Monday, June 23, 2008

RPK's SD, Khalid Ibrahim's PA, Pak Lah's Subsidy Cut... And The Return Of An Anti-Hero...

The country awakes to several unworthy tid-bits of news today, including Raja Petra's on-going publicity-mongering on the country's first ever 'Statutory Declaration' based on hearsay and rumour, news of the suspension of Khalid Ibrahim's scapegoat for his first scandal as an MB and Pak Lah's successful blocking of the no-confidence vote against him.

Of these 3 bits of news, certainly the most pathetic is the one where Pak Lah and co engineered this nonsense parliamentary debate and vote on the recent fuel subsidy cuts. Past cuts, whilst debated, have not required a vote by parliament as it is unnecessary and somewhat spurious, as of course, all the MPs voted along party lines! Not at all a good proxy for the MPs' 'confidence' in Pak Lah.

And all this just so the MP's would be distracted from SAPP's effort to bring a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah. Interestingly, the DAP, fearing the no confidence vote would reveal their hypocritical support of Pak Lah, had also prepared a motion on RPK's SD to distract parliament. It should concern us more that the SAPP MP's now appear to fear for the safety of their loved ones!

However, of greater interest to UMNO stalwarts is the return of an anti-KJ hero to active party politics. Tan Sri Isa Samad, suspended former senior VP of UMNO who won the highest vote in the last UMNO elections on an 4B and anti-Khairy platform, ended his period of membership suspension yesterday. He made a low-key statement confirming this yesterday.

Had he not been suspended on trumped-up charges of money politics engineered by KJ, Isa would have been the likeliest candidate for DPM now, as he had been consistently critical of KJ, if not Pak Lah, even when he was in the Lah cabinet. Datuk Seri Najib had attempted to bring Isa back earlier, but such was KJ's fear of Isa, these efforts were vigorously opposed, with some success.

The return of Tan Sri Isa Samad, the 'Anti'-Hero; as far UMNO politics and the future of the country's leadership is concerned, that's news!

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