Monday, May 19, 2008

UMNO Post Resignation Of Che Det: Early Observations

A friend tried to alert me as I was driving back from the East Coast that Tun Dr Mahathir or 'Che Det' the blogger has quit Umno! As I could only call my friend back proper a couple of hours later, I'm a little off the pace, but some early observations can already be made based on the e-mails, comments, blog-postings and smses flying around.

The most immediate material impact to Che Det's resignation would be the departure of many of his stalwarts or those similarly disgusted at the continuing nonsense that passes for 'running the country' under Pak Lah and the 4th floor. And yes, my Ayah's gone and resigned too... the day before actually...!

There are some interesting things that may develop though now that Che Det has launched this surprise move. Among them:

  1. Che Det has provided a formula for UMNO MPs to leave the BN side of the Parliament and still stay loyal to the party - by resigning their party posts but crossing over as independents! This would be a far more doable and dangerous threat to Pak lah's government than Anwar's cross-over threat ever was (since not many people believe Anwar would be credible as a PM anyway!).
  2. Pak Lah's denials of an on-going rift with Che Det, especially effective in the rural areas where the government controlled media still holds sway, are now clearly empty words to all. What spin can be done to mitigate this act, one cannot know, but by tomorrow, via the sms network, it would be clear to the majority of Malaysians that as far as Che Det was concerned, Pak Lah has ripped UMNO far from its roots; and as one of UMNO's surviving founders, Che Det would know!
  3. With the first UMNO Branch or Cawangan meetings less than a month away, it would only take a few to begin a trend of mass resignation of members and closure UMNO branches such as to leave the party in disarray. These mass resignations are also a much more doable act than the recent feeble attempt to call an EGM at the Bahagian level. The Cawangan are still controlled by the grassroots, with a large majority still angry at Pak Lah and are easily stoked by the memory of Che Det.
  4. Worst of all for Pak Lah, early excitement at his 'enemies' leaving the party, hence 'strengthening' him, would prove a poison chalice, but unfortunately he and his key advisers on the 4th floor may be too incompetent to realise it! Hah!

The way Che Det has phrased his resignation has also helped UMNO in another way. In his actions, he has proven that UMNO under Pak Lah is not UMNO, that UMNO is not directly responsible, if momentarily still culpable, for Pak Lah's decisions to:

  • deviate from Islam with his Hadhari concept
  • clash with the Sultans on appointing leaders and on simple issues of etiquette
  • abuse the DEB so much, then threaten to dismantle it despite the nation still needing it
  • excessively favouring his friends and family above the more deserving Malays and Malaysians, especially on fiscal decisions
  • the list goes on... ad nauseum...

A more tangible signal to UMNO members and the nation that Lah has deviated cannot be given. Now UMNO members have a choice to make... kick Lah out, or leave ourselves... I am still deciding. Care to help me decide anyone? Your (sensible) words are welcome...


mCrossings said...

Some real dose from the doctor.

Let's see what Pak Lah spin doctors can come up with.

I'm pretty sure the grass root will follow, especially those whom had removed the 2/3 majority.

Did wrote in his blog few days ago about him doing some drastic measure - so I'm not so surprised. TDM is a fighter.

Things are moving too slowly for a guy who'd put msia on a fast track.

Knowing him, we will see some results. The recent elections showed already. This is another dose!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

All of these shennanigans are simply the same crap he spewed when he let UMNO be deregistered then seized all of its assets!
Hey! we were there & we have seen all the nonsense!
Who is Perdana Foundation & why are we paying for all the nonsense!
He screwed Tuanku Abdul Rahman & left him a pauper!
Besides! Can we have sight of his Birth Certificate!

Sugar Babe said...

Tun mengajak ahli UMNO keluar dari parti demi kerana perjuangan parti dan jangan menyokong perjuangan individu iaitu Pak Lah.

Persoalannya, sejauh mana tindakan ahli UMNO yang mengikut jejak Tun itu merupakan demi kerana perjuangan parti? Bukankah ia juga satu bentuk tindakan yang menyokong perjuangan individu iaitu Tun?

UMNO bakal mengalami peralihan kuasa hujung tahun ini. Pada masa itu UMNO berpeluang menyuarakan pilihan mereka terhadap Pak Lah.

Tetapi kenapa Tun begitu mendesak Pak Lah meletak jawatan sekarang? Kenapa beliau begitu DESPERATE?

Apa-apa pun memang trademark Tun suka buat surprise untuk menarik perhatian umum. Mula-mula letak jawatan, sekarang keluar parti pula.

Unknown said...

Old skeletons and kampong Don Quixotes politicians including your father are consumed with cheap stunts and desperate attempts to salvage the remains of a collapsing empire that shockingly shows once it comes tumbling down; hardly will anyone survive. Salivating for easy income, massive rip-offs and Malay manipulation and fantasy of praise and applause, few tired old fanatics are busy playing every card they can get hold of in order to protect their bastions but there is no permanency. Such marauding octogenarians whose haughty and lofty but inverted mentality can no longer hold anyone slavish except one who is attached to them by blood and expects few vested interests must realize that Malaysia is neither a Kedah kampong that can easily be swayed with jokes, fantasy, character assassination of opponents, hysterical diatribe and puerile spinning like the one you exhibit nor a banana republic that falls for the “great wisdom of the great leader.” Words are the greatest possession man was given, but even fools have perfected it and always mesmerize people though it is tragic and ironical in many instances. Dr Mahathir’s case is indeed tragic and other minions who have benefited from his runaway corruption and institutional rape can’t digest the idea that the empire is collapsing, that the loopholes will be sealed and that many dirty secrets are coming out and laid bare. A man was asked for how long he could lie, he answered: “as long as the truth doesn’t catch with me….but unfortunately it does willy-nilly.” Selamatkan Malaysia!

Anyway, how comes his son did't quit by today? Waiting for what?

Fadhil said...

Salam Saudara AMU,

History has shown that all previous presidents of UMNO (1946 or 1988) lost their influence when they are out of power. If TDM feels that he still has the support to influence in the political scenario, then well and good.

He and his supporters should now form a new party. It's not like he's never done it before. He can then criticise all he wants. You should follow him, I guess.

And what's this talk about rejoining UMNO after AAB is replaced as leader? What makes him think that whoever's taking over would want to invite him back?

manggis said...

Sdr Akram,

Shocked and speechless.
Bingung dan keliru.
Tapi saya yakin TDM lebih tahu apa yang dia buat.

Soalnya, berapa ramai yang berani mengikut jejak langkah TDM. Secara logiknya, rata-rata ahli UMNO tidak ada "guts" pun hendak menukar ketua cawangan yang bermasalah inikan pula ketua bahagian. Jadi saya tidak nampak ia boleh berlaku jika ia melibatkan ahli-ahli UMNO "tradisional" ini. Jika ada pun mungkin ahli-ahli yang selama ini menjadi pemerhati.

Pada saya segala permasalahan UMNO ini bermula dari bawah. WANG telah merosakkan dan akan menghancurkan UMNO. Inilah hasilnya apabila nasihat dan ingatan tidak dihiraukan. Duit mengatasi segala-dalanya.

My solution is

Bahagian saya adalah salah satu contoh bahagian yang pemimpinnya bermasalah. Majoriti ahli menolak. Tetapi dek kerana DUIT ahli-ahli lupa pada tanggung jawab. Saya akan menawarkan diri untuk jawatan ketua bahagian. UMNO mesti diubati, dan saya rasa masih belum terlambat. Tetapi jika selepas itu ahli-ahli UMNO masih tidak berubah, so no point upholding UMNO anymore.

Pemilihan UMNO ada lebih kurang sebulan lagi. Kita perlu keliling kampung dan negeri canangkan kepada ahli-ahli supaya tukar ketua cawangan dan bahagian yang bermasalah dimata majoriti ahli. Kita bersihkan dahulu bahagian-bahagian UMNO yang berpenyakit.Jika ini tidak boleh juga berlaku biarlah ahli-ahli UMNO bergelumang dengan dosa-dosa mereka. Masa itu baharulah kita tetapkan arah tuju kita.

Please leave your p no in my e mail.

Letting the time pass me by said...

With these kind of political situation, what is more alarming is its impact on the economy that may trigger an economy instability...

Well with the high inflation rate and the current high rice prices, there will be a rough ride ahead..

Bob PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

>>since not many people believe Anwar would be credible as a PM anyway

Here is where you are wrong. Most Malaysian believe DSAI is the most credible to be the PM.

Unknown said...

Che Det is saving all of us from having to eat keledek or kentang, as substitutes to rice, which price had increased drastically (for the low income group). The people are suffering but Pak Blah still sleep comfortably. No good had been materialised since he took over the leadership. Leave the party as the people hope you to do so.

Loganimal said...

I think it's a wonderful opportunity to break (or begin to) from the politics of the past and move on to the politics of the future!

It's time for young politicians, ELECTED by Malaysians with a fresh mandate, to take the helm, attention and the BS by the horns.

Unknown said...

TDM sees the "dajjal-net" cast from down south island-state through its baluchis in AAB&Co. would be too late to stop by December. The country would be disintegrating by then and the "neocons stooges" would take over, completing LKY's dream since the last 30 years. Drastic measures for desperate times... I hope its not too late!?

Cucu Adam said...

The entire country is sick of this man, and he is doing a big favour to the country by resigning from UMNO, as the majority of the BN in Parliament will be reduced should his merry men decide to leave UMNO, enabling a new federal government under PAKATAN to be headed by DSAI.

What did this man expect from his resignation from UMNO. Did he expect the biggest street demo to be held in the Federal Capital and all over the country, demanding that he withdraw his statement that he quited UMNO.

Sharizal said...

bro, let me be the first one to come to your aide (i think-unless some other yet to be approved comment beat me to it) and actually answer your question on whether to quit ;)

i think u shudn't quit bcos someone from your camp will still need to be in the inside so that your plan to actually unseat paklah will work both ways; internal and external pressures.

to borrow your anecdote, this is probably a analogy of the anak sulong org acheh dudok dalam bilik bawah pasai kena jaga pintu rumah.

in this case umno is that house, and u are trying to kick your bad guy outta the house! ;)

akupung said...

they love money and they got no ball,,,,,,,,so they ll stick around some more..

Mindless said...

salam Mr Ubaidah. tolong bagitau kat Tan Sri Sanusi bapak saya Omar, best friend bapak awak di MCKK tengah sakit. Apa2 tolong email saya di Thanks.

Meiyen said...

A great reason why the country needs to go to the polls again! The rakyat needs to tell the politicians once and for all, not to play with our future. We need to tell them once and for all who we want to be the government of this country!

whackthembugger said...

Good story Ubaidah.

UMNO need the Malays and not the other way round. Barisan needs UMNO and not the other way round. The Form and substance – UMNO, under PM, is no longer the form for the Malays in general to look forward to (in protecting their rights and leading the country) as its substance/spirit has much disappeared. The stakes are very high indeed and the ball is round and our future stand uncertain.

As a Melayu and a Malaysian, one had to ask one self – are the issues that TDM brought up against Pak Lah true or false, with substance or without. Assuming they are very true and are all substance, then one has to stand with TDM. The question then arises, which way is appropriate or which way can EVER be appropriate taking into consideration the factors influencing one’s decision?

Let’s not SPIN the issue. TDM wants UMNO members to be independents for the moment and to come back to the fold after PM is remove. TDM is not asking members to join other parties FULL STOP. TDM’s appeal is to those members who genuinely belief in the original and true aspirations of UMNO. Thus if the form of UMNO no longer glitters as TDM perceives being the most honorable (22 years as PM) and founder member of UMNO, he and those who have the same believes leaves UMNO. If more leaves especially those legislative members appointed by the electorate, the form called UMNO becomes hollow. UMNO will then be in a despair state which is not necessary bad if one looks at it as part of a greater strategy. However this is easier said than done, more than anything else PM (or should I say his SIL and son and the 4th Floor boys) will staunchly defend his position and will do anything under the sky (including working with devil) to protect his legacy and the vested interest of the 1st Family, extended 1st Family and the 4th Floor boys. Thus expect PM to dish out more “money politics” but then that too has limit because there’s not enough to pay off every member from Abdul to Zakaria and Aishah to Zainab.

There’s lot of good probabilities than bad from this move by TDM. TDM an astute politician sees problem solving like a doctor identifying the gangrene and cutting of the affected limb to save the person’s life. I am sure he is aware of or is a master of “Sun Tzu's Art of War Applied to Modern Strategy and Leadership”. So it would be reasonable to conclude that he is aware of all the cards on the table in making such decision.

For those UMNO members who staunchly appreciate TDM’s move but cannot leave UMNO for one reason or other will have to remain in UMNO to continue the fight from within in continuing ruffling the grass roots in making PM leave. These members should remember that this is a populist regime, if the regime finds some dangers or faults it will rectify them meaning the regime is being lead rather than leading. When things cool down, the regime will forget these members’ grievances and break their promises. I am sorry for those like DPM and the other senior cabinet members who expected PM to honor such promises. If PM can say “why should I resign, I have work to do”, ask yourself what does he actually do? Whatever little that PM has done to show that he is listening to the grievances of the population and grassroots are reactionary and a pull over their eyes. So to those members, who think PM will resign pre or post UMNO election, forget it. PM’s prior and sole interest is to ensure the well being of the 1st Family as long as he can, interest of the country is secondary. PEOPLE LIKE THAT DON’T EVER CHANGE and UMNO members should know better.

I would believe that out of the two options ie Option 1 -to leave UMNO temporary as independents and Option 2- to fight from within, I would go for Option 1 as the impact is greater, direct and forcefully. The message to PM has to be very clear and that’s what most people want when they send in the protest votes during the GE 12. Furthermore there are more probabilities in bringing down PM when elected representative become independents. The fear of instability and to mengikut adat untuk menjaga maruah kepimpinan president no longer holds true at this time of acute urgency. In Option 2, there’s still the possibility of delivering the message of the people will fall short of expectations.

I believe that Allah, in His kindness to His creation, has cleverly evolved this uncertainty of trials and turbulences in UMNO not without for a reason or opportunity. Some of us would take it as His timely message to oust and clear off the oppressors in UMNO. So let us all continue seeking His guidance and blessing in all our endeavors in ousting the rotten governance that is prevailing in the country during this period of darkness.

Unknown said...

Salam to Whackthembugger.
Very insightful! & sama2 kita doakan supaya Allah swt. berikan kita kekuatan untuk harungi masa yang mencabar ini, amin!

leeza said...

Apa yg dilakukan oleh TDM seolah-olah memberi kepada kita satu petunjuk (sama ada secara langsung atau tidak)atas apa yg berlaku. Saya merasakan beliau "tertekan" sejak kebelakangan ini atas sebab sebab tertentu. Adakah semasa beliau menjadi PM dahulu beliau telah melakukan sesuatu yg tak diketahui oleh ahli-ahli UMNO sendiri dan akibat dari itu telah memakan diri sendiri? Adakah kerana beliau terasa bersalah atau secara tak langsung terlibat dlm "kekeruhan" UMNO itu sendiri memandangkan zaman era pemerintahan beliau pun sudah terdpt 2 parti yg ujud. Kita sebagai orang melayu merasa bangga dan hormat pada parti UMNO kerana sejarah dan kekuatan org Melayu itu sendiri berjuang. Secara logiknya bolehkah kita mempersalahkan Pak Lah 100% dalam isu pilihanraya baru baru? Kalau Menteri-menteri yg lain pun tidak memberi fakta atau pendapat benar/sahih atau mengambil kesempatan diatas kebaikan dan kelembutan Pak Lah itu tidak lah baik caranya...Pak Lah pun bukan perfect bila beliau memegang jawatan dulu..byk kesedihan beliau tanggung akibat kematian isteri dan ibu...kemudian ditanggung pulak kejadian tsunami..jadi kita patut beri ruang bagi Pak Lah membuat kerja dengan sebaik mungkin agar Pak Lah dpt melepaskan jawatan dengan aman.

Apa muslihat TDM menaikkan Pak Lah sebagai PM? adakah ada muslihat akibat tindakan beliau memecat Anwar dan beliau melihat Pak Lah "calon sesuai" dlm mematikan api yg marak? Hari ini beliau berkata begini...esok beliau berkata begitu...lusa entah apa pulak beliau hendak berkata-kata...atau Tekanan beliau terhadap kes Video Lingam yg pastinya diambil oleh pihak tertentu untuk mengenakan TDM yg pastinya terlibat? kalau nak resign pun resign laa tp jgn menjadi seorang warga emas yg jahat fikirannya..seolah-olah menghasut fikiran org lain..tak patut bagi seorang yg sayangkan parti mengatakan kalau Pak Lah letak jawatan, DTM akan menjadi ahli kembali atau memegang jawatan dlm UMNO itu sendiri..ini bukan fikiran orang dewasa tp mcm kanak kanak yg memprotes kerana tidak dpt memakan gula-gula yg diidamkan ...Mungkinkah Pak Lah juga akan menjadi mangsa mcm Anwar...

Jadi kalau ada dikalangan ahli UMNO itu memikirkan secara logik dan positif...berjuanglah untuk UMNO itu sendiri dan perjuangannya.

Begitu juga Wakil Wakil Rakyat yg teringin menjadi katak melompat ke sana kesini..tetapkan iman dan jangan jadi mata duitan dan hasutan, jgn main lompat lompat kerana kami yg memilih Wakil Wakil rakyat ini untuk berada di mana mereka berada sekarang dan kerana kami juga, mereka secara tak langsung mengalami perubahan hidup yg boleh kata mewah dari kami..Jadi buat kerja betul-betul, turun padang buat perubahan pada kawasan..Rakyat kini memerhati dan mengikuti apa yang Wakil-wakil parti sedang lakukan baik Pakatan Rakyat mau pun dari BN sendiri...

DIN said...

masa TUN singgah berucap di manchester, ada saya nak beri cadangan dan nak tahu apa pandangan TUN agar bubarkan saja UMNO.

bekas ahli UMNO yang mahukan yang monolitik boleh masuk PAS, dan mereka yang mahukan campuran boleh masuk PKR.

sebagai melayu berugama islam, saya rasa hanya penyatuan berpayungkan islam adalah pilihan yang lebih bijak dan afdal.


wak segen said...

Mereka yang menentang Tun...
Mereka bercakap tentang kebebasan, tetapi mereka tidak pedulikan Guantanemo..
Mereka bercakap tentang 'civil rights' tetapi mereka lupe pengebomam di Iraq dan Palestin..
Cerdik pandai di kalangan mereka me label kan 22 tahun zaman kepimpinan Tun sabagai zaman 'Mahathirism' tetapi mereka lupa Tun hanya menyambung legacy pejuang2 sabelum merdeka dan mendiang Tun Abdul Razak..
Dan pada hari ini..
Mereka menentang DEB, tetapi mereka tidak menentang Haliburton dan Temasek..
Mereka bercakap tentang Ketuanan Rakyat, tetapi mereka tidak sedar bangsa mana sabenar nya tuan pada ekonomi negara..
Dan yang amat menyedihkan, ahli2 UMNO sendiri terus menyokong kempimpinan sekarang, kerana mereka telah lupa apa itu perjuangan untuk Agama , Bangsa dan Negara..

wak segen said...

Mereka yang menentang Tun...
Mereka bercakap tentang kebebasan, tetapi mereka tidak pedulikan Guantanemo..
Mereka bercakap tentang 'civil rights' tetapi mereka lupe pengebomam di Iraq dan Palestin..
Cerdik pandai di kalangan mereka me label kan 22 tahun zaman kepimpinan Tun sabagai zaman 'Mahathirism' tetapi mereka lupa Tun hanya menyambung legacy pejuang2 sabelum merdeka dan mendiang Tun Abdul Razak..
Dan pada hari ini..
Mereka menentang DEB, tetapi mereka tidak menentang Haliburton dan Temasek..
Mereka bercakap tentang Ketuanan Rakyat, tetapi mereka tidak sedar bangsa mana sabenar nya tuan pada ekonomi negara..
Dan yang amat menyedihkan, ahli2 UMNO sendiri terus menyokong kempimpinan sekarang, kerana mereka telah lupa apa itu perjuangan untuk Agama,Bangsa dan Negara..

Ted Torrence said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

HSH EmperorX's comment has been removed for being off-topic ... and a little wierd...!

all about food said...

i leave umno since 2003temporarily after tun resign since i feel that there has no strong leadership in our present PM sebab tak tahan tengok keadaan malaysia yang teruk. so i become pemerhati. malaysia is for the rakyat bukan untuk satu family sahaja. we want malaysia to be build as a great nation bukan back to the past. worry worry and worry

Pak Malau said...

Quit Umno if you can, ask people around you to quit to. I'm quitting Umno,same condition as Tuns and at this moment I'm gathering as many umno members as possible at my cawangan to quit. No matter how smart the move is, if it doesn't has the numbers, i wont go far.

If our tokwan and toknek has to face british guns to make sure thier childrens future, which is ours now, can we claim that we are smarter then them if we dont even dare to fight the "lembik" one?

Tulang Besi said...


This is Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib.

I just want to say, the days of UMNO is over.

No use to hope for something that will not change.

I think those who loves the Malays should continue their struggle in PAS and make PAS stronger among the Malays.

UMNO will have to spend the next 3-4 elections cleaning themselves out completely from rent-seekers and low-lives.

Dr. Mahathir knows that UMNO is filled with rent-seekers but it's clear, as long as they are still in power, the cleaning up process cannot take place.

It's time we relegate UMNO to the sidelines.

Or, let UMNO die and for a new MAlay/Muslim party,

BrightEyes said...

Honestly, Im not really sure how leaving would work, unless you wanna set up a new political party also based on religious & ethnic supremacy with the other Mahathirists. This ideology is getting obsolete day by day.

Most folks in UMNO will stay on because they know the bread is buttered by Team Badawi or whoever is the current prez. This has been the pattern with past presidents.

But hey, if ya wanna go... go.



I'm gonna stay focus. I'm gonna throw in eveything that I have to ensure that I get to have that one vote in December to kick Pak Lah out and all the yes sir-yes boss UMNO leaders.

Btw, my late ayah and your ayah were good friends.

Berdoalah kita semua diselamatkan Allah swt.

BoxxTomoi said...

cerita lama .. my brother in-law mengadu to your Ayah that UMNO tak terima dia balik (from 46) .. your Ayah told him .. kita kalau tak jadi Ahli UMNO pun tak apa, yang penting kita orang UMNO.

amoker said...

I like to see we perjuangkan hak Malaysian instead of just being one race. With a macro view, decisions will be more comprehensive and mature. Can we challenge ourself as learned by being seing less of ourselves in importance and others more?

Praba Ganesan said...

Akhram, matey..the options are clear.

a) You believe that Mahathir is right in attacking Badawi, and his approach in quitting is right. Ergo, you have to quit the party too.

b)You believe that Mahathir is right in attacking Badawi, however quitting the party is wrong since the party is above all members in it. Ergo, you articulate your support for him and then state your opposition to his decision. (yes akhram, you have to say that the old man is wrong!)

c) You believe that Mahathir is wrong in attacking Badawi (therefore all corollary positions are defunct), then you denounce Mahathir.

I cannot think of a 4th category, can you?

Sharizal said...

oh oh oh I know a 4th category:

we can assume that everyone is wrong and stay in denial! tee hee

Unknown said...

Ah Praba... trust a PKR man to be fixated on the leader and looking at things as following or not a leader's lead, not on the merits of the issue ... :)

Actually, Sharizal had already, when he came to my aid earlier, articulated an option (your first but the fifth way Sharizal, or do you want to claim no 1?)

I'm drafting my decision in my head and will put it on the blog when I get more time off work on the weekend. It is a 6th option.

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