power, we should be more focus in getting the akar umbi to vote without fear and favor against all the weak leadership at the forth coming UMNO elections.

It is therefore timely for you guys together in unity to strategise and come out urgently with key issues critical for discussion including procedures etc for the UMNO election. PM’s shortfalls in the GE 12 as well as his liberal and populist reforms which have been the principal causes of to-day’s state of uncertainty and regression should be emphatically debated. Similarly the calls to reject against any significant change in the existing social contract including its prohibition for discussion, the outright rejection of the slightest interference of foreign powers in the affairs of the nation, the utter rejection against the word of Allah being used by other non-Muslim faith, the upholding of Ketuanan Rakyat, the inability and shortfall of the current leadership to anticipate and in addressing the people's economic woes etc and whatever issues deem fit to demonstrate the acute weakness of PM’s leadership in the manner which will bite the hearts and souls of UMNO umbers. And yes, the rots of SIL and Ezam should be fully exposed.

These issues have to be played out repeatedly to ensure the mind frame of the akar umbi has been properly set for the eventual occasions. However be prepared for the deference of the elections for whatever reasons.

kluangman said...

Kenapa Anwar secara peribadi begitu bermati matian menyerang Najib, adakah Anwar merasakan hanya Najib sahaja yang mampu menghalang cita cita politiknya.

Kenapa pula Bala berada di pentas PKR untuk mengistiharkan perakuan bersumpahnya, siapa yang membayar peguamnya.

Kenapa di antara yang terelevan di dalam bebeapa isu sejak kebelakangan ini, hanya wajah Anwar dan Azizah yang paling TERTEKAN

MMcrossings said...


I'm just speculating, if Najib comes out clean from this blunder, he will gain some strong political mileage, presumably Anwar got spunned by his own spinnings.

Hypothetically, Najib may claim credits for suppressing Anwar, the de factor leader of PR. And that is a BIG PLUS.

Najib will certainly comes out strong, and getting some real support that he needs.... to challenge DSAAB!!!

I'm pretty sure, if what being claimed by RPK's SD and Bala's July 1st SD turn out to be true, Najib is in deeper trouble or easily "melenting".

Reading JebatMustDie postings, I don't see how the SD's can really implicate Najib when most of the "damaging" allegations stated are flawed, to me at least.

Once Najib declared he's challenging DSAAB, this will get very interesting and it will be tough for Najib.

Level 4 boys will be working overtime for sure.

I just hope this will be a clean fight without any mudslinging.

Not sure if the Malay will split this time as of 87 coz
the split could just be within the UMNO delegates.

Conspiracy aside, the table could perhaps turn to Najib favours.....

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