Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Horrors Of RM625 Rebate Per Car

I wish to add to the pile of horrors being shared across the old and new Malaysian media on this RM625 rebate we the rakyat should be getting per registered vehicle of less than 2,000cc or RM150 per motorbike below 250cc. The following list is not comprehensive, but still...

  1. How come rebates are for a maximum of 5 vehicles per person? I thought this was for the benefit of the middle to working class? As far as I know, very few in the 'middle-class' bracket can afford to own more than 2 vehicles - usually one cheaper or older vehicle (kapcai or old Proton) and a newer one. Why are we helping people who can afford to own 3+ cars!
  2. Why is government supporting these rebates for vehicles using the criteria of less than 2,000cc? On this basis, the proud more than-middle-class Malaysian owner of a brand new BMW 3 Series Convertible (1,995 cc) would be equally eligible for the rebate as a working class owner of a 3rd hand Proton Iswara (1,300cc)!
  3. This rebate targets people who own vehicles, but many of the poor, especially the hard-core, will not be eligible for these benefits but will suffer the impact of higher inflation anyway! This was not just expressed over teh tarik over the weekend, a couple of bankers were quoted in the papers today as saying with recent policy changes "more Malaysians could slip into the poverty bracket, if not below"!
  4. My young friend here has an analysis that shows that key beneficiaries of this rebate policy include a particularly well connected investment bank, chaired by an infamous almost-Tan Sri! How consistent with past Lah-ist government policy!
  5. Poeple are rushing for the rebates, despite the government saying they can do this over the course of the year. The reason? People are afraid Pak Lah will flip-flop again and cancel the rebate before they can get their money! Early signs here?
  6. Implementation? Long queues, grouses over Post Offices running out of cash, but the minister is still smiling and declaring early success!
  7. etc.
  8. etc.
  9. ad-nauseum...
Yet again one ponders a question now so asked it's getting rather stale... can Pak Lah's government do anything right?


Letting the time pass me by said...

Bro pemerhati bebas, sebol and mie amour..

Production kos untuk Petroleum sebenarnya sekitar USD20 usd per barrel...Itu bersamaan dengan RM0.60 seliter .. kalau ambik sekali dengan kos-kos keuntungan dan sebagainya sebanyak 70% sekali pun harga minyak petrol hanya patut naik sehingga RM1.50 paling tinggi pun...

Off course kalau kita ambik kos minyak dunia memangla kalau kita beli kat Pasaran terbuka harganya = USD100++, tapi kalau ambik nilai production yang betul-betul at the pump, harga nya sekitar USD20 sahaja..

Berdasarkan perkiraan aku, harga petrol kat Malaysia masih lagi boleh dijual dibawah harga RM2.70 seliter...Malah boleh dijual dibawah RM2.00 seliter dan masih untung, kalau ade inisiatif yang benar-benar ikhlas oleh kerajaan..

whackthembugger said...

When PM’s goons do something for the people, they make sure they help themselves to the maximum
- Many of PM’s good for nothing goons are filthy rich and have more than 5 cars each besides the government’s cars they use. While the rakyat suffers in tightening belts and scrapping the bottom of the barrel, these goons’ life styles are hardly affected.
- For those expensive luxury cars below 2000 cc that really burn petrol, either the goons forgot about it or that’s still the flexibility available to them as gifts for their mistresses or gigolos.
- I doubt they know the real meaning of hard core poverty and what affects these people. They are just fooling themselves, they are not realist; they are just a bunch of theorists in a hurry with little practical exposure.
- Oh goodness – Isn’t there something these goons do for the people without PM’s family/ friends’ interest. Surely Dato’ Seri Kalimullah / SIL are a bunch of hungry desperados; nothing to them is ever enough or are their business that badly affected that they need to screw the rakyat. Real bunch of opportunist shit heads.

Early success, my foot!! There is no meaning of success when the rakyat continues to suffer terribly; RM625 divide by 54 weeks in a year means RM11.57 per week. My extra cost of petrol from the price hike is estimated at RM200 a month or RM50 per week. So per year my shortfall from the rebate is RM2, 075!!!!! before taking into consideration balik kampongs or sending my 2 kids to and fro twice a year from their IPTA’s in Segamat and Alor Gajah, Malacca. The RM625 is not even enough to pay for my kids’ entry into the 1st Semester of the IPTAs. Removing food subsidies at the IPTAs means higher cost of sustenance. The poor gets poorer that’s what it means.

That’s what happened when the Cabinet discussed the price hike at a 4 hours meeting in making such a crucial decision; it’s a cabinet of yes men and “In the Kingdom of the Blind, the one eyed is King” .Its worse when the right eye is constantly closed.

Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...

Saudara Akramsyah,

It's good to see there are still rational thinking UMNOist.

Do pay a visit to another UMNO's grassroot blog - albeit a cawangan sponsored one:)


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