Tuesday, August 26, 2008

September 16, Here We Come! Clearly It's The Economy, Silly!

Much as expected, and despite an increasing number of Malays, even among the voters in his constituency (30+% now!), believing Anwar did 'do it' to Saiful, the man still won in Permatang Pauh with an increased majority! One can't really blame demographics too much as the electoral roll would be the same, and the win is so comprehensive, it is unlikely the trends between groups (race, age, etc) would shift much either.

To put it plainly, even as more people believe Anwar is a Homosexual Rapist, and more are discomfited with PKR's increasing politics of fear, and more begin to question the giving away their constitutional rights as Malays and Muslims, THEY STILL DON'T WANT PAK LAH AS PM!


So Pak Lah, even the people of your home state has again demostrated that they still hate you... actually, they now hate you even more than in March when they gave Penang to DAP and even voted against your relative Dato Noraesah from winning one of the safest UMNO MP seats in the country, Balik Pulau!

So Pak Lah, are you going to declare "KITA MENANG!" again now? Is it possible that you could try to do something so silly yet again? We are waiting for your response to the whole debacle, which true to form, you and your cohorts will surely blame Najib for.

So Pak Lah, when was it again you said you were leaving? 2010? Sudah Lah Pak Lah... better leave now Lah. The people didn't care that Anwar could be a sodomite. They were going to choose Anwar because anyone could manage the economy better than Pak Lah... even the man who failed in 1998! People are willing to give Anwar another chance at the economy rather than have it mucked up some more by Lah-ism... the art of indecisively making the wrong decisions!

I still think 16 September is a pipe dream for Anwar. But we can't wait till 2010 for Pak Lah to go, let alone for an alternative to take over in 2013! Berundur Lah...


My Oh My said...

Dear Akram,

While I completely agree with the push for Abdullah to step down, but is the next going to be better?

Is it going to be another Pak Lah story? There must be a solution to this that is better than ACCEPTING whomever he decided to be his succesor. I find it funny that while a lot of people find Pak Lah's decisions flawed, they are happy with this one.

What UMNO need is a strong and brave Supreme Council. They are supposed to be a check and balance to the powers of the President, not as his minions.

If Umno cannot/will not/not allowed to choose the President for now, then elect independent, loyal, patriotic, smart and able leaders to the Supreme Council. Someone who can say no!

whackthembugger said...

You have said it most clearly and even if we all said the same, PM will only reply “I don’t care; I still have majority even though less than 2/3 majority. I still have a lot of work to complete before I go off in 2010. There are many reasons for the loss of PP; I am solely not to be blame.”

The people have again spoken, this time most violently yet embarrassing to UMNO. It’s up to UMNO members to decisively amputate the PakLah Dynasty and his cronies this coming December 2008 if they love UMNO, Malay Unity, the religion and country. Enough is enough; the country is indeed in a horrible mess politically, economically and socially as it steers without a pilot with the clouds getting darker by the day. The non-Malays despise for PM (and SIL, family) is most shocking.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro Akram,

We hav to get PLah & Najib to drop d quota & open d Presiden & Deputy post for challenge.. n i hope all d malays in UMNO will give deir support to YM Ku Li..he is d only one who can reform UMNO n d Govt & my gess is he can wok hand in hand wth Tun M..choose DS Rais as DPM or Mahyuddin or othrs but d PM post must b given to Ku Li as he is d only person who voiced out his concern on d Malay dilemma now n he has a solution to boost back d economy n i believed he is capable to pull us out of dis mess..wat can I say,..heheh..(,") waallahualam


Abi Ayyub said...

You said ...

"Much as expected, and despite an increasing number of Malays, even among the voters in his constituency (30+% now!), believing Anwar did 'do it' to Saiful, the man still won in Permatang Pauh with an increased majority!"

and again ...


You must really be in the room to believe that it really happen, and further to even be so sure to make that kind of statement.

All Malay and Malaysian should be proud of that statement.

If you were not in the room, then there is only two person there, one is lying, yes it could be either of them but as I say, unless you are in the room you got no right to even side either one.

The people of Permatang Pauh knows him more than you ever will, just like people of Langkawi is suppose to know you.

Pak Lah will (never) quit, and you know why, its power and greatness that all UMNO people aspire for, and it is never ever for the rakyat, although good things do come around since the last 50 years.

As long as people in UMNO relearn how it all started, very soon UMNO will be .... ???

SlumbeRaja said...

16 Sept.. what's gonna happen?

Salam Kemerdekaan dari slumbeR@J@!

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azlina said...

Pak Lah/KJ/Najib is no match for Anwar.Anwar is an experience person and he is also a human being with a revenge feeling.He can crash PAK LAH AND TEAM as those people are just peanuts to him. we need a more credible people to challenge Anwar. basically what we have now in cabinet is a useless ministers. too lazy/too comfortable in their seats/taking advantage in thier position and too spoilts. we need a total turnaround. a new cabinet/hardworking/smart/credible/strong to be able to make malaysia a new reputable country. then UMNO can be as strong and respected by ALL.UMNO also must make a change. stop choosing people who totally uncapable, change mindset and things happen for a reason. meantime its a wakeup call to everyone, Malays the most. it will get worst if PAK LAH and cronies in power. Jangan sampai MELAYU menjadi "kuli" di negara sendiri.

there is no time to wait and wait. its time to start working hard and stop blaming and focus on the job. basically people are tired of pointing fingers and say bad things to each other. rakyat want to see results, want to see improvements and want a fresh free non corrupt cabinets. they want to see the hardworking cabinet,smart and credible.

just my own views as i am seeing the dissaters that Anwar will bring if he is in power.

paloi bin mulau said...

apalah korang ni kecoh tak abis. pujuk je org tua merajuk tu masuk balik amno. suruh dia lawan pak lah december ni. pas dia menang suruh dia lawan nuar. abis citer. awat hangpa ni paloi sgt?

Mazlan said...


Do you seriously think replacing Pak Lah with Najib will resolve current UMNO's woes? Give it 3-4 years, Najib will end up just like another Pak Lah. UMNO as a whole is in a mess. A lot more need to be done than just changing the President. The system must first evolve to enable the right people to reach the top. Do you seriously see any of the current VP aspirants is a PM material?


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