Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anwar And Co On The Verge Of Entering Barisan Nasional? - An Evolving Scenario?

I wrote before on the higher likelihood of Anwar returning to UMNO and PKR entering BN rather than some 30+ BN MPs moving the other direction. There is now some possibility that this is in the works, following Pak Lah's denial of an AFP report that his 'representatives' are in discussions with PKR of a transition in power.

The likelihood is greater not just because Pak Lah has denied discussions are taking place between the 2 parties, but as:
  1. Anwar has demostrated that whilst he has not got the numbers, he still has the capacity to create chaos, something Pak Lah the ex-civil servant is terrified of.

  2. Pak Lah now needs a new ally, what with him being trapped between a growing KuLi - Tun Dr M alliance and the awakening giant that is Najib's political machinery whilst his old bogeyman for Najib, Muhyiddin, has turned agitator. Pak Lah may even see himself locked out off the UMNO December polls with less than 58 Divisions nominating him!

  3. Khairy in his determination to become PM by the age of 40 needs to protect himself from the fall-out of his father-in-law's early demise, and who better than Anwar his idol as a new protector?

  4. Pak Lah has acted this way before - sending his personal representatives without prior discussion with the rest of UMNO's leadership to broker a deal. He did this when negotiating away the election petitions in 2004 as well as recently when his people incompetently tried to bring PAS into BN.

  5. Anwar is now similarly 're-assuring' PAS of the longer term vision for Pakatan Rakyat. Whilst this may be due to the risk of PR rupturing the way Barisan Alternative did last decade, it may well be that PAS is starting to smell a rat.

  6. And as I mentioned, PR is rupturing. Time for Anwar to exit a sinking ship perhaps?

The scenario, however unlikely, remains an interesting one and may well be executed before Parliament returns next month. These are wierd time indeed...


Lay Seong said...

I would think that Pak Lah with what ever UMNO supporters he had left, will join Pakatan. He will remain PM for 3 years and Anwar as DPM.

Remember what Anwar said sometime back ans agin last week:
- I will be PM in 3 years time.
- Pak Lah is my friend.

rosso said...

Ha ha ha. No way. In your dreams maybe.

ariff sabri abdul aziz said...

dear saudara akramsyah,
you are cordially invited to visit sakmongkol's blog at sakmongkol.blogspot.com. something like what you have writtem may be brewing.
with kind regards/sakmongkol

azlina said...

ysterday morning in BBC news, stated pak lah and the team are facing serious domestically. wah , pak lah still in denial lagi ke? BBC really put pak lah management in spotlight.

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