Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Has The Selangor State Government Lost The Plot?

I do not understand the Selangor state government. OK, I admit to being biased, but this Teoh Beng Hock issue on the back of the MACC's continued probe of the state exco should not be driving them to distraction the way it is.

Today, we saw the unveiling of yet another strange policy of the state, of course reported by the pro-Pakatan newspaper, The Sun, as some sort of breakthrough of things "Democratic". The Sun had it as its main headline (admitting again which side of the policial divide they stand) whilst the other, less sensational and more sensible mainstream press didn't see any merit in even reporting it! Something to do with making making the State Legislature 'more independent'.


I had a look at what this new policy was 'delivering' to the Rakyat, and this is what I interpret from the way it's described:

  1. The state assembly will now have its own budget and committee to manage its administration. It will not have to 'rely' on the state government. Comment: Isn't the state government made up of the legislature, indeed making up it's majority? In actual fact, the state government is NOT independent of the state assembly! So, other than allowing Pakatan to now appoint more of its ADUNs into 'positions' in the 'assembly management', how does this benefit the Rakyat?

  2. The state assembly now can manage its assets independently. Comment: Hmmm... the state assembly is supposed to be fully funded by the state government. Its job is to pass state laws, act as a voice of the people as check-and-balance to the state government, so, why does it need assets? It has assets mah? Wah... maybe this way Pakatan can sapu the people's money more easily, via the state assembly's 'new management and independence'!

  3. The state assembly now will have a committee managed by the Speaker and will have members of both sides of the political divide in it. Comment: So, who really runs the place? Where is the state secretary and other civil servants in the management of the assembly? Are they doing this to try and take power from the civil servants charged with managing the assembly's workings under the auspices of the Sultan? Are they trying to create a barrier to what happened in Perak? How is that more democratic? And the poeple?
The Pakatan government of Selangor should stop wasting their energy on such pathetic policy changes that bring no benefit to the people! It should focus on real problems that are CURRENT and yet to be solved, like:
  1. Continued rising crime in Selangor!
  2. Cleaning up the exco from all negative influences, especially criminal elements, real or percieved.
  3. Clearing up the beer sales issue.
  4. Figuring out how to run the state's finances properly so that they don't need to sapu the Baitulmal (Muslim charity/zakat) money!
  5. etc
  6. etc
  7. ...
  8. ad nauseum
The Selangor Pakatan came into the state government with the impression they could be more clean than their BN predecessors. Well, before that, they must prove first that they are AT LEAST as competent! At the moment... the INCOMPETENCE OF PAKATAN SELANGOR IS MORE APPARENT...

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