Thursday, August 28, 2008

Censorship... Not Just The Government's...

There is news of censorship by the government of the internet, specifically the Malaysia-Today 'news' portal. Not sure if the site is still censored, but I managed to get in earlier. Maybe the idiots at MCMC flip-floped... or maybe KJ's cousin, the MCMC's minister, Shaziman did... "Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan"... Pet's quick setting up of a mirror site must have helped.

As usual, the current government, especially the young and increasingly unpopular Shaziman has myopically taken an indecisive politically motivated action that damages the nation... that is what Lah-ism is after all. Yet again, we have been Badawi-ed, this time on internet censorship.

Just want to make one observation though. Whilst I have no problem with Jeff and Rocky commenting and criticising censorship, since they famously do not censor their sites unless the stuff posted is inappropriate, I do have issue with some anti-BN sites' who would be hypocrites if they choose to complain. For instance, Malaysia-Today itself, since PRU-12, has been practicing censorship of comments. I've experienced this in a few others sites.

Their right to censor their sites, I do some to ensure relevancy of comments for instance. But whilst I disagree with the government's censorship of the internet, I find it richly hypocritical for some other bloggers to make a big deal of it if they themselves are censoring views they disagree with on their sites....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Know They Aren't Permanent, But I'll Have My Crutches For Now Thank You, They're For My Kids...

I found the blogger Aisehman para-phrasing Tun Dr M's posting on affirmative action (i.e. DEB) in his blog with some unwarranted bias. As Aisehman did not see it fit to publish my comment on Ramlang Porigi's claims over Saiful's 'sumpah' before (maybe I didn't do it properly technically... and it is his right to censor), I thought it best to just repeat my comment to his recent posting here:
I'm afraid you are reading and para-phrasing Tun as you wish Aisehman. Whilst Tun was indicating that the DEB is not meant to be permanent, he is neither saying that it is no longer working nor is he saying it is no longer relevant. The pace is what he laments and more so the changing attitude of Malays towards the DEB.

Easy test to see if Malays and Bumis are ready to compete at equal terms, i.e. we have the RESOURCES to do so, is by looking at local private tertiary education (IPTS). Do you see even 10% of Malays in IPTS'? As only 55% out of the 60+% Malay demographic are in IPTAs now, where are the other Malays? Can't say they're too stupid to go to IPTS, its racist, and if Malays were rich enough, they'd still be able to send even their dumb kids to IPTS.

The Malays are not in IPTS' because they still by and large can't afford it. And unfortunately, ads like the recent Petronas Merdeka ad featuring Aiman, obviously (the filming) involving Malays with a middle-class upwards background, continue to delude some Malays that rural Malays can 'fund' their 'easily motivated' 'few' kids to higher education.

Has DEB succeeded? Yes. Does it need a revamp? Yes. Does this mean scrapping it? Hell no! Malays that are deluded in thinking it courageous to say we do not need 'crutches' anymore do so because they fear to do the even more courageous thing, admit that we still DO need said crutches. I say so, as I do not wish to see my kids be part of a future generation of Malays that find themselves left behind as second class citizens among the diversity that is Malaysia.

But of course, we need to be constructive about this. I'm putting some ideas together on ways forward for the DEB here:

Join me?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

September 16, Here We Come! Clearly It's The Economy, Silly!

Much as expected, and despite an increasing number of Malays, even among the voters in his constituency (30+% now!), believing Anwar did 'do it' to Saiful, the man still won in Permatang Pauh with an increased majority! One can't really blame demographics too much as the electoral roll would be the same, and the win is so comprehensive, it is unlikely the trends between groups (race, age, etc) would shift much either.

To put it plainly, even as more people believe Anwar is a Homosexual Rapist, and more are discomfited with PKR's increasing politics of fear, and more begin to question the giving away their constitutional rights as Malays and Muslims, THEY STILL DON'T WANT PAK LAH AS PM!


So Pak Lah, even the people of your home state has again demostrated that they still hate you... actually, they now hate you even more than in March when they gave Penang to DAP and even voted against your relative Dato Noraesah from winning one of the safest UMNO MP seats in the country, Balik Pulau!

So Pak Lah, are you going to declare "KITA MENANG!" again now? Is it possible that you could try to do something so silly yet again? We are waiting for your response to the whole debacle, which true to form, you and your cohorts will surely blame Najib for.

So Pak Lah, when was it again you said you were leaving? 2010? Sudah Lah Pak Lah... better leave now Lah. The people didn't care that Anwar could be a sodomite. They were going to choose Anwar because anyone could manage the economy better than Pak Lah... even the man who failed in 1998! People are willing to give Anwar another chance at the economy rather than have it mucked up some more by Lah-ism... the art of indecisively making the wrong decisions!

I still think 16 September is a pipe dream for Anwar. But we can't wait till 2010 for Pak Lah to go, let alone for an alternative to take over in 2013! Berundur Lah...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Politics Of Fear... Not A Monopoly In Malaysia

I was at Bukit Merah for a break with the family and on my wife's prompting, we took a detour north to see how things were at Permatang Pauh over the by-election campaign weekend. This write-up is not so much about what we saw, but more about the emotive elements that I have been observing over this by-election, which I am concerned may be symptomatic.

The idea of us at least doing a drive-through of Permatang Pauh over the school break was not really new. I had an open invitation by an UMNO Ketua Pemuda to join him on campaign and I was 'made aware' of KuLi's visit on Saturday. However, each invitation was laced with a cautionary notes such as:
  1. Don't bring your car, or at least bring your old Waja, not your MPV, as hooligans have been throwing stones and scratching cars of BN campaigners.

  2. It may not be safe for you to bring your family along on the visit, even if you are just passing through.

  3. We are staying at so and so place, and you're welcomed to bunk in with us. All the hotels are booked up. If you wish to just 'tumpang', watch out where you go. Some mosques may be full of the hooligans camping out.

  4. Your sure you really want to go ka? Is it worth the trouble you may get into there? Consider this carefully before you go...

It used to be that UMNO internal elections were more viscious than Parliamentary ones, and it hardly ever got physical, but supposedly things have changed. I thought this was all a load of crock as I had fond memories of joining election campaigns even when I was a child, so we went to Permatang Pauh anyway.

What greeted us was very much what I expected, a massive poster war going on, campaigners milling about, especially in local gathering spots like Kedai Kopi's, and local folk, trying to live their normal lives through the greater excitement. There did not appear to be any outwardly menacing indicators, other than the rather aggressive, and in some cases, excesively negative campaign materiel.


Our son needed the toilet and we stopped at a kedai kopi along a road that dead-ended at a Malay kampung. The area was clearly PKR dominated, Permatang Pauh is Anwar's hometown after all, and we could see party volunteers chatting up the locals at the kedai kopi. My wife took my boy in whilst I stayed in the car with the other kids. Nothing happened, but I couldn't help feeling unsettled...

Unlike in Langkawi, Kuala Kedah or back in KL, where I would be happy to jump into a partisan anti-UMNO crowd of followers and engage in conversation of the provocative type, something stopped me from doing the same that day. I could not blame the advice of others or my wife's own nervousness of my driving an MPV into Permatang Pauh with a pro-Tun Dr M car sticker at the back for spooking me. It was something else...

To say Permatang Pauh is Anwar's stronghold or even his kampung would be belittling the importance of the contest to his political life. For Anwar, Permatang Pauh has been a symbol of his enduring survival as a politician. The only constituency that never forgot nor abandoned him, even when the rest of the country was willing to give the new guy a chance in PRU-11, then consigning Anwar to history. Had Permatang Pauh chosen BN in 2004...

So Permatang Pauh as Anwar's choice for a return to Parliament was both a surprise and not so. Not a surprise as it is where he is most likely to win, but not so as he would certainly be returned to his political grave if he is beaten there. This is why it would have been dangerous for any smart aleck pro-Mahathir UMNO member to go lone-campaigner in a middle of rural Anwar-ville. It may have gained me some experience, but for Anwar and his people, it is about survival.


So I was actually quite unsurprised to see the claims by one of the four imams who witnessed Saiful's confession that the Quran-swearing was invalid and ingenuine. I was unsurprised as the imam Ramlang Porigi was from the area, nigh 'se-kampung' with Anwar. And of course Ramlang Porigi came forward voluntarily. He had to. You only need to hear the language of his 'expose' to realise why:

  1. "...he had not conspired with anyone in relation to Saiful’s ’swearing on the Qur’an’ episode."

  2. "...he was now facing attacks."

  3. "...he had nothing to do with the preparation of the text of that which Saiful uttered..."

  4. "...he asked that the people of Permatang Pauh would not fault him for this entire episode."

Ramlang Porigi was afraid. Assuming he, as a religious man, was speaking sincerely, that does not detract from the fact that the language he used begged to be excused and forgiven by his kampung folk for 'betraying' their local hero, Anwar Ibrahim. That Ramlang Porigi was brave is not an issue, he was trying to survive and retain his license to come back to his kampung without being harassed for his involvement in the Saiful Quran-swearing event.

One must be sympathetic of the position Ramlang was put in. He made clear that he did not ask to be involved in these events, he was doing his job. But certainly it must have been most painful for him to have been exposed as one involved, as he would have been 'attacked' not just by anonymous Anwaristas on the web, but by his kampung folk, family members even!


There has always been an undercurrent of fanatacism surrounding Anwar that brings discomfort to many. One recalled his fiery days as a student leader, then youth activist. And even whilst he wraped himself with civility in government and helped re-draw the AUKU act, that would curtail the rise of another like him, he always has others around him who would attack when needed. Remember the Anwarista led UMNO Youth attack on anti-Burma junta protesters in the 1990's?

I was unsurprised at his reaction to removal from government in the late 90's. I am somewhat unsurprised at the type of emotions, fanatacism and actions he is inciting now. If anything, the added vitriol in his rhetoric following Saiful's allegations are also consistent with his past behaviour. The man attacks when cornered, especially when it is a matter of his survival. And when he attacks, his loyal followers attack with him.


I remain stunned that Malaysians have turned a blind eye to this naked, very un-Malaysian aggression that underlies Anwar's on-going, unrelenting quest for power. There are parallels that anti-UMNO folk wish to draw between Ketuanan Melayu and Nazism, though they conveniently turn a blind eye to the parallels between Anwar's and Hitler's rise to power!

As a student of history, the parallels are unmistakable. Both Anwar and Hitler were early under-achievers, rising in politics through aggressive social activism, one bordering, the other actual in perpetrating violence. Both cut down to size in their early prime, surviving, then rising again, to the point of leading a populist, yet minority grouping in Parliament. The parallels are not exact, but enough to scare. Add to that Hitler's early popularity abroad as a saviour of Germany...

Violence and aggression has never been the Malaysian way. And it seems in our desparation for a change in leadership, much as the Germans were desparate in the early 1930's, too many of us are turning to Anwar as a saviour whilst blinded of the pitfalls by the troubles of Pak Lah. Are we sure Anwar is the saviour of the nation? Or is he another for us to regret and lament trusting later?

The one Anwar-Hitler parallel that is also apparent to me from events of late, news and private, is the propensity to incite fanatical aggression and violence. We should just be grateful that Malaysians are a generally more peaceful lot.

Nevertheless... the politics of fear is not a monopoly in Malaysia...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cadangan 30% Kuota Melayu & Bumiputra Di IPTS Dipanjangkan - Bab 1

Menarik sekali reaksi kepada cadangan saya untuk mengenakan kuota minima 30% Melayu dan Bumiputra di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS), baik menerusi blog, e-mail mahupun sms. Reaksi kelihatan terbahagi 3 pihak:
  1. Reaksi Majoriti Kawan-Kawan Dalam UMNO: Memang amnya bersetuju tanpa persoalan. Yang ini tak perlulah saya ulas lagi, sebab dah sesuai dengan naluri UMNO memperjuangkan hak Melayu walau kelihatan ekstrim.

  2. Reaksi sekumpulan pemimpin UMNO dan juga pengkritik, amnya meminta usul dipanjangkan sedikit kerana cadangan kelihatan terlalu ringkas dan mungkin cetek intipatinya. Ini saya akui kerana untuk dimuatkan dalam sms; akan saya panjangkan lagi di sini.

  3. Reaksi kumpulan yang merasakan 'Melayu tak perlu kuota lagi', 'Melayu dah cukup pandai' dan 'Lebih baik dibenarkan Melayu bersaing secara terbuka'. Mungkin ini juga pendapat yang sebenarnya dipegang oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim apabila beliau mengemukakan ide memberi kuota 20% kemasukan bukan Melayu ke UITM sewaktu berkempen untuk undi kaum Cina di Permatang Pauh.

Ingin saya tangani dahulu Reaksi 3. Walaupun saya setuju ramai orang Melayu dan Bumiputra yang cukup mantap perisian awal pendidikannya sehingga boleh bersaing dengan pelajar bukan Bumiputra, ini amnya merangkumi anak-anak keluarga berkelas menengah (middle class) ke atas yang lazimnya bermastautin di bandar atau sesetengah pekan besar.

Kalau dilihat secara menyeluruh, terlalu ramai Bumiputra, baik di luar bandar mahupun dari kalangan miskin di kota (urban poor) yang perisian pendidikannya masih belum cukup untuk bersaing secara langsung dengan pelajar bukan Bumiputra. Ini bukan sebab kurangnya kebolehan minda Bumiputra, tetapi hasil terbatas peransangan fikiran kerana pendapatan keluarga tak cukup untuk membiayai buku-buku, komputer, aktiviti pelajaran luar sekolah dan sebagainya.

Faktor budaya antara kelas pendapatan juga suatu perkara yang mempengaruhi kebolehan bersaing. Amnya, anak-anak Melayu dan Bumiputra yang dimanfaatkan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB), dan mungkin juga akan menghargai cadangan ini, tidak dapat mengalami budaya mengejar ilmu di rumah kerana situasi keluarga yang terperangkap dalam budaya rezeki kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Inilah sasaran DEB dan juga cadangan seumpama yang saya kemukakan.

Seorang pemberi komen blog menyatakan yang anak Bumiputra yang dilindung kuota umpama singa dikandang yang gemuk tetapi lemah berbanding anak seekor singa yang kurus di hutan. Masalahnya, perumpamaan itu kurang tepat, kerana anak-anak kita amnya singa yang tempang pada lahirnya, kerana kurang perisian pendidikan, yang bakal maut jika dilepas terus ke hutan. Harus dikandang dahulu sehingga sembuh tempangnya sebelum dilepas bersaing di belantara.

Sekarang kita bergerak ke Reaksi 2, yakni sama ada cadangan tersebut pada lahirnya terlalu cetek perisian untuk dibawa ke hadapan. Saya bersetuju yang cadangan ini haruslah diberikan sedikit lagi, dan saya mengatakan ini Bab 1 kerana mungkin dengan maklum-balas, boleh kita perincikan bersama.

Pertama, kenapa 30% kepada Melayu dan Bumiputra sahaja. Bangsa dan golongan lain tak ada yang miskinkah?

Saya memberi tumpuan kepada cadangan untuk kebaikan Melayu atas tanggungjawab saya sebagai seorang pemimpin akar-umbi Melayu. Tetapi saya juga menyolong jika ada yang mencadangkan kuota juga untuk kaum India - katalah 7% minima, berdasarkan demografi, sebab yang miskin tegar di kalangan kaum India pun ramai. Kalau nak berikan kepada kaum Cina susah sikitlah, sebab sebagai satu komuniti, mereka cukup kaya dan takkan lah nak perlu kuota!

Malah, apa kata kita adakah kuota lebih tinggi untuk IPTS di Sabah dan Sarawak, di mana miskin tegar Bumiputra pun terlalu ramai. 50%?

Dari segi praktiknya, bagaimanakah kuota 30% IPTS boleh dijadikan kenyataan?

Ini bukan perkara rumit. Kerajaan hanya perlu memasukan kuota tersebut sebagai syarat perlesenan IPTS dari tahun ke tahun. IPTS sendiri boleh usahakan dengan bank-bank untuk memberi pembiayaan pelajaran kepada pelajar mereka. Apa salahnya juga sekiranya PTPTN juga membenarkan pinjaman untuk ke IPTS. Tetapi PTPTN haruslah menghadkan bantuan supaya setara dengan pembayaran ke IPTA. Ya lah, takkan PTPTN nak tolong taukeh IPTS menjadi lagi kaya!

Menarik sekali, para pelajar Melayu dan Bumiputra akan didedahkan kepada pelbagai sumber kewangan untuk menyambung pelajaran atas usaha IPTS untuk mencapai kuota! Sumber tersebut mungkin tiada dalam fikiran pelajar tersebut sekarang kerana masalah budaya pembelajaran yang diperkatakan. Ini akan saya panjangkan lagi dalam Bab 2 Insya'Allah, memandangkan sudah ada maklum-balas tentang masalah ketidak-mampuan Bumiputra membayar yuran IPTS.

Tidakkah ini akan merugikan golongan bukan Bumiputra?

Tidak! Kerana menurut imbangan Pembekalan dan Permintaan atau 'Supply and Demand', sekiranya masih ada kehendak dari pihak yang mampu membiayai pendidikan ke IPTS dari golongan bukan Bukiputra, jumlah atau saiz IPTS tentu akan dikembangkan! Malah, cadangan ini mungkin memperkayakan lagi sistem pendidikan tahap universiti kita!

OK lah, akan saya sambung lagi selepas mendapat maklum-balas, Insya'Allah...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cadangan Kuota Minimum 30% Pelajar Melayu & Bumiputra Di Semua Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta

Berikut adalah draf sms saya kepada Ketua Biro Pendidikan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

Saudara Ahmad Ikmal. Bagi mengimbangi kedudukan kuota 55% Bumiputra sahaja di IPTA tempatan berbanding 45% bangsa lain & mengubat hati umat Melayu yg terluka hasil cadangan 10% kemasukan UITM dibuka kepada bukan-Melayu, ingin saya mencadangkan di sini Kuota Minimum 30% Pelajar Melayu & Bumiputra Di Semua Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta, sesuai dengan prinsip Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB).

Memandangkan kedudukan & kelantangan suara saudara dalam isu-isu tersebut, saya percaya usul berikut bakal dibawa ke Perhimpunan Agung kelak & membuah hasil.

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi
Ketua Pemuda Cawangan Bendang Baru, Langkawi

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Annoying By Elections That Is Permatang Pauh

If there was ever a prize to be given for the most wasteful and pointless by-election ever in the history of modern democracy, the coming Permatang Pauh one would be a leading contender.

I'm sure by now some naive pro-Anwar lad would start getting wound up by this view of mine, but it does not mean that I am wrong. Across the nation, people are worried about the economy, crime, the state of our education system, the rights of citizens, some more equal that others, enough so that conferences, symposiums and workshops are being held nigh every weekend. But now comes a by-election and the entire effort of a nation goes into the toilet for 11 days+!

I was at a meeting last night where the organising committee of a conference planned for this weekend decided to postpone the event as a result of Permatang Pauh's nominations being held on the same day. It seems the PAS Muktamar being held that day was not as big a problem, as some Pas sympathisers would still participate in the conference, but now all the UMNO-related fellows have been asked to help at Permatang Pauh on the nomination day! WHY?

Everyone KNOWS Anwar is going to win the Permatang Pauh seat. In fact, this is such a blatant fait-accompli that it has been a task in itself to get anyone to run against Anwar Ibrahim (As an aside, the leading contender should surely be the current real PM of Malaysia, Kamaluddin Abdullah! Is he a Datuk yet? Maybe a Tan Sri?). The result is such a foregone conclusion that Anwar has been trying to show that it would be difficult for him to win... that's just so typically pathetic...

So why are all the UMNO guys so excited about Permatang Pauh? Not to stop Anwar from winning. Not even to get him a reduced majority; in fact, a reduced majority would likely be a miracle from Allah to curtail Anwar from coming to power... for any sensible person would expect a further rejection of Pak Lah to be the overwhelming signal from this by-election. Fat lot of good that would do us... Pak Lah is either too Thick Face Black Heart, or just simply too thick, to get it...

So why are all the UMNO people excited? Because this by-election will likely be the last major event before Ramadhan where all the contenders for positions in the coming UMNO AGM can line-up and show of their 'prowess' to the party power-brokers, the faithfull and potential allies in the coming race. And all at government and BN expense! Of course they're going to Permatang Pauh, not to beat Anwar, but to join in the big UMNO internal political campaign event!

And in the meantime, the rest of us concerned citizens, who want to see actual tangible results from activity... we've been waiting almost 5 years for some... are left begging! Again! This is just stupid. Politics at its worst.

"Oooh, but isn't this by-election important as it will get Anwar to Parliament? How is he going to take over government on 16 September if he is not an MP?", says the naive PKR supporter...

WOI, ANWAR WILL NOT TAKE OVER GOVERNMENT ON 16 SEPTEMBER LA! The only way he can is if a whole bunch of UMNO fellows join PKR, turning PKR into an UMNO-ciplak (+ a minority of Anwar's Indian lawyers, and Tian Chua, as MPs) AND convince PAS and DAP to join the expanded UMNO-ciplak PKR in a coalition government. And so, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang are going to agree to join a coalition with an UMNO-ciplak party? NO WAY!

So, what is the point of the by-election then if Anwar isn't going to be PM, yet, anyway? Exactly... NO POINT! Waste of time and money and energy and hopes and dreams of a nation only!

And in the end, why is the by-election being held? Because the sitting MP, Wan Azizah, is fed up with politics and wants to hand the whole mess back to her husband who is the main beneficiary of her efforts and sacrifices all these years. In the end, what a stupid reason for a by-election... Ketuanan Rakyat? Rubbish...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pak Lah Di Malukan Lagi... Tu Lah, Orang Dah Kata, Berundur Lah...

Pagi ini, Pak Lah akan dimalukan sekali lagi dengan suatu laporan baru ke Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR). Laporan ini akan meniliti bagaimana Pak Lah, Presiden UMNO, telah melanggar tataetika parti dan menyogok pelbagai kemewahan ke arah ahli CAWANGAN UMNO demi mempertahankan kedudukannya. Lebih buruk lagi, Pak Lah telah bersembunyi di sebalik penggunaan jentera kerajaan!

... eh, macam kes yang Anwar masuk penjara dulu aje... Anwar salah guna SB!

Orang UMNO yang memblog ada di sini, yang berkecuali di sini, tetapi lebih parah lagi, media blog utama sudah terbit di sini! Ini belum masuk laporan kat BPR pun lagi (laporan masuk katanya jam 9.30 pagi ini!).

Dan yang perit lagi untuk Pak Lah, yang melaporkan salah-laku beliau kali ini bukan calang-calang orang, tetapi Dato' Mazlan Harun, mantan Exco Pemuda UMNO, mantan ADUN dan pewaris darah Dato' Seri Harun Idris! Laporan ini juga menyusul laporan Ketua Bahagian UMNO PJ Selatan, Kept (B) Dato’ Zahar Hashim, kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO atas salah-laku yang sama...

... Depa frust kot Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO tak buat apa-apa. Ya la, sejak 2004, Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO pun lebih bergiat untuk membunuh nyawa politik musuh Khairy atau menyelamatkan teman-temannya. Yang dihukum Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO pun boleh jadi Menteri!

Sebagai ahli, saya rasa penat sangat lah tengok benda ni semua. Baik Pak Lah berundur saja Lah, tak tahan nak tunggu dah! Datuk Seri Rafidah dalam 'melambai bye-bye-nya' pun dah bagi petanda, 2010 lama sangat Lah, tambah walau ada seorang pun yang nekad mencabar! Nak tunggu apa lagi?
  1. Tunggu malu BPR terpaksa termangu tak endah laporan Datuk Mazlan Harun yang SAHIH?! Jadi kes-kes rasuah politik lain dalam pemilihan UMNO kali ni pun tiada makna Lah kan?

  2. Nak tunggu bertambah kurang dari 28% rakyat percaya dengan kepimpinan Pak Lah ke? Kena tunggu turun sampai berapa? 20%? 10%? Kita tunggu sampai 0% Lah, amacam? Kalau macam tu sure tak perlu pergi, sebab mesti ada 3-4 orang yang mahu Pak Lah kekal... Khairy, Kamal, Kali...

  3. Nak tunggu Tok Guru dedahkan ka yang PAS tak mahu Mukabalah diadakan sebab Imam Hadhari menolak hadirnya Tun Dr Mahathir sebagai pemerhati berkecuali? Dah tak cukup malu ka, PAS menolak UMNO kerana Pak Lah tertutup hati? Nak menyatu-padukan Melayu konon....

  4. Nak tunggu Anwar semakin mampir ke tampuk kuasa ke? Ye lah, tau la KJ tu minat benar dengan Anwar tu, sejak universiti lagi, tapi...

  5. Nak kata tunggu anak-pinak kaya raya dan berkuasa pun, dah tak perlu dah. Sampai kawan keliling pun dah kaya dan berkuasa, nak tara mana lagi?

Sudah Lah Pak Lah, berundur Lah. Hero-hero UMNO yang dulu sakan nak mencabar pun la dah akur menunggu pemergian-mu... berundur sahaja Lah. Sebelum UMNO, Melayu, Rakyat dan Negara Malaysia malunya tak tersorong ke mana pun angkara Pak Lah tak malu ingin kekal berkuasa...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Berhemah Anwar Bila Ke Permatang Pauh...

Pelbagai teori dan andaian sudah dilemparkan mengenai keputusan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bertanding di Permatang Pauh setelah laluan diberi oleh isteri beliau Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah. Tetapi sebenarnya semua teori dan andaian tersebut pada pendapat saya jauh dari sasaran. Keputusan tersebut adalah keputusan yang paling berhemah mungkin diambil oleh beliau dalam memilih kerusi Parlimen. Ini kerana:
  1. Pengundi Permatang Pauh tetap setia kepada Anwar dan perjuangan PKR untuk membebaskannya walaupun pada PRU-11, tahun 2004, sewaktu merudumnya pembangkang. Inilah cara terbaik untuk berterima kasih kepada mereka, dengan kembalinya Anwar ke 'kampung'nya.

  2. Dr Wan Azizah pula tidak pernah senang sebagi seorang ahli politik. Beliau seorang pakar kedoktoran mata terkemuka yang berpolitik semata-mata untuk menyelamatkan keluarganya. Maka semestinya Anwar, sebagai seorang suami yang baik, haruslah membalas kesetiaan dan pengorbanan isterinya dengan mengalihkan beban kepimpinan dari Wan Azizah ke bahunya sendiri dengan secepat mungkin.

  3. Sekiranya Anwar bertanding di tempat lain dan menang, akan hadir 3 beranak dari keluarganya di Parlimen mewakili PKR! Maka akan timbulah pelbagai andaian yang beliau tidak lain tabiat dari kerajaan Pak Lah-KJ atau berperangai seperti parti DAP (Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan zuriat mereka). Setidak-tidaknya, PKR masih kekal 2 beranak kepimpinannya.

Tetapi ini semua seolah-olah tidak disedari apabila Anwar dikecam oleh Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) atau Khairy al-Oxfordi. Kita boleh terima mungkin pendapat KJ yang sebab Anwar memilih demikian kerana beliau takut kalah. Sememangnya KJ sendiri memang pakar dalam hal takut kalah ini, maka pendapat beliau mungkin boleh diterima.... tetapi...

Perlu diingat yang KJ tiada kemampuan untuk membaca Anwar, bukan sahaja kerana hinggusnya masih mengaburi fikiran, tetapi kerana fasal 3 di atas mungkin tiada makna untuk beliau. Ya lah, kita pun kena faham, KJ ni dah biasa sangat dah pengalaman berkerajaan dua beranak dengan Pak Lah. Tambah pula, KJ kan Singapura di bawah kulitnya, maka beliau memang sedia menerima senario seperti di sana, di mana Lee Kuan Yew sekeluarga mengongkong semua kuasa!

Saya rasa cukuplah setakat ini saya mengulas tentang KJ. Tetapi ingin saya memberi 2 cadangan tambahan:

  1. Ada baiknya Dr Wan Azizah mengembalikan gelaran Datuk Seri beliau, kerana rasanya ini tidak sesuai dianugerahkan dan memperkecilkan anugerah Datuk yang diberikan kepada Nicol David yang lebih berjasa. Akuilah akhirnya yang perjuangan Wan Azizah adalah untuk suami dan keluarganya, bukan untuk agama, bangsa mahupun tanah air. Kalau anugerah Datuk atas jasa beliau di bidang kedoktoran mata mungkin boleh...

  2. Diharapkan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) memberi kesempatan untuk keputusan petisyen pilihanraya di Kulim diputuskan sebelum menetapkan tarikh pilihanraya kecil. Mungkin kalau petisyen tersebut berjaya, pilihanraya kecil boleh dilakukan serentak demi mengurangkan beban kos pada rakyat...

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