Monday, June 30, 2008

And The Main Beneficiary Of Anwar's Sodomy Charge Is... Anwar? Actually... Zzzz...

I have to be uncommonly honest about some of my sources in this posting, hence I seek forgiveness of those I may inadvertantly expose and understanding from those who would like to think they know of my bias beyond the obvious.

I first heard of the charges against Anwar whilst choosing the fish at a very late night gathering of chums in Alor Star. The news came from someone in Datuk Seri Najib's office. The news came late, on Saturday night, a couple of days after the police report, and the tone of the friend was panic! Najib's office was freaking out... they did not see this coming and was mindful of suspicion towards Najib...

I then heard that Anwar's accuser, Saiful, had been seeking an appointment with Che Det's office about his case. He did not get one.
(Editted from original following input from A Voice)

The above appear to have been further confirmed by Saiful's family and fiance. So by my estimation, there does not appear to be a Najib or Tun Dr M conspiracy afoot to have Anwar charged for Sodomy / Homosexual Rape. However, there does appear to be a conspiracy afoot in laying the blame on Najib over this scandal. To track this, one must ask, who benefits?

After some thought and analysing the impact of these accusations upon Anwar, as well as the arguments now raging on the web, over sms' and coffee shop talk, one can surmise that the early beneficiary of spinning this issue in Najib's direction is Anwar! No, I don't think Anwar conspired to get Saiful to fabricate this accussation, but please just bear with me. Let us consider that:

  1. Anwar was a big beneficiary of his 90's sodomy case. Of course, Pak Lah still stands as the biggest beneficiary, being otherwise politically near-dead, but Anwar's dismissal was looming after he challenged Tun Dr M. In fact, many of Tun's supporters wished he had supressed Anwar's earlier sodomy charge... the result was sympathy for Anwar, sandiwara, then PRU 1999...

  2. Anwar is facing the prospect of being held to account on his promises. He has problems delivering a new government based on BN defections by an already delayed 16 September date. The veracity of his claims on returning subsidies if he comes to power and the dodgy performance of the Selangor PKR government also present big challenges. So a distraction helps...

  3. Anwar's backup plan of planting his loyalists in Pak Lah's camp, likely assisted by long time fan Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), is now attracting attention. The appointment of Suhaimi Ibrahim as Pak Lah's pol-sec in place of Lah-ist Othman Desa (who helped depose Suhaimi from GPMS' leadership earlier), was followed by Ezam's return to UMNO. (Has Ezam turned traitor?)

A distraction like another 'conspiracy' similar to that in late 1990's would certainly help Anwar and be a great excuse to not fulfilling some of his promises. However, Anwar's desperation over the last few days, including his messy arrangements when hiding in the Turkish Embassy, smacks of unpreparedness. If there is a conspiracy, Anwar is not running it, only trying his hardest to make the best of it.

And actually, Anwar's time at the Turkish embassy and hints of assistance from a close neighbour have backfired. It seems to confirm views that he is much too strongly linked to foreign powers for the comfort of the majority of Malaysians.

This brings us then at last to a group of conspirators who would benefit from this scandal in too many ways, especially if the finger of blame is successfully pointed in Najib's direction. I shall pull together bits of anecdotal evidence that indicates the conspirators behind the media spin to blame Najib, but this wise kakak has to take credit for setting my mind down this tangential path.

  1. Two of Ministers that have had photos taken with Saiful are firmly in the Lah camp, Datuk Azalina Othman and Datuk Shahrir Samad. Datuk Mustapha Mohamad has always been seen as a loyal worker, but he was one of Pak Lah's preferred candidates for UMNO Vice President in 2004. Ironic then that it is the photo with lowly Najib aide that is given early and persistent press.

  2. The Najib aide in the photo is an Oxbridge graduate and is not very famous for what he is doing... unless you're keeping tabs of Najib's team, or know him personally, or are from the same Oxbridge generation...

  3. The likeliest source of these photos other than Saiful himself or his family would likely be someone close to Saiful, probably at PKR's or Anwar's office. Wonder

  4. Even without the picture of the aide, Najib would have been seen to be the likeliest beneficiary of the conspiracy, hence implicated. What more with Anwar and his cohorts continuing to attack him on Altantuya, even the simplest of minds would imagine Najib's guilt. Pak Lah's is seen to be too incompetent... really?

  5. The media spin by the subtly pro-Pak Lah new media is now playing up the issue to show that in the end, he is still the best person to lead the country.... Hahahahahaha.... no, I'm not joking, see? The same new media also shows how cunningly the 4th floor and NST leadership is playing this.

  6. There was a delay between the time when the police report was made on Anwar's rape of the boy and the news (spin) went to press. With the exception of the MCA controlled Ministry of Health, both agencies that would be first alerted of the formal charges against Anwar, the police and the AG chambers, are under the control of Pak Lah or his allies in the Home Ministry.

  7. Najib was starting to show some VERY subtle signals that he wouldn't mind being nominated for UMNO President last week. Pak Lah feeling the heat of a real threat at last? But this scandal could remove any potential of Najib successfully challenging Pak Lah, it's more effective than Altantuya!

So my view of things as they stand now? I think Anwar raped that boy, that's what sodomy is, homosexual rape. And the biggest beneficiary of the spin around this case is Pak Lah! (And KJ, Kali, et al).

And it is so like Pak Lah and his gang to take advantage of the misfortune of one of his rakyat, isn't it...?

Anyway, I am too sick of this topic to write any more about it now. So from now on, I'll follow my Nyak's advice and start writing about something that's more productive... besides, Rocky has a couple of expose links that should convince you of Pak Lah's nastiness ... one wonders after reading them why we ever trusted Pak Lah!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim A Sodomite (Homosexual Rapist)?

It's pathetic that this is one of the most defining questions of Malaysian politics over the last ~10 years. Following Anwar's successful appeal against his past sodomy conviction, on technical grounds, and his release, this question remained in the background and many Malaysians chose not to confront it.

Now the question has raised its ugly head again. However, whilst others may be unhappy or indeed disgusted that another charge of sodomy against Anwar has arisen, I am actually glad, as this is the opportunity for the nation to fully address this issue, rather than leaving it in our sub-conscious or isolated as the butt of many jokes at UMNO events.

As with other questions I have posed on Anwar's links to Zionists and his lack of real past achievement, this question is not just of intellectual interest in these days of troubled leadership in the country. This question is critical as Anwar remains a contender from Prime Ministership, hence Malaysians need to ask whether even a suspected Sodomite is an acceptable leader to us.

Before we go any further in contemplation, lets be clear here that in both the late 90's case and the more present case, Anwar is accused of Sodomy, in this context, taken from Wiki:

the legal use of the term "sodomy" is restricted to rape cases where an act such as anal penetration has taken place

This is in line with the dissenting view of the highly respected justice Tan Sri Dato' Siti Norma Binti Yaakob during Anwar's appeal, that Anwar's conviction was of a form of RAPE, hence the technicalities appealed against should not be of primary concern. I believe even homosexuals who understand this would find the prospect of such a character in power a concern, no?

Let us also now remind ourselves that as far as the court is concerned, Anwar was involved in homosexual activities in the late 90's. The reason he was released was on the issue of the specific incident of homosexual rape/sodomy, and I quote the majority view of the appeal judges, who included the current Chief Judge:

“even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities”

So lets just accept that Anwar is bi-sexual. The issue at hand is RAPE, admittedly of a more deviant kind, but made worse by being RAPE, which is a most violent of violations! So, would his sympathisers be so forgiving if Anwar is being accussed of raping a woman? What about your aunty? Your mother? Sister? Daughter? What if he raped your son?

I hence agree with many that the primary issue at hand is that of law and justice. Let us not forget that the news broke from a hospital where the alleged victim had to be admitted, I suppose for treatment of his injuries? He is still an alleaged victim, and his loved ones victims by relation, so please treat him with the dignity of a victim, rather than cast doubt just because of politics.

This 'coffee boy' is a young Malaysian with a family and budding aspirations for leadership, and needs the same sympathy, if not more, from his fellow citizens as a certain foreign 'interpreter'. Let's not let 'taksub' result in the immediate forgiveness to his alleged rapist who has since fled the scene to safety... usually, it is the guilty who runs and hides... Lets discuss Anwar...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parti Kelentong Rakyat?

Sebagai seorang yang sudah lama memerhati tikam-tepis politik, saya cukup faham niat PKR apabila pemimpin-pemimpinnya kadang-kala melakukan perkara yang kurang munasabah. Memang kalau hendak merebut kuasa, kadang-kadang kenalah buat benda yang kurang masuk akal, asalkan popular. Tambah pula kalau parti politik yang terlibat mengamalkan prinsip 'matlamat menghalalkan cara' seperti PKR.

Malang bagi PKR, ada tindak-tanduk kepimpinannya, termasuklah kepimpinannya yang tidak rasmi, yang tahap tidak munasabahnya sudah semakin sah kelentong.

Contoh yang paling dramatik adalah tindakan Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) yang baru-baru ini membuat deklarasi statutori tentang kes Altantuya yang kurang munasabah. Mana lojiknya membuat deklarasi yang ada orang memberitahu beliau tentang sesuatu. Kalau macam itu, saya pun boleh buat deklarasi statutori yang DS Anwar Ibrahim sebenarnya agen Zionis dan melakukan pelbagai korupsi serta berlaku tidak bermoral ... !!

Kemudian, bila dibaca dengan teliti, dibilangnya Pak Lah tahu, KJ tahu, siap ada Sultan tahu tentang apa yang dia bilang! Tambah lagi, apa yang dia kata semua orang ini tahu? Bahawasanya isteri Timbalan Perdana Menteri kita yang lazimnya sibuk dengan majlis di hotel-hotel mahu pula meredah hutan (tempat tu dekat Meru, bukan di pekan beb!) semata-mata nak tengok 'penterjemah' Mongolia yang paling terkenal di dunia diletupkan dengan bom! Tak lojik! Kelentong!

La Jeffrey Kitingan pula mula buat kelentong. Dia mungkin iri hati sikit tengok RPK dan Anwar sahaja yang glamer. Di Sabah pula, sekarang Yong Teck Lee semakin hari kian menghero lebih dari dia. Maka si Jeffrey ni pun
tulislah surat kelentongnya sendiri. Saya sebenarnya tak boleh komen tentang hal minyak kerana kerja saya, maka memadai sajalah saya mengutarakan pendapat peribadi saya yang Jeffrey kelentong! Tak lojik, tak munasabah beb!

Parti PKR memang sudah banyak kali kantoi kelentong sebelum ini - ya lah, dengan U-Tube kenyataan Tun Dr M yang dipotong sesuka hati, gambar-gambar palsu Altantuya yang Tian Chua menjaja sangat dulu, lepas tu bila wakil rakyat PKR berbasikal 'simbolik' ke Parlimen pun, dekat-dekat je, lepas tu naik kereta balik! Tetapi kelentongnya yang terbaru semua terlalu hebat!

Ini belum campur kerja kelentong rasmi kerajaan pimpinan PKR di Selangor lagi! Saya tahu yang DS Anwar Ibrahim, seorang yang memimpin PKR walaupun bukan seorang ahli parti, memang pakar kelentong sana-sini, sampai ke peringkat antarabangsa sekalipun! Kalau tak hebat kelentong, macam mana lah Anwar boleh begitu dikawani kedua-duanya Arab dan Yahudi!

Tetapi pemimpin PKR yang lain harus sedar, mereka tidaklah sehebat Anwar dalam hal kelentong ni. Lagipun, mereka bukan sahaja ahli, tetapi pemimpin parti tersebut! Jadi, janganlah kuat kelentong sangat sebab nak mengebat dalam usaha merebut kuasa, membadawikan diri! Risikonya... Parti Kelentong Rakyat dikenalnya nanti!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Unjust RM 1.5 Million Ex-Gratia Payment To Ex-Justices

I was at a forum in Teluk Intan on Sunday where at long last, an MP revealed what he understood to be the amount awarded as Ex-Gratia payment to the Tun Salleh Abas and his chums. RM1.5 MILLION EACH!

Why RM 1.5 Million to these ex-justices? At a time when the government is cutting back on spending, affecting us the rakyat, why give these ex-judges such high ex-gratia payments when:
  1. The case that led to their dismissal has not been properly over-turned in court.
  2. Those that were dismissed actually still received their pensions, out of kindness of the ex-PM.
  3. Now I hear that some of those who didn't even get dismissed are getting this ex-gratia payment! For what!

When you then see a couple of these unjustly ex-gratia-ed ex-judges attacking Tun Dr M as part of Pak Lah's defence, one wonders... is the ex-gratia payment really a RM 1.5 Million BRIBE? Wonder on whilst mulling over this observation by the son of arwah Tan Sri Wan Adnan, a judge with real integrity.

RPK's SD, Khalid Ibrahim's PA, Pak Lah's Subsidy Cut... And The Return Of An Anti-Hero...

The country awakes to several unworthy tid-bits of news today, including Raja Petra's on-going publicity-mongering on the country's first ever 'Statutory Declaration' based on hearsay and rumour, news of the suspension of Khalid Ibrahim's scapegoat for his first scandal as an MB and Pak Lah's successful blocking of the no-confidence vote against him.

Of these 3 bits of news, certainly the most pathetic is the one where Pak Lah and co engineered this nonsense parliamentary debate and vote on the recent fuel subsidy cuts. Past cuts, whilst debated, have not required a vote by parliament as it is unnecessary and somewhat spurious, as of course, all the MPs voted along party lines! Not at all a good proxy for the MPs' 'confidence' in Pak Lah.

And all this just so the MP's would be distracted from SAPP's effort to bring a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah. Interestingly, the DAP, fearing the no confidence vote would reveal their hypocritical support of Pak Lah, had also prepared a motion on RPK's SD to distract parliament. It should concern us more that the SAPP MP's now appear to fear for the safety of their loved ones!

However, of greater interest to UMNO stalwarts is the return of an anti-KJ hero to active party politics. Tan Sri Isa Samad, suspended former senior VP of UMNO who won the highest vote in the last UMNO elections on an 4B and anti-Khairy platform, ended his period of membership suspension yesterday. He made a low-key statement confirming this yesterday.

Had he not been suspended on trumped-up charges of money politics engineered by KJ, Isa would have been the likeliest candidate for DPM now, as he had been consistently critical of KJ, if not Pak Lah, even when he was in the Lah cabinet. Datuk Seri Najib had attempted to bring Isa back earlier, but such was KJ's fear of Isa, these efforts were vigorously opposed, with some success.

The return of Tan Sri Isa Samad, the 'Anti'-Hero; as far UMNO politics and the future of the country's leadership is concerned, that's news!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

SAPP And The Week's First Can Of Worms... Some Observations

SAPP will likely try to open the first significant can of worms of the week. This is of course the highly expected vote of no confidence in Pak Lah as PM.

There's been much said by Pak Lah's supporters, both sincere and appointed, of SAPP's move to oppose Pak Lah whilst remaining in BN as hypocritical. Actually, it isn't. Perhaps many of Pak Lah's supporters are so unfamiliar with how a parliamentary democracy works; there have been many leaders of other democracies that have been removed by their legislative allies before, only to be replaced by another ally. It should actually be easier than a 'lompat pagar' act!

This effort should nicely open a whole lot of can of worms though, such as:
  1. Will the speaker allow the vote to proceed? If not, this may be yet another confirmation of Pak Lah's weakness that he dare not allow 'his' BN MPs to demostrate their confidence in him... or otherwise...
  2. If called, a vote will test the sincerity of the opposition. My suspicion is that Pak Lah will win as the opposition is split on this issue. PAS wants to see Pak Lah go for the sake of Islam, Malays and the nation. PKR wants Pak Lah to go as it would like to see Anwar or his wife as PM. DAP however would prefer for Pak Lah to stay! Note how they are defending Pak Lah against Tun Dr M? DAP would let the country suffer so they can win bigger in 2013!
  3. The vote will also ultimately test the resolve of many on the BN bench who are sick of Pak Lah. Interestingly, even Pak Lah's BN opponents may be split. KuLi has already declared he will vote for Pak Lah thinking he can beat Pak Lah in UMNO elections come December.
  4. It would also be interesting to see how Pak Lah then manages the aftermath. He may now threaten BN MPs to ensure all vote for him, but even if some don't and if he survives, Pak Lah can't punish these 'traitors' to him anyway as he needs every MP he can get to stay on the BN side! Sack SAPP from BN? Rubbish!

Enough worms from one act for the week perhaps? More coming...

Pak Lah's Contribution To The English Language?

I got this from a friend and was immediately impressed:

There are possible plans underway to apply to the Oxford and Webster Dictionaries to include a new word for their 2009 edition:
(baa-daa-wee) {noun} : To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
e.g. 1: I'm trusting you to perform this task well; don't do a badawi, ok?
e.g. 2: France badawied their Euro 2008 campaign. England pre-badawied theirs, whilst Italy was guilty of over-badawification!

Surely after Pak Lah's 'Badawying' of Malaysia's democracy and the 'badawification' of our economy, it is only fitting that his achievements be immortalised in this way. Best also that it be shared for all English speaking peoples, at least as a warning against a future with any badawis...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Was Planning To Write That This Was A Good Time To Raise GLC Staff Pay When...

I was planning to write about this being the best time for the government to raise GLC pay when I read Khazanah's backing a 100% pay hike for TNB's boss instead. On the back of this rubbish, as well as TNB's suppression of staff pay increases at a level likely below inflation rate this year, my proposal would probably be pretty much a wasted effort.

Oh well, since I was planning anyway...

There is one unifying reason why many of the best Malaysian talents leave to work and eventually live in another country, what's called the 'brain drain'. No, it is not because of the DEB, as Malays account for a sizable number of those leaving these days, many to the Middle East and interestingly a majority emigrating to Australia are now Malays.

The reason is because Malaysian pay sucks. I mean seriously, Malaysian pay, for the same quality of talent, is not enough to make the best Malaysian professionals loyal to the nation! The reason for this is because GLC pay has been and continue to be suppressed year-on-year, despite the increased need for quality in these firms as they mature.

As GLC's in Malaysia so dominate the employment scene, the pay rate for THE ENTIRE PRIVATE SECTOR in Malaysia is poor relative to the region! This is as non-GLC's, even MNC's, don't really need to pay much more to secure the best talent available (what's left?) in the country.

The pathetic Malaysian pay is one reason why many work in Singapore at local pay rates - the pay in purchasing power terms is generally higher even before converting. This is also the reason why Malaysian medical grads prefer to stay on in the UK until they become specialists as the money only rolls in when you're a specialist back home!

GLC's tend to be all nationalist when challenged about this, citing 'national service' for instance. The problem is, how can a professional reasonably perform 'national service' when he or she's forced to make ends meet with the pathetic pay the GLC's continue to pay.

The clever 1/3 economist running around on the 4th floor is sure to say that raising GLC pay by say 25-30% a year for 3 years, the minimum increment needed for middle-management downwards, would be inflationary. However, as Pak Lah has stuffed up inflation control in the country this year anyway, why don't they do something right for a change!

Then maybe we can start reigning in the 'brain drain' at long last, as MNC's, the rest of the private sector and perhaps even the civil service are forced to follow suit.

And if the GLC's complain about the salary impact on their P&L, ask them to cut the CEO and CFO salaries first before kicking out all the expats and replacing them with returning talent. They're paying some expats in GLC 7-10X what they would pay a local currently anyway... have a heart for us Malaysians... please...?

No One Resigning From UMNO? Really?

I was starting to believe the propaganda that the number of resignations from UMNO following Tun Dr M's quiting the party had diminished when a friend called to declare that he just did! So why is this bloggable? Because of who he is.

The friend who claimed he was quitting the party was Zarique Zulkifly, son of Dato’ Zulkifly Rafique, the Managing Partner of UMNO Law Firm Zul Rafique & Partners. He's also the nephew of Pak Lah's staunch ally and family friend, Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique, Minister of the Federal Territories!

Zarique declared over the phone ~an hour ago that he effectively quit UMNO by sending a resignation letter to his Ketua Bahagian, supposed KJ ally cum UMNO Treasure Datuk Azim Zabidi. Whilst thanking Azim for his leadership, Zarique's letter did not hint on any reason for his quitting the party, other than it being 'due time' for him to do so.

Zarique had been communicating with me over the last 2 weeks, where he expressed a desire to be more active in the articulation of issues. Surprisingly to me, he had always expressed a desire to express himself on NGO platforms, such as Prowaris and Promuda. Rather astutely, he was not planning to join any of the Pakatan Rakyat parties - he actually laughed this off as a possibility!

Zarique's departure will not likely send as big a shockwave througout the UMNO rank and file as Tun Dr M's departure, but it should! If UMNO cannot retain talented professional youths, even those as 'cabled' or connected like Zarique, what hope does it have in retaining anyone of quality for the future... other than KJ and his goons of course!

Zarique's actions will certainly make members still in the fold, such as myself, think again about our decision to stay and fight it out. Is it already time to give up on UMNO and fight the good fight elsewhere?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Horrors Of RM625 Rebate Per Car

I wish to add to the pile of horrors being shared across the old and new Malaysian media on this RM625 rebate we the rakyat should be getting per registered vehicle of less than 2,000cc or RM150 per motorbike below 250cc. The following list is not comprehensive, but still...

  1. How come rebates are for a maximum of 5 vehicles per person? I thought this was for the benefit of the middle to working class? As far as I know, very few in the 'middle-class' bracket can afford to own more than 2 vehicles - usually one cheaper or older vehicle (kapcai or old Proton) and a newer one. Why are we helping people who can afford to own 3+ cars!
  2. Why is government supporting these rebates for vehicles using the criteria of less than 2,000cc? On this basis, the proud more than-middle-class Malaysian owner of a brand new BMW 3 Series Convertible (1,995 cc) would be equally eligible for the rebate as a working class owner of a 3rd hand Proton Iswara (1,300cc)!
  3. This rebate targets people who own vehicles, but many of the poor, especially the hard-core, will not be eligible for these benefits but will suffer the impact of higher inflation anyway! This was not just expressed over teh tarik over the weekend, a couple of bankers were quoted in the papers today as saying with recent policy changes "more Malaysians could slip into the poverty bracket, if not below"!
  4. My young friend here has an analysis that shows that key beneficiaries of this rebate policy include a particularly well connected investment bank, chaired by an infamous almost-Tan Sri! How consistent with past Lah-ist government policy!
  5. Poeple are rushing for the rebates, despite the government saying they can do this over the course of the year. The reason? People are afraid Pak Lah will flip-flop again and cancel the rebate before they can get their money! Early signs here?
  6. Implementation? Long queues, grouses over Post Offices running out of cash, but the minister is still smiling and declaring early success!
  7. etc.
  8. etc.
  9. ad-nauseum...
Yet again one ponders a question now so asked it's getting rather stale... can Pak Lah's government do anything right?

Shaziman, Ezam Atau Norza Proksi Khairy Jamaluddin?

Sejak mula kerja balik di Malaysia, saya berpeluang lebih berinteraksi dengan kawan dan lawan dalam UMNO. Baru-baru ini diketengahkan kepada saya teori baru, bahawasanya Khairy Jamaluddin al-Oxfordi hanya akan sekadar mempertahankan kedudukannya sebagai Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Disember ini.

Ini tidaklah begitu mencemaskan, cuma membingungkan dan merunsingkan. Bingung kerana kalau betui 'KJ' sedaq yang dia adalah punca besar kekalahan BN dan UMNO di PRU-12 baru-baru ini, awat dia tak pi 'cuti' sat dari politik ni? Runsing kerana kalau boleh, majoriti Pemuda UMNO pun tak mau kat dia lagi!

Tetapi mencemaskan bila ada cerita yang la KJ nak pasang kroni dia pulak sebagai 'proksi'nya di jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Ada 3 nama yang diwar-warkan, tetapi semuanya ada kekurangan sendiri sebagai calon.

Norza Zakaria kelihatan terlalu rapat dengan KJ, jadi nampak sangat nanti dia calon siapa. Si Ezam Md Nor pulak orang UMNO masih ada yang terlalu meluat kat dia sebab derhaka bersama Anwar Ibrahim. YB Shaziman Abu Mansor pulak kelihatan berpotensi, tapi malangnya mai dari negeri sama dengan KJ!

Ni cerita saja takat ni, wallahualam betui daknya. Tapi cemas... cemas... Camana nak pebaik UMNO kalau ada orang pasang calon lagu ni!

Pak Lah, Bukan Soai Bila Saja, Tapi Betui Ka?

Saya bersyukur apabila melihat ada kesedaran pada pihak Pak Lah bahawa rakyat tidak menerima kepimpinannya lagi. Pengakuan ini dibuat secara tidak langsung apabila Pak Lah sekali lagi mengesahkan niatnya untuk berundur dan menyerahkan kuasa kepada Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Yang masih menjadi tanda-tanya adalah bila, terutama sekali apabila soal tarikh peralihan kuasa sering dielak oleh Pak Lah. Semakin keliru rakyat apabila Pak Lah kerap kali mengulang niatnya akan mempertahankan kedudukan Presiden UMNO menjelang Disember ini. Kalau nak berundur, buat apa buat kerja ni?

Busuk-busuk tarikh peralihan kuasa pun, yang ada diwar-warkan oleh orang-orang Pak Lah adalah pada tahun 2010! 'Sorry' la Pak Lah, kalau lambat macam tu nak tunggu, tiada makna, UMNO, Melayu dan Malaysia mungkin dah 'hancuq' dah kalau tunggu lama tu!

Lebih teruk lagi, walaupun sekiranya Pak Lah sendiri yang menjanjikan tarikh peralihan kuasa, ramai rakyat takkan percaya! Maaflah Pak Lah, tapi maklumlah, terlalu banyak kali sangat yang Pak Lah dah isytiharkan tentang tarikh bila akan berlaku sesuatu, tiba-tiba pada masa lain pula berlaku benda tu. Pilihanraya lagu tu... dan yang baru-baru ni pun...

Lagu ni lah saya sarankan. Rasanya ada baiknya Pak Lah tak usah bincang lagi tentang peralihan kuasa ni. Mengaku sahaja yang Pak Lah masih mahu berkuasa. Dengan cara ini, lebih jelas pilihan pemimpin lain seperti Datuk Seri Najib sama ada untuk berdiam diri atau bangun menentang Pak Lah demi kesejahteraan negara dan masa depan UMNO serta Melayu.

Lainlah kalau Pak Lah betul-betul nak berundur, baik dilakukan secepat mungkin, supaya tugas-tugas penting negara boleh diberi keutamaan semula...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pak Lah... The Most Astounding Finance Minister In The World

Pak Lah has already achieved the impossible by his singular contribution to democracy in Malaysia as he continues to prove that ANYONE could be our Prime Minister.

However, in his most recent acts, over just a period of weeks, he has outdone all other Finance Ministers from any relatively open economy across time and geography by departing from both major schools of economic thought of the last century.

On Thursday, the Bank Negara chief, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, admitted that the central bank needed more time to assess the extent inflation would rise to this year. This was barely 1 week after her expressed view that inflation can be managed with confidence, even if it hit a 10-year high this year. In my view, there are 3 elements likely to cause such high inflation expectation here:

  1. Government policy that have direct or indirect impact on prices. (Due to conflict of interest on my part, I'll let you draw your own arguments for and conclusions on this)
  2. The on-going negative impact of government policy flip-flops, resulting in reduced interest in investments or even retained deposit savings, both foreign and local, for fear of instability
  3. Government's competency (or incompetency rather!) in mitigating the negative impacts of the global financial crisis, that now may have a found a second contributor as the UK and Spanish property bubbles have burst (notice how there are no more 'Profitable Plots' ads anymore on TV?)

Note the strong influence of government on domestic inflationary pressures? It would appear Pak Lah has managed to defy the monetarist priority of managing inflation so much that even Bank Negara has had to revise its earlier confident view of inflation management within days! Eat your heart out Milton Friedman! Imagine if Bank Negara is forced to try to manage things with higher interest rates?

But then one wonders... perhaps Pak Lah is planning to go Keynesian? After all, this theory whereby government spending (fiscal policy) helps pump-prime the economy, a Tun Dr M favourite, has been used with great success globally since the 1930s depression era. Pak Lah can even get political points by distributing 'pump priming' projects to UMNO leaders prior to the general assembly.

However, Pak Lah had earlier announced, in response to the ever-ignorant opposition calls, to cut government spending by about RM2 Billion. No, no, no, no, no! This is not Keynesian! Sure, there is a benefit in the government cutting ministerial allowances, but cutting back on functions and small projects is counter-Keynesian! The government should instead re-allocate long-term spending to increase the number of projects, large and small, with high, immediate impact!

OK, I admit, some of the cut-backs are good, besides being good politics, like cutting back on the allowances for outfits for events (why did we have this in the first place?!) and budgets for restructuring (aren't these supposed to save money??!!). However, as spending on new assets, conferences, etc. increases circulation and business activity, the net benefit of cancelling many of these to the national economy, even if the funds go to subsidies support, may be negative!

Rather than cut back on small projects, why didn't Pak Lah cancel silly long-winded, slow and low return on investment projects like the 2nd Penang Bridge and re-allocate the savings on this to projects like the one he launched yesterday on increasing padi production. Instead, he has just cancelled a collection of small projects to fund another collection of (otherwise rather excellent) small projects, with a net loss from the effort to re-allocate the funds as a minimum!

Surely Pak Lah's friendship with Patrick 'Badawi' Lim is not worth spoiling Pak Lah's Keynesian efforts to boost the local economy! Pak Lah has already made monetarism unworkable in Malaysia by pushing inflation potentially beyond the control of Bank Negara. Will he now defy Keynesian economic theory by only half-applying it for the benefit of his friends and family?

If he does so, Pak Lah will certainly earn another accollade worthy of inclusion in the history of world finance, for being the first PM & Finance Minister who is both Anti-Monetarist and Anti-Keynesian... shall we call it Economic Irrationa-Lah-ism?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pak Lah And 4th Floor's Hadhari Act Of Removing Sanusi Junid (The Blogger) From UIAM

I had written before of Pak Lah and his minions' plans to remove my Ayah Tan Sri Sanusi Junid from the post of UIAM President. Well, this has now come to pass, which is sad for my Ayah and the family in general, but is perhaps even sadder for the university and the nation as a whole.

I wish not to elaborate further on this here, but would rather refer you to
Sanusi Junid's new blog, where you may read the press relase of his acceptance of as well as his reponse to the dismissal. The first press release on the issue had been posted earlier.

I would also like to record my thanks here to
Che Det for also coming to my Ayah's defence.

This posting I think best analyses the issue by far.

And a typically astute observation by another blogger friend here.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Has Sanusi Junid Been Sacked?

This question has been asked of me a lot since last night, whether my Ayah, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid has been sacked from his job as UIAM President. This follows much talk of this happening, but as is the norm for the Lah-ist regime, not much action. Well, it would seem that the time for talk was over and there's just too many goodies at UIAM to leave the Presidency well enough alone, despite recent assurances from the Minister of Higher Education.

Not wanting to pre-empt too much here, but there will be a press conference this afternoon on the matter. Will update later, as it is adab Islam and adat Melayu that the young give way to elders in words and deeds.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tan Sri Kalimullah Hassan? (NOT!) So KJ How?

There's an important update at the end...

There is a rumour swirling about Putrajaya at the moment among the higher echelons of the Civil Service. The rumour surrounds a 4th Floor plan to turn Kalimullah Hassan into a Tan Sri!

Now, normally, the Civil Service would just go through the motions when instructed by the PM or, in recent years, by the 'children' and their 'new Dato' friends on the 4th floor. However, it seems that many Civil Servants are sufficiently appalled of the thought of calling Kalimullah Hassan "Tan Sri" that they are resisting the attempt to make him one!

The man on the street of course probably also don't see a reason why Uncle Kali should be made a Tan Sri. A Dato', of course... I mean anyone with a bit of a name gets a plain Dato' in this country, but a Tan Sri? One wonders which of these achievements merit Uncle Kali getting a Dato'-ship?

  1. Successfully getting Pak Lah, as well as a large number of other VVIPs, to believe that Kali was somehow 'responsible' for securing them higher office, when he was not?
  2. Successfully turning the New Straits Times into the least read of the mainstream dailies in Malaysia whilst transforming it into little better than a mere tabloid in the process?
  3. Getting appointed to numerous high ranking corporate positions because of 1?
  4. Getting a big slice of the ECM-Libra pie and then helping the facilitation of numerous financial rapes, the most celebrated being the rape of Avenue Capital by ECM?
  5. Successfully being exposed as a liar with his fake recollection of the event of Pak Lah's kow-towing to Tun Dr M in Tokyo a couple of years ago?
  6. Successfully, showcasing his skill as the most accomplished psycophant or 'maha-pangampu' of this or any other era of Malay history?
  7. And just to add some conspiracy spice; successfully being accussed of spying on high-level Malaysian affairs for Singapore?
  8. etc.
  9. etc.
  10. ... ad nauseum...

Could these achievements be good reasons for him to get a Tan Sri-ship? Pity all the other Tan Sri's in Malaysia. If Kalimullah Hassan does get his Tan Sri-ship, Pak Lah and his boys would again be responsible for transforming yet another honoured tradition in Malaysia into a mockery... Well, at least Mat Taib will have company in the lower quality bracket of Tan Sri's...

But perhaps that is not the end game. Maybe what they wish to do is give Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) a Tan Sri-ship? With many of KJ's mate's being Dato's already, how could KJ's title also be limited to a Dato'-ship! But of course, they need to test this first, so why not have this idea tested by giving the title to another K?

Tan Sri Khairy Jamaluddin... hmmm... has a certain ring to it... Wonder what the Civil Service would think about that?! So much for Pak Lah being the hero of the Civil Service...

Important update:

Alhamdulillah, sensible minds have prevailed it would seem... Kali merits only a Dato' from the Agong. Thanks Hard-T for the update...

Melindungi UIAM Dari Gejala Politik Dan Hadhari

Pada hari Khamis, 5 Jun 2008, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid mengumumkan kepada media arus perdana dan media alaf baru akan niatnya untuk turut kekal sebagai Presiden UIAM. Sudah tentu tindakan beliau mengecewakan pihak-pihak tertentu yang giat mencanangkan pemecatannya dan sekelompok yang mengesyorkan pengundurannya secara senyap.

Yang menarik sekali adalah bagaimana TS Sanusi merujuk kepada pendapat Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Dato' Khalid Nordin, bahawa beliau tidak perlu berundur dari jawatan Presiden UIAM asalkan kedudukannya tidak digunakan untuk politik. TS Sanusi juga menjelaskan bahawa DYMM Sultan Pahang sahajalah boleh memecat Presiden UIAM atas nasihat Perdana Menteri... nasihat Pak Lah sendiri lah ya, bukan mana-mana anasir dari tingkat 4!

Saya sendiri lega dengan keputusan tersebut kerana UIAM insya'Allah akan kekal terselamat dari gejala politik dan dakyah Islam Hadhari buat seketika lagi.

Pada masa yang sama, Tan Sri Sanusi juga menyatakan kesediaannya untuk disiasat Biro Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) bila-bila masa kerana beliau tiada apa-apa untuk disembunyikan. Beliau mengulas sikit tentang perkara ini kerana perasaan kurang puas hatinya terhadap tindakan Tingkat 4 menghatar BPR untuk
menyiasat IIUM Holdings sejurus selepas TS Sanusi mula berkempen untuk Mukhriz di Jerlun para PRU-12.

Alhamdulillah, siasatan BPR telah mendapati tiada korupsi di IIUM Holdings mahupun ada juga orang yang tidak putus-putus mewarwarkan fitnah mengenainya. Mungkin adanya musuh sejahat ini adalah lumrah hidup ahli politik, walau yang 'bekas'. Tetapi yang membimbangkan adalah bagaimana usaha menolak BPR ke IIUM Holdings kelihatan disubahati Tingkat 4, mungkinkah ini juga berlaku tanpa pengetahuan Pak Lah?

Setidak-tidaknya, saya sendiri semakin membanggai Ayah saya TS Sanusi yang ingin terus kekal berbakti di UIAM sambil melanjutkan tradisi ketua-ketua IPTA dahulu yang begitu lantang menegur dan kritikal terhadap kerajaan, seperti Ainuddin Wahid dan Engku Aziz. Dan mereka juga dahulunya kritikal dari luar UMNO namun berjaya sesekali mengubati sedikit masalah Melayu dan parti.

Usaha membuang kanker dan parasit dari UMNO memerlukan suara lantang yang semakin menyaring dari IPTA seluruh negara... tak kira lah ahli UMNO ataupun tidak...

Untuk pendapat yang lebih neutral tentang hal ini, layarilah...

Wartawan berhemah ini pula mengutarakan anjakan pemerhatian yang lebih jauh... dan ia kemudian meruncing di sini...

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