Friday, May 30, 2008

To Sack A President...

It's been a busy week at work and we're doing a short hop north with the kids, but I find compelled to blog on something seeing as I've been smsed and called today on this repeatedly.

There is a rumour going around that my Ayah, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, is about to be sacked from his post as International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM or UIAM) President. The post may sound honorary, but it does have some executive pull, and in his time, my Ayah has been able to do some cool things at UIAM.

The rumour goes that whilst my Ayah has another 2 years of his current contract as UIAM President to run, some people are interested in the post. These interested individuals hence wish to take advantage of Tun Dr M's clash with Pak Lah to influence 'Putrajaya' to sack my Ayah, who recently also declared his wish to see Pak Lah resign.

(This idea of Putrajaya, probably a 4th floor area of the town, sacking TS Sanusi Junid in itself is a little strange as it is the Sultan of Pahang who has such authority)

Well, sack is a rough word. My Ayah informs me that he has heard 'whispers' that he should perhaps consider 'going quietly'. We are a little puzzled by these whispers as Pak Lah knows Sanusi Junid well enough to realise that he's not the type to 'go quietly' and in fact would likely be provoked if such whispers came from the wrong people!

Anyway, perhaps we can all help my Ayah out. He is actually also now puzzled as to what excuse Putrajaya is dreaming up to have him 'go quietly' or sack or whatever. Could it perhaps be because:
  1. My Ayah has helped found and built IIUM Holdings, the university's investment holding company, into a multi-million ringgit business for the benefit of the students?

  2. Is it because the current UIAM President has been busy building the International Institute of Muslim Unity (IIMU) to foster brotherhood between Muslims globally with the help of UIAM's international alumnus, teaching force and student body?

  3. Is it because TS Sanusi Junid refused Putrajaya's request some years ago to use UIAM to spread the deviant Islam Hadhari teachings across Malaysia and the wider Muslim community?

But in drawing up the list above, I realised that I was probably biased! So, can some of you perhaps help list a few reasons perhaps why my Ayah may be sacked soon?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Resign From UMNO Or Not To Resign From UMNO, That Is The Question...

I had earlier posed the question to readers here on whether I should follow the lead of Che Det and my Ayah and resign from UMNO. I have had a decent number of friends leaving and a large number who are 'staying for now'.

It may disappoint and excite some to know that as of late last week, I had decided to be among those who are 'staying for now'. The reasons are various, as befitting a complex question for any long-time UMNO member, but up front, as I make no money from UMNO, I can duly declare that it has nothing to do with money. It does however have to do with:
  1. Mukhriz's decision. It would have been embarassing for me to stay in UMNO if Mukhriz had left. However, as Mukhriz has chosen to stay for now, I cannot leave and allow my action be used as yet another, albeit perhaps less significant barb, for UMNO's enemies within to use against him.
  2. The different battles between the generations in the on-going war. Note that the battle between Tun Dr M <-> Pak Lah <-> Anwar is a battle of the so-called 60+ generation. I am not part of that battle, but I am a small participant in the Mukhriz<->KJ battle of the 30's-40's generation. Whilst resigning is a key battle tactic of the 60+ generation, the time is probably not right for it to be applied for the younger generation in UMNO.
  3. The on-going sand-shifting among the Najib and Mahyuddin generation would be a key factor in whether Pak Lah survives, and that is developing in a positive direction. Already Mahyuddin is seen as a shoo-in for Deputy President, making Najib's declaration for the Presidency no longer a question of if, but when. The when he may choose to declare himself if Pak Lah's intentions to stay become clearer.
  4. In line with 2 and 3, if I and other UMNO 'youngsters' do choose to leave, we need to give meaning to the departure and make the event significant. Already we have heard of groups holding back from resigning so that a larger group of 'young' UMNO members may depart en-mass, in the tens of thousands, in a symbolic gesture of disgust should Pak Lah not resign.

So for now, I shall continue with my 'Duri Dalam Daging' activities to convince the mamoth, 'Tanduk Seladang Dalam Daging' that is Pak Lah to resign from the UMNO Presidency and from the PM-ship of the country...

Besides, it'd be more ego-boosting if I could get them to sack me...!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Someone "Innocently" Calling Themselves A M U Sanusi? NOT ME...!

I was alerted by a friend that someone called "A M U Sanusi" had been making comments in the most excellent Saiful Nang's blog. The friend was concerned that the comments were most unbecoming of me, or 'brainless', hey Saiful's own words, not mine!

Well, as a younger me once declared that it was "Better To Die Clever Than Live Stupid", I thought it wise to clarify the matter with Saiful directly and to comment the following in his blog:


Firstly I thank Saiful for alerting me of a person signing off comments with my initials such as it may tarnish my name.

The person writing as A M U Sanusi is not me. I would typically sign off as A M Ubaidah S on blogs, my own or when I comment on others’, or as Akhramsyah Sanusi, Akhramsyah M U Sanusi or indeed my full name. I don’t recall any occassion over the last few years when I ever did sign off as A M U Sanusi so if there was, it would be confined to history, and where such records may be active still, would only be due to technical limitations for naming.

So, the A M U Sanusi commenting here is not Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi or A M Ubaidah S. If this is an attempt to sabotage my good name, you would be able to sus out why probably from reading my blog: if you haven’t already.

And say perhaps there may then appear another fellow signing off as A M Ubaidah S in future that was not me, I would hope readers of my blog would know what I stand for and those who don’t would deign to check for consistency.

Just for Saiful’s good name, my family and I as a whole have always remained happy with his and his firm’s delivery to us, are admirers of his wider body of works and indeed if we were to meet more often beyond his professional capacity, I dare say we would be friends. Appreciate his efforts in clarifying this matter, and I indeed find the views of the A M U Sanusi that commented on this blog crass, unbecoming, unprofessional, obtuse and just within the boundaries of moronic literature… hence again, NOT my words…

Thanks and wassalam,

My wife then wisely advised me to add this to my own blog... for reference... you know... in case...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

P. Ramlee, UMNO Member And Critic... Ah, The Good Old Days!

P. Ramlee was an UMNO member for bahagian Jerai, my former Bahagian. He even ran for AJK UMNO for the Bahagian, or was it Cawangan, once, but lost. At the time, you had to be more than 'glamer' to be an UMNO leader. But P. Ramlee stayed a staunch UMNO supporter.

P. Ramlee probably didn't get attacked for his
sindiran of UMNO members of his time in this funny discovery by OpEd because he was an UMNO member.

You see UMNO members, especially ordinary members, used to have an open license to criticise the party leadership. We wee members only started getting attacked viciously for being critical of the UMNO-led government since the Lah-ist regime began in late 2003... leaders of 'national traitor' status like Siddiq Ghause and Anwar Ibrahim were always clear exceptions of course...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Batu Nisan Putih Politik Pak Lah

Tanggungjawab mempertahankan kedaulatan dan sempadan tanah milik negara merupakan peranan pokok sesebuah kerajaan. Makanya, apabila hilang hak negara atas Pulau Batu Putih kepada seteru lama yang ganas walaupun kerdil, Singapura, sekali lagi ia membukti kelembapan pada pihak Pak Lah dan kepimpinannya dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab asas sekalipun.

Makanya bertambah lagi perkara yang perlu dibimbangkan rakyat selagi Pak Lah berkuasa. Kalau memang sudah sedia rakyat bimbang tentang
  1. keselamatan dalam negeri, yang kini dimenterikan bekas Menteri Luar yang patut duduk tertuduh bersama Pak Lah sebagai menteri yang gagal dalam kes Pulau Batu Putih. Patut lah Syed Hamid Albar, teman setia anak-anak Pak Lah, cepat-cepat tukar kementerian yang diserah kepada saingan lama Pak Lah, Datuk Rais Yatim... Pak Lah dah lama dah tahu ke nak kalah?
  2. kenaikan harga barang, kini dimenterikan seorang menteri yang dahulu memerlukan pertolongan kakak bos lamanya untuk memanjangkan kerjaya politiknya
  3. masa depan UMNO, yang kini 'diterangkan' seorang yang hanya selamat dari dipenjarakan akibat membawa wang berjuta ringgit kehulu-hilir seberang laut kerana mampu mengaku dirinya tak tahu cakap orang putih
  4. pertelingkahan yang memanjang tentang kedudukan agama Islam sehingga terseret nama baik agama dan dipergunakan nama besar Allah sebagai alat kempen masuk agama lain... sementara Pak Lah tak sudah-sudah berIslamkan yang ada Had harinya...
  5. dan seorang anak muda yang naik sebagai wakil rakyat atas dasar tauliah sijil nikah sahaja... dan yang bersekutu dengannya... si KJ la!
  6. dll
  7. dll
  8. ...

Kini rakyat harus bimbang pula yang dalam menangkis serangan perundangan dari sang Singa yang ber Pura-pura sekalipun, Pak Lah tidak mampu mempertahankan hak Malaysia, yang baru malam sebelumnya dipaparkan di kaca TV, jauh lebih berhak-milik terhadap Pulau Batu Putih.

Ternyata kekalahan Malaysia dalam kes Pulau Batu Putih teruk sekali ke tahap kalah-kalah, sebab kalau menang-menang seperti dipaksa Datuk Rais Yatim isytiharkan, kenapa Pak Lah tak sambut sama? Kenapa dirakam pula di RTM konon Pak Lah menyangkal tuduhan dari Amerika yang tak ketahuan pun? Hebat sangatkah tuduhan sehingga PM yang harus menyangkal? Pakar sangatkah Pak lah sehingga "terpaksa" melepaskan tanggungjawab hal Pulau Batu Putih?

Dah la tu, semakin kalah-kalah Malaysia bila RTM tunjuk konon rakyat kebanyakan 'menerima keputusan'. WOI! Tak malu ka! RTM tu orang tengok la di Singapura! Apa, Pak Lah nak tunjuk rakyat Malaysia mengaku kalah macam dia kah? Oh ya lupa... Pak Lah mungkin terasa dia menang... sebab kalah pulau pun dapat juga simpan batu-batu laut ni kan?

Mungkinkah ada orang Johor yang berani menyaman Pak Lah dan kerajaannya, terutama sekali bekas Menteri Luar yang bertanggungjawab kemudian cabut kementerian, Syed Hamid Albar, kerana terlalu lembap dalam mempertahankan bumi Johor... dari IDR hingga kini Pulau Batu Putih? Oh ya juga... Pak Lah yang besar macam IDR pun sanggup bagi free ke Singapura, apatah lagi pulau... ada nasihat anak angkat Singapura dari Oxford kut!

Moga-moga hikmahnya adalah kini, sudah tersedia Batu Nisan Putih untuk kubur politik Pak Lah...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's Fault Is It The Current Crisis?

It has been entertainingly painfull reading the mainstream press over the last few days in the aftermath of Che Det's resignation. The mainstream Lah-ist forces have certainly ensured continuous growth of blogging as against all that is happening, all is being reported as being fine in Lah-Lah land.

The spin seems to be centred around pitting Tun Dr M's actions against Anwar Ibrahim's quest for power whilst keeping Pak Lah innocent of all that is happening. Of course, whilst we acknowledge Pak Lah's inaction and somewhat sedentary nature, that's part of his problem, we should take the time to remind everyone, including the surprisingly naive but intelligent looking Karim Raslan why we are where we are.

  1. Anwar Ibrahim is a contender for Prime Minister of Malaysia because Pak Lah has been and continues to be an incompetent leader. If Pak Lah was not so incompetent in making sure the benefits of a 'growing' economy his press keeps reporting benefits the people instead of his people, Anwar wouldn't have had a soap-box to stand-on at Dataran Merdeka, let alone be able to address 10,000 people at the place of UMNO's conception.
  2. Tun Dr M has quit UMNO because Pak Lah is destroying the party. In the quest to secure power for not just himself, but also his son-in-law, Pak Lah has abused the instruments of control and discipline in the party to quell all dissent. He allows the opposition to be more quoted in the media to maintain an image of 'openess', when in truth, the people who can challenge and topple him in the party are silenced with money, threats and 'disciplinary actions'.
  3. The people know this is not about Tun Dr M or Anwar Ibrahim, but about Pak Lah, the man who has proven that it does not take a genius to ruin this country, but a lazy incompetent fellow can ruin it just as well, if not more. A man who can turn one of the region's tigers into a pussy cat happiest when playing golf with Singapore. A man that in 4 years could turn one of the most impressive democratic victories in history in to the worst vote swing exprienced by a government in power against a still not fully united opposition!

Anwar claims that a fresh general election in September will bring the opposition into power. For once I would have to agree with Anwar, but only if Pak Lah chooses to remain as PM and President of UMNO. BN will then indeed lose to PR in September, following a walk-out of UMNO members through to MPs, as the people will wish to demonstrate more strongly how they have already rejected the leadership of Pak Lah and wish for the end of Lah-ism.

And then Pak Lah will find himself in ISA as a flight risk, waiting for the cases to be brought up against him on Iraq Oil, SCOMI Nuclear Parts Shipping, ECM-Libra, abuse of funds to buy airplanes, boats and holding a George Benson private concert for Merdeka, forcing Proton to sell MV Agusta to a 'secret buyer', selling out to Singapore on the bridge, Pantai, Telekom and other stuff, enriching the "K Linked Companies" or KLCs in Malaysia, ad-nauseum. At least he would have Kamal, KJ and other K's with him... and BSA Tahir who would be preparing to sue him...

Then only perhaps Pak Lah would realise that it would have been better for him to resign... now...

Monday, May 19, 2008

UMNO Post Resignation Of Che Det: Early Observations

A friend tried to alert me as I was driving back from the East Coast that Tun Dr Mahathir or 'Che Det' the blogger has quit Umno! As I could only call my friend back proper a couple of hours later, I'm a little off the pace, but some early observations can already be made based on the e-mails, comments, blog-postings and smses flying around.

The most immediate material impact to Che Det's resignation would be the departure of many of his stalwarts or those similarly disgusted at the continuing nonsense that passes for 'running the country' under Pak Lah and the 4th floor. And yes, my Ayah's gone and resigned too... the day before actually...!

There are some interesting things that may develop though now that Che Det has launched this surprise move. Among them:

  1. Che Det has provided a formula for UMNO MPs to leave the BN side of the Parliament and still stay loyal to the party - by resigning their party posts but crossing over as independents! This would be a far more doable and dangerous threat to Pak lah's government than Anwar's cross-over threat ever was (since not many people believe Anwar would be credible as a PM anyway!).
  2. Pak Lah's denials of an on-going rift with Che Det, especially effective in the rural areas where the government controlled media still holds sway, are now clearly empty words to all. What spin can be done to mitigate this act, one cannot know, but by tomorrow, via the sms network, it would be clear to the majority of Malaysians that as far as Che Det was concerned, Pak Lah has ripped UMNO far from its roots; and as one of UMNO's surviving founders, Che Det would know!
  3. With the first UMNO Branch or Cawangan meetings less than a month away, it would only take a few to begin a trend of mass resignation of members and closure UMNO branches such as to leave the party in disarray. These mass resignations are also a much more doable act than the recent feeble attempt to call an EGM at the Bahagian level. The Cawangan are still controlled by the grassroots, with a large majority still angry at Pak Lah and are easily stoked by the memory of Che Det.
  4. Worst of all for Pak Lah, early excitement at his 'enemies' leaving the party, hence 'strengthening' him, would prove a poison chalice, but unfortunately he and his key advisers on the 4th floor may be too incompetent to realise it! Hah!

The way Che Det has phrased his resignation has also helped UMNO in another way. In his actions, he has proven that UMNO under Pak Lah is not UMNO, that UMNO is not directly responsible, if momentarily still culpable, for Pak Lah's decisions to:

  • deviate from Islam with his Hadhari concept
  • clash with the Sultans on appointing leaders and on simple issues of etiquette
  • abuse the DEB so much, then threaten to dismantle it despite the nation still needing it
  • excessively favouring his friends and family above the more deserving Malays and Malaysians, especially on fiscal decisions
  • the list goes on... ad nauseum...

A more tangible signal to UMNO members and the nation that Lah has deviated cannot be given. Now UMNO members have a choice to make... kick Lah out, or leave ourselves... I am still deciding. Care to help me decide anyone? Your (sensible) words are welcome...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kuasa Diketagihi Pemimpin, Lina Joy & Musuh Melayu Yang Untung Lagi

Pemimpin Melayu terlalu pendek fikiran. Yang Anwar terkejar cara menidakkan dosanya, Pak Lah pula merebut peluang mengaibkan musuhnya. Yang rugi umat Melayu Islam akhirnya.

Gara-gara kedua-dua 'pemimpin Melayu' ini bersekongkong memperagakan, memperbicarakan DVD Lingam yang mencelakakan, seorang Ketua Menteri Cina sudah bersuara supaya kes-kes lama hakim-hakim Melayu yang telah dimalukan dibuka semula.

Yang kes si Lim yang dipasang oleh Chin abad lepas Melayu nak peduli apa? Masalahnya, kes Lina Joy pun mungkin dibuka semula! Selepas Tun Fairuz berjasa menutupnya, kerja Pak Lah dan Anwar membukanya semula! Astaghfirullah!

Mungkin ada Melayu yang ingin mengesyorkan diri bahawa kes Lina Joy diputuskan ikut prinsip undang-undang dan tiada pengaruh lain yang boleh mengubah keputusan tersebut. Memang betul juga yang penting adalah rakyat ingin Mahkamah bebas dari tuduhan tidak telus dan penuh rasuah.

Namun tidakkah terfikirkah Melayu kenapa Bar Council yang sememangnya sekular dan sentiasa mencabar ketuanan Melayu turut mencanang kejatuhan Fairuz hasil paparan DVD durjana tersebut. Ini sejak Fairuz menolak tuntutan Lina Joy yang memaksa Melayu subahat dalam murtadnya. Ini sejak Fairuz mengisytiharkan keinginnya membawa undang-undang negara merapati lunas-lunas Islam & menjauhi Common Law tingalan penjajah?

Pada masa musuh-musuh Melayu dalam gembira, haruskah Melayu bersorak sama? Belum tiba lagikah masa menolak pemimpin yang durjana?!

Seperti kata seorang temanku yang setia,"Masalah melayu berputar kepada kegilaan kuasa. Mudharat orang melayu datang dari pemimpin yang hanya mementingkan diri sendiri. Sekarang semakin suntuk masa untuk orang melayu mempertahankan hak kita.

Dari Melaka ke Malayan Union negara kerap digadaikan oleh pemimpin dan raja, hinggalah semua tersedar dan bersatu menentang musuh bersama. Terpulanglah kepada semua kaum melayu untuk membela nasib bangsa. Kepimpinan yang suci datang dari keikhlasan. Keikhlasan datang dari kebenaran."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Halal Biz <-> Pak Lah Family <-> Temasek Nexus; Another Nail In Pak Lah's Political Coffin?

It is not so much a surprise when Rocky broke the story of yet another Government Business <-> Pak Lah & Family <-> Temasek/ Singapore nexus, but a disappointment. This should not be happening still, on the back of:

  1. The obvious; the poor PRU-12 results for BN surely was reflective of the people's dissatifaction with the governance of the country and blatant pork-barreling by "the friends and family of Lah" club.
  2. Ever increasing food costs brings sensitivity to any issue related to the food and beverage (F&B) business, including the Halal certification. People should be, no, they actually will be asking why Pak Lah and family is making money out of the F&B business via a link to what is a government monopoly of sorts when the people are having to suffer the cost of spending more money just to eat! And Malaysians MUST HAVE OUR FOOD!
  3. When there is sensitivity around Islam Hadhari (resulting in the loss of Kedah), Karpal's challenge over the role of the Sultan in Muslim affairs and the challenge on the use of Allah in non-Muslim literature, why is Pak Lah and co. fooling around with another issue sensitive to Muslims in Malaysia?
  4. The Pantai Cross-Border Economic Bail-Out and other pro-Singapore initiatives like the SJER have blown up in te government's faces in the past. Surely Pak Lah is not intending to tempt the fate of Thaksin Shinawatra yet again!

One good thing about this news though... at least its another potential nail in Pak Lah's political coffin!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kembalikanlah UMNO Kepada Melayu, Selamatkanlah UMNO Dari Cengkaman Maut Pak Lah

Kebingungan Melayu apabila sambutan ulangtahun ke 62 UMNO pada 11 Mei 2008 menjadi medan mempertahankan peribadi, keluarga dan kedudukan seorang pemimpin semata-mata. Beginikah ajal merapati UMNO, yang dahulu berjasa membela nasib Melayu, kini tinggal sekadar kuda tunggangan orang berkepentingan?

Di manakah akan ku lindungi anak dan zuriatku kiranya UMNO tiada?
Mana bisa diharap parti berpaksikan kejaran kuasa seorang lagi Sang Rakus yang berbuih "Ketuanan Rakyat" di bibir sahaja?
Mana bisa kita berharap kepada parti yang dakyah Islamnya membencikan Melayu sebagai suatu bangsa sehingga sanggup segelintir pemimpinnya ditunggangi kafir harbi berbayar sekadar tempias kuasa?

Harus dikembalikan UMNO kepada Melayu dengan segera.
Harus dikembalikan UMNO kepada arus perjuangan asalnya sebelum bukan sekadar wakil rakyat berketagih kedudukan sahaja yang meninggalkannya.
Harus segera dibebaskan UMNO dari cengkaman maut Pak Lah sebelum ia ketandusan anak muda Melayu pewaris bangsa.

Biar kami... hanya tinggal nama...

There Was A Time When The Palace Didn't Have To Fight Their Own Battles... A Time Before Pak Lah

There was a time when the istana, whether it be individual sultans or the Majlis Raja-Raja collectively, didn't need to fight their own battles. There was a time when UMNO would fight their battles for them.

UMNO has been fighting for the right of the Malay Rulers since the time of its conception. It had honoured the Rules with respect and in return, the Rulers by and large have been comfortable with a relationship whereby they stand as the symbols and guarantor of Malay leadership in Malaysia whilst UMNO executes the responsibilities of government with its partners in Barisan Nasional.

Even during the worst of times, over the period of the constitutional crisis of the early 80's, the Sultans did not need to 'turun padang' to defend themselves. At that time, part of UMNO fought on behalf of the majority of Rulers for the retention of all their rights whilst the another part of UMNO, allied with a minority of Rulers, challenged to further moderate the power of the Sultans as they felt was befitting a maturing democratic country that is Malaysia.

UMNO fought for the Rulers in the spirit of ensuring the continuity of the Malay tradition as custodians of what is Malaysia - now spun by the ill informed into the shallow concept of 'Ketuanan Melayu'.

another Istana rises to address the challenge of the once insignificant Karpal Singh, one must again regret what UMNO has lost. Efforts of late by UMNO to belated rise to defend the rights of the Rulers against attacks by the Republican minded opposition parties, though commendable as efforts go, are severely undermined by the recent and not so recent past behaviour of the Pak Lah and the 'First Family" as well as their own court of sycophants (pengampu!).

One would have thought undermining the royal households by allowing UMNO controlled papers to declare Pak Lah's family the first family is bad enough. One was then stunned at the callous behaviour of the 4th Floor boys in renaming the SJER (Singapore's Johor Economic Rape) after the name of the Johor Sultan without permission.

However, these breaches of etiquette, though hardly forgivable, may have been excused to ignorance (perhaps Oxford does not teach manners to its graduates?). The most recent behaviour of Pak Lah's in disregarding the powers of Rulers in the decision-making and appointments of State Governments and Leaders have been appalling! Even more disturbing, one then sees some leaders and members following Pak Lah's lead in this matter against UMNO's grain!

Such actions have undermined UMNO's ability to act in its past capacity as a defender of the Rulers in recent times, and is hence further crippling UMNO's capacity in asserting the custodial rights and responsibilities over Malaysia. And nothing demonstrates the extent of damage caused by Pak Lah and co than the sight of the Rulers having to come out to defend themselves!

Pak Lah has lost the right to speak as the wazir of the Malay Rulers of Malaysia and certainly cannot turn from being an insulter of the Rulers himself into a defender of The Royal Highnesses overnight! To save UMNO from drifting further from its roots and reasons for being, to save UMNO from being so burdened by the his, his family's and cronies' wrong-doings any further, I yet again urge Pak Lah to Withdraw. I urge Pak Lah to return UMNO to its members...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kenapakah PAS Sayangkan Musuh Islam Lebih Dari Pelindung Ummah?

Semakin sedih saya lihat, teman-teman PAS di internet begitu asyik mempertahankan Karpal Singh dan begitu sedia mengecam bekas Ketua Hakim Tun Fairuz Sheikh Halim. Karpal tu kafir Harbi yang terbukti menidakkan Islam dan keutamaannya di bumi Malaysia. Fairuz pula pemimpin Islam yang menghalang Lina Joy dari menyebabkan bersubahat umat Islam dalam murtadnya.

Kenapa PAS sayangkan Karpal dan bencikan Fairuz? Adakah rakan kongsi kuasa, walaupun yang memusuhi Islam, lebih sedia diterima PAS dari hakim yang berjasa kepada umat Islam?
Situasi begini menyebabkan begitu ramai orang seperti saya terus menolak PAS. Kerana PAS menjadi-jadi terlihat mengalatkan Islam semata-mata untuk mencapai kuasa, dan apabila kuasa sudah tercapai, Islam tinggal buah mulut sahaja. Salah...

Pada masa yang sama, tindakan PAS juga yang tak putus-putus mendefinisikan sokongan terhadap parti sebagai bukti Islamnya seseorang juga terpesong dari akidah, sama lah dengan Islam Hadhari buatan Pak Lah. Padahal Islam bukan milik Pak Lah mahupun PAS untuk diolah sesuka hati. Islam kurniaan Allah untuk semua umat manusia.

Kemudian apabila PAS mengatakan ia memperjuangkan Islam, ini juga sama hasilnya dengan konsep 'Hadhari', ia mengelirukan ummah. Islam agama Allah dan tidak perlu diperjuangkan. Islam malah memperjuangkan kita. Mengatakan Islam perlu diperjuangkan terlalu riak sekali.

Sedarlah dahulu teman-teman PAS sebelum berbicara. Setidak-tidaknya, UMNO kalau pemimpinnya terpesong ke arah Hadhari seperti Pak Lah pun, ada ahlinya yang berperang saudara untuk mengembalikan UMNO kearah yang betul. Yang PAS bilakah mahu membetulkan dirinya sendiri?

Apatah lagi memerintah...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Now RPK's Show-Boating Is Over, Can We Do Something About The Real Menace Karpal Singh?

I am pleased to hear that RPK has come to his senses - surely thanks to his wife.

It was getting really painfull seeing the silliness coming out his refusal to post bail - someone was organising a "candle light vigil" tonight for him to be released. Hello!! Why? He CHOSE to stay in prison! So RPK could well have 'released' himself earlier by posting bail, with RM5k, even before donations from the public. I'm still not sure what RPK was trying to achieve other than causing some of his fans to act like idiots. Candle light vigil...

Now that this drama is over, perhaps we can get a straight answer from the government as to why
Karpal Singh, who has unashamedly gone and insult the Sultans, has not been charged for treason! Of course, charging RPK makes Najib look bad whilst charging Karpal does not benefit Pak Lah directly... hmmm... I am not a lawyer, but I can see more sense in Karpal being charged with sedition than RPK, though it looks more like treason to me.

The case against Karpal is not like the case against the alleged 'Natang' calling of the Sultan of Terengganu recently - with posters held up by unknown persons showcased in grainy photos such as to cause reasonable doubt of whether it even happened. Karpal has rather openly, and it seems rather proudly, denied the Sultans of their power such as the act is indisputable.

Unlike RPK, who is of royal blood but NOT a royal, the Sultans are due our allegiance as subjects, respect for their status and the right to see those that deny their powers to be cited for the highest contempt. And unlike in 1983 (which so many Pak Lah apologists like to roll out, though the young don't really care), the Sultans have done no wrong to the rakyat in their recent actions and are likely to be united in their contempt of Karpal Singh.

Certainly Sultan Perak has done a great deed to the Muslims of Perak by ensuring Islam is not going to be used as a political football by PAS so easily in the state. Does Karpal even understand this, or is he so keen on competing with Anwar Ibrahim and RPK for the limelight that he doesn't mind committing treason?

For the sake of consistency, the AG must go after Karpal Singh with all they've got for his recent acts against the Royals. Else, this will be further proof of the incompetency of the Pak Lah leadership to administer justice and add to the suspicion that the PM's office is now working with elements of Pakatan Rakyat.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kerajaan BN Lemah Hasil Terhakisnya Nilai-Nilai Kepimpinan Dan Tumpuan Usaha Mencari 'Idola'

Saya telah pun sebelum ini mengulas sedikit tentang hujah Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengenai kesan negatif Kerajaan yang lemah terhadap Malaysia pada versi Bahasa Inggeris. Ingin saya tambah di sini pendapat bahawa masalah terbesar yang selagi dibiarkan membiak, akan terus menjejaskan kekuatan UMNO dan penerimaan Barisan Nasional oleh rakyat sebagai parti kerajaan yang berwibawa adalah masalah 'Idola Semasa' dan 'Penghakisan Nilai-Nilai Kepimpinan'.

Masyarakat Malaysia amnya dan orang Melayu khususnya terlalu mengharapkan agar seorang idola baru atau 'Idola Semasa' akan bakal timbul untuk menyelamatkannya. Mungkin ini lumrah manusia yang 'marhain', mengharapkan kurniaan Allah akan pemimpin untuk membawa rakyat ke arah kemakmuran. Namun hasilnya terlihat di dalam kemelut berterusan dalam arus politik Malaysia pasca-PRU 12.

Pada pihak pembangkang, usaha Anwar untuk menonjolkan dirinya semula di mata dan hati rakyat jelas mengambil kesempatan akan sifat rakyat yang tercari-cari 'Idola Semasa' untuk era politik masa kini. Ini ditimbal-balas oleh perangai Karpal Singh yang terlihat menjadi-jadi kebelakangan ini baik di Parlimen, mahupun dalam penentangan beliau terhadap nasihat Tun Dr untuk Pak Lah berundur dan menjadi-jadi dengan penghinaannya terhadap Sultan Perak.

Usaha yang terlihat di sebelah UMNO pula agak pelik dan lebih merunsingkan. Terlihat sekarang usaha untuk mencemarkan nama pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang terlihat berpeluang menggugat kedudukan Pak Lah sebagai calon-calon baru Idola Semasa.

Sudah tentu
salah tafsir cadangan Datuk Seri Rais Yatim untuk mendaftar izin dari ibu-bapa bagi anak-anak di bawah umur 21 tahun yang ingin berjalan keluar negara oleh media perdana berniat mencemarkan nama baik beliau, terutama sekali di kalangan kaum wanita. Yang peliknya, Rais Yatim sebagai seorang berketurunan Minang, berAdat Pepatih yang mengagungkan kaum-kerabat wanita, kurang mungkin mencadangkan sesuatu yang merendahkan kaum hawa! Adakah ini contoh mencemar calon Idola Semasa?

Dan dalam hal Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pula. Baru sahaja beliau mula bangun menjawab tuduhan dan tohmahan terhadap beliau berkenaan kes Altantuya dan pembelian perkakas serta alat peperangan, tiba-tiba dibawa
Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) menghadap mahkamah atas tuduhan menghasut kerana menulis tentang Najib dan isterinya. Saya sendiri berada bersama orang kuat Najib apabila berita kes RPK mula keluar dan kekecewaan terlakar dimuka beliau. Punahkah harapan Najib menjadi Idola Semasa?

Tidakkah merunsingkan apabila dilihat pemimpin teratas UMNO kini terlalu sibuk mencemar calon-calon Idola Semasa untuk menumpukan perhatian menyelesaikan perkara yang lebih merbahaya kepada parti dan negara? Masalah tersebut adalah Penghakisan Nilai-Nilai Kepimpinan yang patut dipupuk di kalangan pemimpin, malah setiap ahli parti. Nilai-nilai tersebut pernah dicanang berulang kali oleh seorang bekas Ketua Penerangan, Setiausaha Agung dan Naib Presiden Parti, yakni:

  1. Amanah - Bukan sahaja dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab dan mengotakan janji. Bukan sahaja dalam mengelakan diri dari menyeleweng. Tetapi dalam membawa negara kehadapan tanpa putus usaha walaupun hilang kelapangan diri...
  2. Berani - Bukan sahaja dalam menghadapi jiran yang kerdil tetapi juga dalam menjalankan yang benar walaupun menjejaskan peribadi dan ditentang oleh yang lebih berkuasa
  3. Disiplin - Bukan sekadar sampai ke majlis tepat masa atau menyelesaikan masalah berpada-pada, tetapi berusaha hingga menjadi teladan untuk semua
  4. Rajin - Bukan sekadar tidak perlu akhbar mewar-warkan yang pemimpin 'bekerja keras', tetapi rakyat sendiri membayangkan betapa rajinnya pemimpin sehingga kemakmuran mereka lebih dari terjaga
  5. Setia - Bukan sekadar mengampu dan sedia terampu, tetapi sanggup menggadai segalanya atas dasar budi baik dan pegangan keatas nilai tertentu. Tidak melupakan jasa yang lepas sebagi harapan dalam menabur jasa untuk masa hadapan...

Nilai-nilai inilah harus dikembalikan kepada kepimpinan UMNO untuk membolehkan rakyat kembali meyakini pemerintahan BN. Nilai-nilai tersebut merupakan tunggak kekuatan pemimpin individu dalam menangani masalah negara dan memacu kemajuan ekonomi serta menjamin kemakmuran rakyat. Tetapi penerapan nilai-nilai ini harus disegerakan dan diberi tumpuan oleh pemimpin teratas.

Sekiranya kepimpinan teratas UMNO tidak mahu atau mungkin tidak mampu mengembalikan nilai-nilai tersebut, malah menjadi antara punca Penghakisan Nilai-Nilai Kepimpinan tersebut... lebih baik pemimpin terlibat berundur...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Raja Petra's Show-Boating A Little Much?

I am a friendly acquaintance of Raja Petra and if we spent more time with each other, I am sure we would be friends. His nice wife Marina's company at least well compensates for some discomfort I sometimes do feel when Pet is 'on song'. As all good aspiring friends, we are quite open with our differences I feel.

However, I do not agree to
his apparrent show-boating by refusing to post bail until his Oct 6 trial on sedition. It will not do anyone any favours and the fact that the bail required was just RM5k, which RPK could afford, makes it worse! It would be a distraction against more pressing issues facing the nation, like removing Pak Lah, disrupt open debate on the web on these same issues and claim personal cost to people who's passions are better focussed elsewhere... this includes RPK himself.

I know there must be some twisted logic to your madness this time too Pet, but this will have to be one of those many occassions we disagree... looking forward to a chat over coffee on this some time soon... my treat of course...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim Competent?

I'm the first to admit that I have succumbed a little to temptation here in going back to engaging on current leaders rather than continuing with my values debate - well its draining, so please look at this as a break! And it would seem based on questions raised during my recent "event", the man remains quite topical!

Now a friend of mine wants to form a "shadow cabinet"... hahaha! OK, sorry, not funny really when you consider it is a good idea and in line with the practice of other countries, the UK and Australia in particular.

The only problem is, is Pakatan Rakyat a real entity the way Barisan Nasional is where a united stand can be made? In addition, a shadow cabinet needs resources to run. Does the Pakatan Rakyat that is still struggling to man administrative positions in the states they control have the man-power and funds to run such a show?

Such on-going pro-Pakatan bravado forces us to question yet again Anwar's credentials as an aspiring PM, but the question to pose now is more serious... is Anwar competent even to be PM? This is again a critical question intended to incite debate, and I hope rather than quickly rebutting, consideration should be made of the points to consider here as a basis for assessment:

  1. Anwar Ibrahim stands roundly accussed of running the Malaysian economy poorly, especially during the 97-98 crisis period, and indeed abusing his position soundly when he was DPM cum Finance Minister. A recent expose was recently put together by a kindred spirit calling himself "JebatMustDie".
  2. Anwar's credentials as a master politician has suffered some severe knocks but he seems to have recovered with the success of PRU-12 results for PKR. However, one can argue that Anwar sacrificed his long term political health to achieve short term gain by turning PKR into a more Indian-dominated party from a Malay-led multi-racial party during the elections. So Anwar may be competent in the politics of the rhetoric and the now, but for long term?
  3. In line with the above, Anwar seems to be a little unclear as to how long it will take him to seize power. First it was May, then 16 September, to foreign correspondents he says 2-3 years or even come the next elections. Recently KuLi revealed in a private forum that Anwar admited NOT having the numbers to call for a no confidence vote against Pak Lah! Anwar may not even be able to convince his 'allies' to do this judging by Karpal's attitude.
  4. I love to ask people to tell me, if Anwar was so great what did he achieve when he was in the corridors of power? There may be many claims of his contributions to Malaysia's Islamic institutions, but further probing will show that many of these initiatives were NOT his achievements. E.g. UIAM was Tun Hussein's initiative and Bank Islam was Tun Dr M's baby. Anwar's one clear 'contribution', Bahasa Baku, was confusing and later scrapped!

So, we have doubts over Anwar Ibrahim's capacity to lead a government at least. It seems even Anwar's ability as a politician that thinks for the long-term is also a little suspect la. Nuff said for now I think, lets have a discussion then! For I really would not want Malaysia's next PM be just as incompetent as the current one...!

Tun Dr M Stating The Obvious For A Multi-Racial Country?

Tun lamented in his blog that "A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia" . This is such an obvious notion that it is embarassing to me that he needs to remind us.

Lets not ponder on old examples like Indonesia in the late 90's, South Africa during Apartheid or indeed Europe over the period of the 'War on Terror'. One only needs to reflect upon what has been happening in Malaysia over the past month to see.

The government of Malaysia is so weak that it is finding difficult decisions impossible to take. The on-going issue of food shortages, which could have been addressed by the tweaking the subsidies system, continues to remain unsettled in the mind of the masses and in the physical absence of goods, real and contrived, across the nation. This is a basic problem which a functioning government would be able to address, so why the inability to tackle this?

It is because the government is too busy strengthening itself against all challengers such that their real job is being neglected. And in a multi-racial country, when a government is weak, 'all-comers' would include all the more negative or extreme elements endemic in a country where race-based politics is still at play, whatever the opposition propaganda likes to say. Indeed we cannot avoid it as a multi-racial country, so we'd better not hide from or denounce it, but address it.

I was informed last night that in a packed stadium in Perak recently, a senior DAP leader, one without Lim as a surname (there are a few about), declared that 'Ketuanan Melayu Sudah Tiada Lagi, UMNO Sudah Masuk Kubur'. This is not just political speak, this is hate-mongering.

That the audience was majority Malay (of the PAS and PKR variety - yes, there are still some Malays in PKR) that responded with cheers and applause is irreleant. These Malays applauded UMNO's recent problems, but in the face of incessant counter-propaganda showing what this DAP leader said for what it really means, that one race, Malays, have lost power, and that that is cause for another race, the Chinese, to celebrate, is dangerous.

What is a concern also is that the above is an escalation from early symptoms of racial show-boating since the March elections. Whilst DAP leaders were wise enough to send smses asking their Chinese supporters not to celebrate their wins too raucusly, it is widely known that Chinese butchers began openly selling pork, ham and other pig products, in open markets in majority Malay areas in Penang the day after elections. Somewhat more subtle that events leading up to May 13, but indicative of a simmering pot.

A strong government would be able to curtail such behaviour without needing to knock any heads or utilising the ISA. Leaders of a strong government would just voice out against such negative racial attitudes in the public arena with moral leadership and bring the nation's attention to more important things to be addressed in this increasingly difficult world Malaysian face.

But a weak government, with as weak a leader as Pak Lah the way he is now... it is a recipe for disaster... Do we really need Tun Dr M to tell us what should be obvious?

Pemuda UMNO Harus Kembali Kepada Nilai-Nilai Dasar Melayu

Dalam akhbar Sunday Star hari ini Joceline Tan sudi mengulas sedikit pendapat yang diutarakan di majlis Sekretariat Melayu Muda pada 30 April. Artikel asalnya di sini:

Secara amnya, apa yang diulas merujuk kepada peralihan kuasa dari Datuk Hishamuddin kepada 3 calon:
  1. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir yang kelihatan lebih digemari anak-anak muda Melayu yang condong ke-UMNO amnya, tetapi tidak semestinya perwakilan Pemuda UMNO
  2. Dato' Dr Khir Toyo yang dahulunya utuh kedudukannya tetapi sekarang tercemar oleh pelbagai isu buatan musuh-musuh di luar dan dalam parti serta kian tergugat selesai kekalahan BN di Selangor
  3. Khairy Jamaluddin, atau KJ, anasir yang semakin ternyata dikaitkan dengan merudumnya kedudukan UMNO dan kuasa Melayu di Malaysia
Pada saya, calon tidak sepenting nilai. Masalah terbesar gerakan pemuda UMNO sekarang adalah semakin terlarinya dari nilai-nilai yang pokok. Nilai-nilai ini bukan milik UMNO, tetapi merupakan apa yang menyifatkan kita ini sebagai orang Melayu. Ini termasuk:
  1. Pautan kita kepada Islam. Islam memartabatkan Melayu dan tanpanya nescaya kita binasa. Namun terlalu ramai pemimpin, dan terikut-ikut yang dipimpin, mengejar CV Islam lebih dari mengamalkannya. Islam Hadhari mungkin bukan buah fikiran Pemuda, tetapi tiada pula yang mempersoalkannya...ini subahat. Dan kenapakah kita tidak bersama mengusung panji menentang kes Lina Joy... ini juga seharusnya tugas kita.
  2. Sopan-santun kita terlihat juga berkurangan. Beberapa tahun dahulu, seorang anak muda bersijilkan nikah menolak jalan untuk naik ke kedudukan no 2 Pemuda. Orang yang lebih layak dan perpengalaman terlalu ramai yang 'memberi laluan'. Anak Melayu jenis apakah yang menghina orang yang lebih tua, kononnya mereka tak buat kerja, semata-mata merebut kuasa. Anak melayu memohon izin kalau ingin berlalu. Adakah ini pemimpin yang kita mahu?
  3. Nilai sopan-santun dan kenangan Budi dibawa mati juga menidakkan tindak-tanduk mengenepikan pemimpin tua. Apabila terlalu pedih hamburan kata terhadap Tun Dr M, kenapakah Pemuda tidak bersuara menegur sesetengah pemimpin kita? Kenapa ada pula Pemuda yang turut serta atau bersorak sama? Kehilangan nilai ini lebih membawa sangsi kepada rakan kongsi kaum lain terhadap kita, bukan sekadar julangan sebilah keris sahaja.
  4. Budi juga dibawa Bahasa. Siapa yang mengajar anak-anak Melayu UMNO berlagak samseng merata-rata? Di Ijok sehingga berbaling-baling botol pula! Bagaimanakah kedudukan kita sebagai sayap muda parti PEMIMPIN negara jika dalam hal berarak-berkempen pun sudah bisa hilang budi-bahasa? Ini baru perkara kecil, belum lagi dalam menangani senario glokal di 5+1 mahupun peringkat antarabangsa.
  5. Tahukah anak-anak Melayu akan sejarah, kenapa UMNO itu ada, apa yang terjadi pada 13 Mei, kenapa UMNO diharamkan, kenapa para hakim tertentu diturunkan oleh Raja-Raja, bagaimana dasar ekonomi Anwar Ibrahim hampir menggadai negara kita pada 1998? Ini semua sejarah yang harus diperturunkan. Mahukah Pemuda tahu sejarah ini? Cukup sedarkah mereka...

Dengan menerima kepincangan pada nilai-nilai yang sedia ada, kita boleh mula mgorak langkah menjawab soalan 'Untuk Apa Perjuangan?' Berdasarkan nilai jugalah patutnya kita memutuskan siapakah harus memimpin kita...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hari Raya Komunis Yang Lebih Bermakna Dari Kemarinnya

Semalam seharusnya hari bermakna bagi negara. Pihak pembangkang tidak pernah sekuat sekarang dan mempunyai peluang menunjukkan hujah yang tajam dan nyaring suara bermakna. Malangnya, singa tua pembangkang, YB Karpal Singh hanya berupaya melemparkan kata-kata buruk terhadap peribadi seseorang tanpa membawa apa-apa wadah, mahupun yang usang. Padahal beliau veteran.

Semalam juga (dilaporkan hari ini), begitu gah sekali YB Ronnie Liu, seorang lagi pembangkang veteran tetapi kini ahli kerajaan Selangor, menunjukkan fail permohonan menjadi ahli Majlis-Majlis perbandaran di seluruh negeri. Dengan bangga beliau menyatakan ahli majlis yang bakal dilantik akan terdiri dari para profesional, penyokong parti mahupun bekas-bekas pegawai kerajaan, seolah-olah ini semua perkara baru.

Dikatakan juga ACA dan Bank Negara akan menyiasat latar-belakang calon-calon sebelum dilantik. Ehem, Encik Ronnie, ini pun perkara biasa yang dilakukan dahulu... Tak tahulah, mungkin YB Ronnie saja nak buat-buat macam ini semua perkara baru... macam tuduh pengundi hantu dulu la! Kalaulah memang tak tahu, saya harap YB-YB Pakatan Rakyat yang baru berkerajaan tidak semuanya seperak ini! Di Penang pun kena cari orang BN juga untuk menjana ekonomi!

Maka 30 April menjadi tarikh sedih kerana ia memperagakan kepincangan mendadak Pakatan Rakyat pimpinan Pulau Pinang dan Selangor, bukan sahaja dari segi kebudak-budakan menyusun pentadbirannya, tetapi juga ketiadaan nilai dalam usaha membangkang pada peringkat Parlimen Persekutuan! Hari sedih untuk negara, mahupun diakhiri dengan acara yang cukup bermakna bagi saya...

Alhamdulillah, hari ini, Hari Buruh atau Hari Raya Komunis/Sosialis, membawa harapan baru kerana Tun Dr M sudah mula berblog!...

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