Friday, October 07, 2011

Wet Dream Of A Budget?

Did I catch your attention with the title of the post? Sorry, couldn't help myself ... hihihihi...

I begin writing this as DS Najib was outlining major increases to the renumeration or rather pay scheme for teachers, a much under-appreciated group within a much suffering public sector. The budget, including this part, appeals to me as even if it is not perfectly satisfying, I find many parts matching what I was hoping for for the country, such as:

1 - Introducing or in reality re-introducing mechanisms to curb property speculation which has led to houses being unaffordable especially for youths just starting with life. So we see the RCGT or Real Capital Gains Tax being revised again, the material component being a new setting of 10% for those who sell properties within 2 years of buying. I would have preferred something more extreme also for the initial 6 month window, but I suppose DS Najib needs to ensure the new tax doesn't deflate the property market.

2 - I wanted small changes to ease the cost faced by youths, especially those with young families, and am pleased to see sucj small changes such as abolishing the remainder fees for government school-going children.

3 - I am really pleased that the government is continuing their commitment to increase public sector pay, like for the teachers, and increasing the retirement age, as this will force the payscale up across the nation as the public sector remains employer of last resort for most new job-seeker. Inflationary my foot, we all need a salary adjustment!

4 - I am glad they are continuing to expand the Kedai 1Malaysia concept... though wonder what will ensure its future sustainability...

Anyway, I will have more words when joining the streaming forum at MobTV... have a peek?

PS - Wow, budget give RM 320 Million to Youths or Belia, even mentioning it should be channeled via Majlis Belia Malaysia and its subsidiaries! Question is, will the Ministry deliver the monies through these Youth led organisations?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Presiden MAYC Dan YB Tony Pua 'Rentap Minda' Tentang Bajet 2012

Sejak jurublog mula menyertai perbincangan dan debat di media layar kecil, memang ternanti-nanti peluang bertukar fikiran ataupun berentap minda dengan 'pakar ekonomi' dari Pakatan Rakyat, YB Tony Pua. Semalam alhamdulillah peluang tersebut sampai melalui

Terima kasih MobTV atas peluang tersebut dan YB Tony Pua kerana sudi berentap dengan pemimpin belia yang tak seberapa ini. Saksikanlah melalui link ini atau salin serta tampal url berikut,, untuk menyaksikan video tersebut.

Presiden MAYC Tengah Berhujah... LOL
Nasib baik jugalah yang isu ini tak rancak lagi masa perbincangan tadi. Kalau tidak, pasti hangat, sebab pasal bill TNB!

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