Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beware The Rise Of The Barrarian!

Rather than helping out a Korean with his ridiculous dance moves that actually doesn't need our help anyway to get any further, thought to help this local effort along the path of viral distribution. Besides, its fun! BARRA!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

55 Years Merdeka; MRT Co: Janji TIDAK Ditepati

I am at the National Press Club Awards Dinner and am criticised (yet again) on the poor updating of my blog. My retort that there was little I could write with sincerity in my blog before I let it rip on how this government's MRT project is destroying our home and endangering my children with no care besides lip service, let alone recompense!

I'm also upset about MAYC, but that story's not accessible nor dramatic enough for the non-Belia activist to appreciate. Ya la, the last AGM the successors of TS Syed Hamid blocked us from joining the AGM using bouncers and RELA, and all so they can try and legalize their whalloping RM 30-40 Million of MAYC's assets, but what is that against the government's RM50 BILLION project, said to be the PM's pet project risking the life of my children by bulldozing their plans through!

Then again, it is about my kids kan, so, let it rip la! After months of promising to buy us out of our house and home, not ideal, but at least fair in that we could move to a safer house, some distance from any MRT development, this Dato Azhar Hamid, CEO of MRT Co, who claimed before that the decision was his to deliver, turned around and said we would not be bought out! They keep saying all our concerns will be mitigated, but cushion this with a public LIE saying our houses are 14-18 meters from the MRT.

THE TRUTH IS, THE EDGE OF THE MRT PARAPET IS 8-9 METRES FROM OUR FRONT GATE! For some of our neighbours, its WORSE. Why did they say the government rejected the buyout plan for our houses? Because they didn't want to 'set a precedent', as according to the law, they only need to acquire when the distance is 6 metres or less from a development!

Now, how does it make sense to respect a law that endangering lives? Is it so wrong to set a precedent leading to a change in law when the law is unjust? Well, there are many ways to change a law besides setting a precedent. We can ask the lawmakers to change the law! And if the lawmakers refuse to? We change the lawmakers! For why would I support a government screwing around with the future and welfare of my kids?

There is much that is rotten about the MRT as a development. The promises broken to affected Pinggir Za'aba and Jalan Sultan stakeholders are not even the worst of their crimes. There are questions to be asked on why land and properties not approved or budgeted for acquisition by the government are suddenly being acquired. Or why a land owned by a prominent UMNO Tun was bought out by MRT Co when an Imam's extended family of almost 20 souls is left wanting of a reasonable 'compensation'... all above the law of course!

I intend to expose the rot that has engulfed the MRT project for entirely selfish reasons. They will say I am disgruntled and full of self interest, well, I am. This is personal. They are robbing me of our home lives and putting my kids at risk. I'll demonstrate how over time and also intend to expose all the rot that is hiding behind the PR and promises of what the MRT would bring. Better the demise of the MRT than their being allowed to rob my kids of health and laughter.
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