Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No One Resigning From UMNO? Really?

I was starting to believe the propaganda that the number of resignations from UMNO following Tun Dr M's quiting the party had diminished when a friend called to declare that he just did! So why is this bloggable? Because of who he is.

The friend who claimed he was quitting the party was Zarique Zulkifly, son of Dato’ Zulkifly Rafique, the Managing Partner of UMNO Law Firm Zul Rafique & Partners. He's also the nephew of Pak Lah's staunch ally and family friend, Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique, Minister of the Federal Territories!

Zarique declared over the phone ~an hour ago that he effectively quit UMNO by sending a resignation letter to his Ketua Bahagian, supposed KJ ally cum UMNO Treasure Datuk Azim Zabidi. Whilst thanking Azim for his leadership, Zarique's letter did not hint on any reason for his quitting the party, other than it being 'due time' for him to do so.

Zarique had been communicating with me over the last 2 weeks, where he expressed a desire to be more active in the articulation of issues. Surprisingly to me, he had always expressed a desire to express himself on NGO platforms, such as Prowaris and Promuda. Rather astutely, he was not planning to join any of the Pakatan Rakyat parties - he actually laughed this off as a possibility!

Zarique's departure will not likely send as big a shockwave througout the UMNO rank and file as Tun Dr M's departure, but it should! If UMNO cannot retain talented professional youths, even those as 'cabled' or connected like Zarique, what hope does it have in retaining anyone of quality for the future... other than KJ and his goons of course!

Zarique's actions will certainly make members still in the fold, such as myself, think again about our decision to stay and fight it out. Is it already time to give up on UMNO and fight the good fight elsewhere?


whackthembugger said...

I would believe many have “resigned” from UMNO from all walks of life for obvious reasons connected to PM and his politics and policies. Resigned here forth means while their form or body is with the Party, their spirit is not with PM. From reading the blogs, one can realized how dispirited UMNO members are. You can hear such frustrations that too at the coffee shops. Perhaps the exodus will come soon enough when these members finally sense the dire consequences of remaining in the Party when the final crunch comes.

jaim said...

Sdr Akram

Keluar parti
Zahirnya memang tidak ramai ahli UMNO keluar parti tetapi sedarkah kita bahawa ahli UMNO ini hanya besar pada angkanya sahaja.

Hakikatnya sebahagian besar ahli sudah lama menjauhkan diri dari parti. Kewujudan bilangan keahlian yang besar adalah disebabkan ada yang membayarkan yuran mereka.

Pemimpin yang mahu terus berkuasa atau mahu melihat UMNO terus wujud, berusaha nenbayar yuran ahli tanpa pengetahuan ahli. Kehadiran ahli yang sedikit dalam sesuatu mesyuarat memperlihatkan kebenaran ini.

Keputusan pemilihan UMNO peringkat Bahagian dan Pusat akan menentukan bilangan sebenar ahli yang akan keluar parti, kerana ramai lagi yang mengambil sikap tunggu dan lihat.

kluangman said...

Ahli UMNO tidak perlu 'menunjukkan' keluar dari parti kerana ia akan membantu dolah dan puaknya terus merasa kuat, biar mereka leka dan sombong.
Yang patut keluar ialah dolah dan juaknya suatu masa nanti, pun mereka tidak istihar keluar parti tetapi mereka akan berada di luar setelah 'ditendang' keluar.

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