Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PKR Attempts To Prove Indelible Ink Can Be Removed Using Postal Voter

Earlier today, an attempt was made by PKR leaders Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah Anwar to prove that the indelible ink used by SPR can be removed. To do this, they attempted to remove the ink off the finger of an army personnel that had just performed a postal vote.

THE ATTEMPT FAILED! Whilst ink was partially removed, only 30-40% of the ink actually came off. THE REST OF THE INK ACTUALLY REMAINED ON THE FINGER, with the stain easily discernible by anyone examining whether a voter has voted at the polling centre. And this with considerable time and effort spent on removing the stain!

Of course, despite their failure, we expect PKR and their Pakatan chums will likely sensationalize and spin the whole matter. Note the pics here would of course show their 'heroes' and their attempt, however, the more important image is that of the finger STILL MARKED BY INK DESPITE THEIR EFFORTS!

More importantly for me are questions that their attempt leave unanswered such as:

1 - Why do they spend so much effort on discrediting the internationally acknowledged indelible ink method to ensure the sanctity of our votes when they should be focussing on getting votes, especially as both Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah are losing?

2 - Is this yet another symptom of their realising Pakatan is about to lose PRU13 and their preparing the excuse for their supporters and international backers?

3 - Uhmmm... How do we know the guy they did the test on really was a postal voter? And wouldn't SPR use a different colour come polling day?

Aiya, even these questions give me doubt whether these 2 Pakatan candidates deserve a vote! Focus on getting votes la, focus on what voters want! Not focus on excuses on why they might lose before ballots are even cast!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Desperation Mounts For Some As Election Nears

It appears desperation has set in for Pakatan and some of its fanatical followers. Just this morning as I dropped my kids off at school, I saw the following banner being defaced by what I assume is a Pakatan supporter who was driving a Blue Suzuki Swift with K (for Kedah) plates. He was doing this by pasting 'ABU' or 'Asal Bukan UMNO' stickers across the part of the banner saying BN.

This appeared to me to be a desperate move in large part as I did not think it was done with much thought, as:

1 - The act is of course illegal just as any act to sabotage legitimate campaign activities. Wanna compete, do it legally lah brader!

2 - The campaign Asal Bukan UMNO is a little irrelevant seeing as UMNO is not competing in this election, BN is! Perhaps they are frustrated now that all that ABU campaign materials they have prepared are wasted being redundant!

3 - The BN candidate is Segambut where this poster was defaced isn't even from UMNO! Jayanthi, the BN candidate for Segambut is from Gerakan? Is the saboteur even from Segambut or an outside influence?

Signs of desperation also abound with personal attacks by DS Anwar Ibrahim on Tun Dr M in Segamat a few days ago. I suppose if Lim Kit Siang could be booed out of a coffee shop including by Chinese voters during his walkabout in Gelang Patah, Pakatan have reason to panic, but that is no excuse for bad behaviour!

Voters will not support ill mannered leaders who cannot control the behaviour of their fanatical supporters!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Politics Of 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh'

In corporate life, we are always looking for 'Best Practices' as a sort of easy and low cost way to improve business. By the same token, it is the best of our people that a corporation cherishes and nurtures as it is difficult to develop such a star and expensive to bring in one from outside.

One would expect the same practices in other organisations also apply. One sees this in football, how stars nurtured in house are cherished even as they age, such as Ryan Giggs at Man U, Steven Gerrard in Liverpool, Lothar Mathauess at Bayern, with their departure seen as a tragedy, such as when
Raul left Real Madrid.

On the other hand, it is only natural for bad practices and inferior people are ejected from an organisation. This is necessary also to make space and free up funds to buy in stars from the outside - like the Robin Van Persies - to strengthen the team. The Malay saying for this is 'Buang Yang Keruh, Ambil Yang Jernih' or 'Throwing Away the Murky, Taking the Clear'.

So it is with great shock when I see political parties in Malaysia behaving in the opposite way.

OK, we do know that the 'Buang Yang Jernih' strategy has always been rampant in DAP, mainly to ensure the continued domination of Lim Kit Siang's family and cronies. It got worse recently with not just strong alternative leaders like Kerk Kim Hock and Wee Choo Keong cast aside, but an entire section of DAP delegates being left out of an AGM! However, DAP can hardly be accused of 'Ambil Yang Keruh practice.

However, in PAS, we now see a complete counter-evolution to an organisation with the full 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh' approach! For not only did they get rid of proven, quality leaders such as Hassan Ali from their fold, they have now at last replaced their strongman in Selangor with ex-UMNO 'dirt', Icon of Corruption, TS Mat Taib, of 'I don't understand English fame' of all people!

And all this during the run-up to PRU13?!?! What, PAS thought that having active songstresses and actresses among their lineup, even as election candidates, candidates previous PAS leaderships would not touch with a bargepole is not good enough? They have chosen to recruit leaders UMNO would be happy to be rid off as well?!

I have a lot of sympathy for TS Mat Taib actually, at the end of his career and with age catching up to him, maybe he thinks it would not hurt to try to escape hell and get to heaven by trying the PAS route! But why would PAS accept him willingly? Would it not put off their supporters?

Or maybe this whole PAS 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh' strategy isn't really PAS' originally but part of the corruption brought by their association with DS Anwar Ibrahim aka Darth Juburius! After all, Mat Taib was an ally of Anwar's in UMNO before... DS Anwar & TS Mat Taib are 'kawan seperdosaan'!

Question hence is not whether PAS is more attractive now with Mat Taib in their ranks, but rather whether PAS supporters will stay loyal with the rising stink among its leadership that continues to 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh'!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Lost Viable PMs Of Pakatan Rakyat: PAS

As DAP and its fallen candidate for PM digs itself deeper into the indignity of its failure to conduct an AGM(!), our attention shifts to PAS, the oldest party in the Pakatan line-up and once seen as a fertile breeding ground for an alternative Malay PM for Malaysia to rise from grassroots OPPOSITION politics. This differs from the many PKR hopefuls who tend to be tainted by having begun their politics in BN, or in the case of Rafizi, in an NGO supported by Tun Daim.

The line-up of PAS leadership as potential candidates of PM are flawed, looking at the top 3:
  1. "Mursyidul Am": TG Nik Aziz Nik Mat - Too Old!

  2. President: TG Hadi Awang - A failure in administration in Terengganu, such that he failed to get his government re-elected after 1 term.

  3. Deputy President: Muhammad Sabu... Mat Sabu?!?!... MAT SABU AS PM?!?!?!?!... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Are there other candidates in the lower echelons? Perhaps? A fan favourite in the past that has had his lustre fade as problems keep popping up in Kelantan and his close association with DS Anwar Ibrahim is revealed, is Husam Musa. However, Husam has never been able to capture the imagination of the PAS grassroots as a candidate for leadership beyond his home state, and after all, the PM is for all Malaysians, not just for Kelantanese.

The irony is, the problem PAS is facing now is of their own doing! There was one rather impressive individual which in this blogger and many others' view would have been a viable PM candidate for PAS, former Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa! The 2 term Parliamentarian is urbane, moderate and so open minded over collaboration, he was even willing to consider friendship with UMNO!

2 events personally define Nasharuddin Mat Isa to this blogger. The first was when I bumped into him having breakfast at the Meridien KL's 6th floor coffee house just prior to Parliament. He openly welcomed me to join him for a brief chat, sort of a polite introduction to each other short of a GTKY, and his urbanity and intelligence shone through.

The second was when this blogger attended Hassan Ali's invitation to bloggers to clear the air over his expulsion from the Selangor Exco. Nasharuddin was the only senior PAS leader to loyally make an appearance that night and he was unapologetic about it! Here was a man who knew that loyalty is the only true currency in politics and holding on to the truth no matter what is the only true mark of a moral leader.

Unfortunately, for 'Nasha', he resisted the influences of DS Anwar... resulting in his now being in limbo! And he is thrown into limbo, and so PAS loses its one viable candidate for PM for this PRU13! One wonders really if this is in PAS' interest or the interest of DS Anwar Ibrahim...

In the meantime, Nasha proves himself to be indeed a lost PM candidate, remaining relevant in the Islamic NGO scene, projecting himself slowly in the global stage and continuing to be a credit to Malaysia...

Compare this to what I said of Mat Sabu earlier... preferred choice of Darth Juburius!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Viable PMs Of Pakatan Rakyat: DAP

PRU13 may well be turning into more than just a battle between potential winnable candidates offered by each party, but a battle of winnable Prime Ministers that will likely lead the government should either side win. As candidates become less appealing or indeed if they remain annonymous to the electorate, the more a party relies on the candidate on offer for Prime Minister.

For the longest time, the battle has been expected to be one between DS Najib Tun Razak as the BN candidate for Prime Minister against DS Anwar Ibrahim as the Pakatan candidate. However, DS Anwar Ibrahim has always lacked appeal to a significant section of the electorate, being an ex-con - having been convicted for abuse of power, being party to much of the suspected corruption in UMNO and BN when he was Finance Minister, even seen as incompetent by some.

And of course there is the 'sex thing' with DS Anwar that seems undignified.

Perhaps this is why DS Anwar's partners in Pakatan Rakyat seem to be pushing agendas of their own, with DAP leader Karpal Singh clearly stating his aim to have a non-Malay Prime Minister chosen, probably referring to Lim Guan Eng, the Penang CM as their likeliest candidate. Of course, Guan Eng's capacity to administer is now put in question as he seems quite incapable of even organising a legal AGM and party elections for the DAP...

Nonwithstanding Guan Eng's apparent popularity as CM in Penang, which is not really a mark of genius considering his predecessor was the supremely unpopular, over-educated yet 'bean-like' and suspected racist TS Koh Tsu Koon, Guan Eng's failure to manage the recent DAP elections is monumental. His management of the aftermath of the Registrar of Societies (RoS) non-recognition of the election results has actually made matters worse!

The idea of having DAP candidates contest under the PAS banner in Peninsular Malaysia and PKR banner in East Malaysia was not just unneccessary (DAP is not de-listed yet, there is time even after PRU13 to recover with an EGM or re-do of an AGM), it undermined DAP's candidates with PAS gleefully claiming that they welcome DAP's support of 'Hudud' laws. PKR of course is a highly unpopular party in East Malaysia, seen as a 'Peninsular' party.

And so at the eve of PRU13, the DAP has lost its only viable candidate for PM and must rely on the DS Anwar Ibrahim offering... surely Karpal is fuming...

A Battle For Power And The Soul Of PAS Rages As PRU13 Unfolds

Consider the following:

With the rise of Mat Sabu and the so far demise of Nasharuddin Mat Isa following Hassan Ali's expulsion from PAS' leadership line, the so called 'Erdogan' or pro-Anwar Ibrahim group has never been so close to seizing power in PAS. So, sure enough, despite the importance of PRU13 to DS Anwar Ibrahim personally and in fact to all the Rakyat... personally also(!), party politics are being played out in PAS(!), with...
  1. The attack on the personal character of Mustapha Ali through the revelation of a (likely fake) sex video, that Pakatan insiders have indicated are likely not by UMNO or any other Barisan Nasional component! An attack on Mustapha Ali is an attack on PAS President TG Hadi Awang himself, who besides the politically less effective Harun Din, is the last remaining bastion against Erdogan control of PAS. Mustapha is Hadi's 'enforcer' or rather 'consiglieri' in the party.

  2. Looking back, this follows year-long attacks on another TG Hadi ally and anti-Erdogan stalwart, Kedah MB Syed Azizan. The main contenders against Azizan are Erdogan leaning at least.

  3. PKR candidates competing against PAS candidates in what would otherwise have been safe  or at worse grey seats for PAS in Terengganu. Similar tussles such as in Pantai Acheh are just thrown in to confuse the real purpose - a sabotaging of PAS' albeit slim chances of winning Terengganu! This is to ensure TG Hadi Awang has no chance of regaining the powerful position of Menteri Besar of the state that would make him unassailable.

  4. TG Hadi Awang himself suddenly attacking PKR visciously in the state, probably realising that these moves by PKR are part of a strategy towards ousting TG Hadi Awang himself, perhaps through a forced retirement, to allow Mat Sabu to be acting President of PAS (!) or even to open the door for the more credible Salahuddin Ayubb or an Erdogan Ulama to topple TG Hadi.
That this madness is happening in PAS during PRU13 is further evidence of the insanity that surrounds DS Anwar Ibrahim. Perhaps like the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, DS Anwar is so imbued in the Dark Side that everything around him, including his allies, are just naturally corrupted! May he not succeed in his grasp for power unlike Sidous who eventually became Emperor in that famous space opera!

PS what does that make Mat Sabu? Anakin Skywalker?!?! Naaaaah.... more like Jar Jar Binks! So easily duped!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Calon Is Najib! ... BN's Answer To Unwinnable Candidates?

This blogger had an interesting phone conversation with an UMNO stalwart from Langkawi recently where I thought the discussion would invariably lead to a detailed discourse on who was his preferred or 'winnable' candidate. However, to my surprise, the discussion on this was kept brief when he declared:

Calon saya Najib! Yang sini ni tak kisah la. Yang saya tau, saya undi Najib!
I was struck by how such a simple statement had such great import and in one stroke encapsulates how the value of DS Najib's personal 'brand-building' to becoming quite a popular PM can actually be translated to votes in the ballot box! Basically, such a mindset at the polls may, at least in part, address the issue of BN having an unpopular or 'unwinnable' candidates or even sway those who like DS Najib but dislike BN or UMNO to still vote BN!

Suddenly, the very personalised campaigns such as I (heart) PM and his very strong association with 1Malaysia, including the inventiveness of having a Chinese name (Ah Jib Gor) becomes relevant. For of course, in a Parliamentary democracy, who the likely candidate for PM of a party would be is typically subsidiary to the popularity of the candidate for the contested Parliamentary seat. This is why despite DS Najib's popularity, there is much anticipation over the final candidates list for PRU13.

In the 2008 election, the removal of a majority of the local UMNO leaders from the ballot even led to sabotage voting by otherwise loyal party members. Certainly, Pak Lah's own lack of popularity further contributed to the demise of his replacement candidates. However, in the case of DS Najib, the opposite may be true. I have heard too often these days of people appreciating Najib whilst disliking their local BN leaders, so maybe this time it is the PM's popularity that will carry the ballot for BN!

Well, if the mantra Calon Saya Najib! Saya Undi Najib! or its like captures the imagination and 'goes viral', assuming Najib retains or indeed enhances his popularity during the campaign period, we may see BN within more than touching distance from the coveted  2/3 majority in Parliament. As of course, a vote for a BN MP is a vote for DS Najib as PM! And certainly Pakatan is in to shape to mount an equivalent challenge with their 'icon' being 'Papagomoed'!

I am of course talking about the votes for Parliament. The votes for the state governments would be another matter. Perhaps one state can pull it off though... Kedah... if BN uses Calon Saya Mukhriz! Saya Undi Mukhriz! as well!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim And The Papagomo Phenomenon

I didn't really have much time for Papagomo in the past. Whilst the guy is clearly pro-BN and pro-UMNO, he reflects the worst of what a Blogger could be from either part of the divide; crass, populist, always aiming at the highest hits, to attract the most friends or fans or followers and quite unscrupulous over the morality of what or how he writes or projects in his postings. Nevertheless, he has now turned into a fascinating symbol in this election.

What is Papagomo a symbol of? Papagomo and his harassment of DS Anwar Ibrahim by threatening to contest against the opposition leader in Permatang Pauh (and presumably anywhere else Anwar chooses to contest) has become the symbol of how lowly and pathetic Anwar has become! It is one thing for Anwar to be challenged by former PAS leader Nasharuddin Mat Isa, since refuted by 'Nasha' - there is dignity in  being challenged by a man of stature. But to be challenged by Papagomo?

Wait, am I being elitist here? Doesn't Papagomo have the right or dignity of any other individual to challenge Anwar? And doesn't DS Anwar Ibrahim as a 'man of the Rakyat' then have the right to welcome a challenge from any citizen in the country? It is not that I am being elitist here. Anwar can indeed be challenged by anyone and Papagomo can choose to participate in this election in any way he likes. That is not the problem. The problem is...

Imagine that... the great DS Anwar Ibrahim being a target for blog hits, with Papagomo simply doing what Namewee was doing when he abused the Negaraku, lampooned TNB and other institutions as a tool for his brand of populism! In a sense, Papagomo is the rather nasty pro-BN ultra-Malay antithesis of Namewee, so the shoe does fit. And Papagomo is attacking Anwar the symbol, not the man!

But will this just be another sideshow for this election? Will it in fact then backfire? As whilst Papagomo is supposedly backed by an NGO, he is so blatantly anti-Anwar that it would be hard put for any BN or UMNO leader to deny his political leanings. Nevertheless, Papagomo does present an interesting challenge to the electorate considering DS Anwar is supposedly Pakatan's prefered candidate for PM still... will DS Anwar still be viable as a PM after indignities like this!

Then again... Anwar is already infamous for many past indignities...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Will The 'BN Is Bad' And 'UMNO Is Corrupt' Messages Work Again?

I have always maintained the view that Barisan Nasional especially UMNO as the leading component party has only had itself to blame for the loses of PRU12 and the political set-backs of the last decade or so since Tun Dr M 'retired'. The 'Shamsidar' rally some months ago demonstrated the sum strength of a DS Anwar Ibrahim led Pakatan Rakyat... it was pathetic as a supposed 'challenger' to BN.

Nevertheless, the fear of losing the election had persisted across the last 2 years in particular, when it should not have, with BN regaining its confidence at by-elections and Pakatan's failings becoming more apperent. One cannot recall a single substantial period of sustained strengthening of BN's position, with too much reliance of the PM's own industry and apparent sheer force of will, assisted only by his loyal Deputy and sightings of his mentor, Tun Dr M.

In hindsight, that DS Najib chose to wait till the end of the term to call PRU13 was strategically the right decision as an earlier election would certainly have provided Pakatan with too delicious a choice of postponing the elections for the State Assemblies they control. Nonetheless, the popular belief as to why the delay occured was BN's fear of losing linked to a variety of so called 'incidents'.

With the significant dates of PRU13 now announced, a similar pattern will emerge as it did some 5 years ago. Pakatan Rakyat, with its continued lack of credibility beyond a scattering of local successes in Penang and Selangor, will return to its tried and tested weapon of discreditting BN with accusations of 'corruption'. The question now is, will BN fall into the trap of making it too easy for this message to be taken as the principle issue by the electorate?

This blogger's father-in-law in fact made a pointed argument just yesterday when he asked,"Is Corruption Enough?" He asked this question referring to this continued focus by Pakatan Rakyat on the matter. And as we mulled over it, certainly it would be enough if BN makes the mistake of presenting 'Icons of Corruption', be they local or national, as candidates for this election. Whilst putting forward 'winnable candidates' in a local context, DS Najib and his team must take not to encorse 'Icons of Corruption' at the national level.

In one case at least, an Icon of Corruption has taken herself out of contention, but then makes herself more dangerous to BN! The self-withdrawal of DS Shahrizat Jalil from being a candidate is certainly welcome news, tempered by the knowldege that she didn't have a seat to contest anyway (with DS Raja Nong Chik taking over the candidacy of Pantai Dalam and her not having any other option). However, her idea of then spending the time campaigining around the country could spell disaster for BN!

Imagine what would happen if DS Shahrizat campaigns for at least every Wanita candidate. Wherever she makes an appearance, she would remind voters of the NFC scandal. No matter whether there is guilt on her part or her husband, in the court of public opinion, DS Shahrizat is an Icon of Corruption. So, when she stands with the BN candidate in front of voters, will voters be impressed or put-off from voting the Wanita BN candidate who is apparently supported by Shahrizat the Icon of Corruption?

And so in this manner, BN finds its so called 'leaders' simply helping Pakatan Rakyat spread its message of fear and loathing towards BN's apparent corruption! Such a scene would be reminiscent of KJ's convoy of Black Harriers in PRU12 that wreaked such havoc across the BN lines. I recall one BN candidate in Kelantan saying he was actually swinging the votes towards him until KJ's convoy arroved and KJ declared his 'interest' in the candidate winning! The candidate never recovered from KJ's 'contribution' then...

A few days ago, I saw the news that even KJ, THE Icon of Corruption, is planning not to contest. The cynics among us of course believe this is just him 'playing politics' as there is a likelihood he is to be dropped from the list due to his 'Iconic' status. However, even then, I had my concerns over whether he would cause more damage if he did not contest... the way he did before, and the way DS Shahrizat will likely do if she hits the campaign trail.

Pakatan's campaign will focus on FEAR. Fear of Corruption encroaching further into Malaysia's government and its works, damaging our future prospects and turning us into a society that dispises itself. Fear is infectious and deadly, and this weapon could well turn deadly for BN in PRU13 if it allows its corrupt leaders to spread it. Interestingly, the best counter to Fear among the young is Hope. Hope gives courage to young to counter fear.

It is leaders that can carry that message of Hope that BN needs, both as its candidates and among its campaigners as champions against the Fear-mongering of Pakatan Rakyat this PRU13. Certainly the Icons of Corruption in BN are the WRONG people to talk of BN's manifesto of Hope! If the BN leadership allow these characters to do so, it would be tantamount to helping Pakatan Rakyat again, with the lessons of PRU12 remaining unlearned.

Monday, April 08, 2013

BN Delivered On One Key Thing: BN Removed Pak Lah From PM Post!

There are many reasons to vote and not vote BN. For me and my family, the personal toll from recent years have been heavy, with the disruption of our lives from MRT Co's continued irresponsibility continuing. However, there is one thing that BN and UMNO did in response to the Rakyat's protest vote in PRU12 that at least signals that they do listen to the electorate and may be worth given a better result in PRU13:


It may have taken about a year for them to do so, but this was an achievement by BN and UMNO which, coupled with the dismantling of some things Pak Lah did which we clearly disliked, really helped. E.g. Islam Hadhari as a concept for one was a concept that lost BN a lot of votes across the nation. Fortunately, DS Najib's cabinet has ditched Islam Hadhari, allowing for them to better and more properly manage the 'Kalimah Allah' issue.

Some would then say that the removal of Pak Lah is 'no big deal' and that his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin or 'KJ', staill haunts UMNO and BN. In response to this, I'd just ignore KJ and remind everyone that PAKATAN RAKYAT ACTUALLY WANTED PAK LAH TO STAY AS PM! This despite the Rakyat clearly indicating their disappointment of Pak Lah's regime by causing BN to lose 5 states in PRU12, a mere 4 years after Pak Lah's landslide victory in PRU11!

These were Haji Hadi Awang's words in January 2009, throwing his and at least PAS', if not the whole of Pakatan Rakyat's support behind Pak Lah:

"Saya meminta Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terus kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri dan meneruskan reformasi yang diperlukan seperti dalam bidang pilihan raya dan beberapa bidang lain," -- Pas president Abdul Hadi Awang, Jan 2009.

So, the fact that BN and UMNO listened to the people and compelled Pak Lah to retire, in a nevertheless decent, respectful manner in 2009, is itself proof positive that the Rakyat's views do matter to them. So whilst I am still at odd with MRT Co, I will still vote BN, as in my view, Pakatan Rakyat is worse! Pakatan Rakyat even wanted Pak Lah to stay as PM! Of course, they once hated Anwar Ibrahim, but he is their 'de facto' leader now?

...Pakatan is so unelectable! 

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