Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Betulkah Saya Kata Bersih 2.0 Bengong?

Memandangkan kenyataan pendapat saya sebagai Presiden MAYC mengenai perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 yang diwartakan Bernama nampaknya diguna-pakai oleh ramai pihak, termasuklah Malaysiakini, rasanya ada baiknya saya membetulkan sedikit yakni berkenaan penggunaan perkataan 'Bengong'.

Sebenarnya, yang saya sebutkan dalam temuramah menerusi telefon adalah yang Belia akan Bingung akibat berlangsungnya perhimpunan Bersih 2.0, apatah lagi sekiranya seronok menyertainya. Saya tidak mengatakan Belia akan Bengong kalau turut serta... ya lah, kan menjawab soalan Bernama, takkanlah saya nak guna perkataan Bengong!

Yang menariknya, Malaysiakini pula menyalah-tafsir sama termasuklah konteks penggunaan perkataan Bengong yang kononnya digunakan oleh saya. Ia mewartakan yang saya menyifatkan mereka yang bakal menyertai perhimpunan haram sedemikian sebagai Bengong. Ini juga tidak betul, saya tidak menyifatkan mereka yang bakal menurut serta Bengong, hanya mungkin sekadar Bingung.

Tetapi kalaulah ada yang mewartakan yang saya merasakan penganjur Bersih 2.0 sebagai Bengong, walaupun saya tidak menyatakan sedemikian kepada Bernama, namun ia merupakan laporan yang tepat! Pada saya, memang Bengong (fools) yang menganjur Bersih 2.0. Apa diorang tak nampakkah apa yang bakal berlaku? Ka sengaja nak berlaku sedemikian?

Walaupun perhimpunan Bersih yang asal di'hijack' oleh DS Anwar Ibrahim, namun niat di sebaliknya merupakan niat murni untuk menyahkan seorang pemimpin yang dipercayai oleh semua yang terlibat, semakin membinasakan kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia, yakni Pak Lah. Bersih yang asal digerakkan oleh begitu ramai tokoh dari setiap pola politik, agama dan bangsa di Malaysia.

Malangnya, Bersih 2.0, jelas tidak mendapat sokongan dari kesemua pihak. Malah, ada yang mengatur perhimpunan anti-Bersih pimpinan Perkasa pun merupakan antara pengelola serta perancang Bersih 1.0. Yang si DS Anwar Ibrahim pula, nak 'hijack' nanti pun lebih bermasalah, sebab KJ pun sibuk juga nak 'hijack' perhimpunan pada 9 July! Lagi Bengong!

Kesimpulannya, saya harap semua aktiviti haram di jalanan pada 9 July tu baik batal sajalah. Buang-buang masa dan duit sahaja! Kalau ada yang mencabar saya kenapa MAYC tidak menyertai setidak-tidaknya perhimpunan anti-Bersih 2.0 bersama NGO lain, saya sedia menjawab, kita di MAYC tidak ada masa, tenaga mahupun kewangan untuk dibazirkan dalam perhimpunan syok sendiri seperti ini.

Lebih baik MAYC memanfaatkan ahli kelab-kelab MAYC dan mahupun golongan Belia amnya dengan program-program yang lebih membina. Di sinilah harus ditumpukan masa, tenaga dan kewangan MAYC, bukan berdemonstrasi jalanan...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hard Times In Malaysia... Really? Or Just Mass Denial Of A Subsidy Nation?

Bloghouse Malaysia President Syed Akbar Ali has chosen to post and comment on the writting of a so called MCA Head of Research Stanley Koh here. Whilst I have some respect for what was written, I cannot find myself agreeing with either much of Stanley Koh's writting and even some of Syed Akbar's commentary. Why? Because I think the premise is wrong for a nation that is supposed to be maturing. If anything, it seems more as if our nation is going through teen angst!

For instance, for some reason the idea of removing subsidies is so taboo in Malaysia that even when category C2 subsidies are removed from some 'fishermen' in Malaysia, everyone from across political lines are up in arms, seeking justice for the injustice against these 'fishermen'. Many fail to note that the said fishermen are not those doing subsistence fishing, but doing deep sea fishing, with ships and businesses worth millions! These are not poor fishermen!

Some also neglect to examine the following logic. These fishermen are boycotting from doing any fishing due to the subsidy cancellation. If they were poor subsistence fishermen, could they have afforded this? The amount of subsidy for them have nigh doubled this year in order to reduce cost of fishing, but have the price of fish reduced? No? So what is the point of the subsidy? To make these rich fishermen more rich and even at the expense of us consumers?

I am disgusted... and have to go home... more later...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ayah Better... But Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Firstly, thanks to all the well-wishers and especially those who prayed for Ayah's well-being over the last few weeks. He is fine, the procedure to clear a partially blocked artery to the brain at IJN went well, and he is now resting at home after a brief spell at the hospital. He underwent a vascular-angioplasti, if I am not mistaken, that basically cleared a 75% blockage on the artery - a potential risk for stroke especially as the blockage was 'herniated'.

However, Ayah is not out of the woods yet. Following the procedure, he expressed some surprise that he was still getting tired far too soon, forgetting that he is still due a by-pass or alternative procedure to improve the state of his heart. On a more positive note, Ayah has lost some 10kg since all the drama began last month, testament to Nyak (my mother), seizing back control of his diet I am sure!

As for myself, between Ayah, work, MAYC (Hari Belia!) and other things family, I have not been blogging as much as I would like, and am getting a little annoyed with myself. Still too much nonsense being bandied about as considered opinion I think, but that's for another post. For now, I'd rather pause and post the grateful message, due to Allah's good grace, that Ayah is better, but not quite out of the woods just yet...

One final word... I find with great interest that I may not actually need to do any suing of TS Syed Hamid to vindicate myself, as it would seem TS Syed Hamid's cronies are already being sued for things related to the abuse of power and corruption at MAYC! The Veterans of MAYC, now led by the variously 'notorious' Dato' Nasir Safar, have uncovered quite a lot of evidence of just such corruption! Fun I think to sit back, watch and learn a while as the Veterans get stuck in!

Mass (measured last week): 104kg (ya, ya I know... WORSE!)

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