Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 'Glamour' Of Police Reports

Today I was busy at a regional work conference. Whilst I was busy, much was happening in the background, with breaking news in the morning that I 'slandered' ex-Minister TS Syed Hamid and that police reports were being made against my improper actions. I am of course quite amused. My wife is not though, but that's OK, it's her job to worry about me.

I was actually feeling rather smug about the news reported. Here was TS Syed Hamid sputtering fire and brimstone, but he didn't really read the news report I think... he accused me of specifics, when all I did was ask open questions, so net effect is that I 'glamer' free! Of course, one may question whether this is positive or negative for me and MAYC, then again, we are being attacked by TS Syed Hamid... we must be doing something right!

Anyway, here I was thinking I will remain glamourous till the end of today at least when suddenly Ahiruddin 'Rocky' Attan stole my thunder! A police report is being lodged against him and at least another blogger, personally, by a sitting minister no less! Haiya boss (can call Rocky boss la as penghulu of many of us SoPo bloggers), baru aje I nak rasa 'glamer' kena police report sikit, dah kena kacau daun pulak!

I kind of think DS Rais Yatim made a bigger blunder than TS Syed Hamid though. I don't see Rocky claiming anywhere than DS Rais' son was specifically involved... OK, there were links, but... but then DS Rais himself has now implicated his son in the whole thing! Via the mass media too! I hope DS Rais is able to clear this up well and thoroughly without further hurt, however unintentional, upon his son...

Anyway, could only write briefly here... bersambung later...

And no police have called on me for questioning yet...


Asri said...

In my neck of the woods at least, you are not considered the President of MAYC.

I'm not really a member, so please enlighten those like me on what basis are you claiming to be so when the KBS has ruled against your AGM?


Unknown said...

Asri. Thanks for your query. I don't claim to be President of MAYC in isolation, that would be disturbing, members who chose me also do. I tend to think the views of valid members count for more than the views of KBS. I am still introduced as MAYC President in functions, most recently in Negeri Sembilan, in the presence of both the MB and the Youth Exco.

Btw, KBS has not made a ruling. The Registrar has made an initial decision, but that is now not final pending appeal. At the same time, investigations are on-going regarding the later AGM which has received more complaints from bona fide members (nothing to do with me!).

Btw, I noted that you're from Terengganu. Maybe you should check with MAYC Terengganu's chief, Tn Hj Karim, who's also my deputy, whether I'm President or not. MAYC Terengganu still introduces me as President in its functions... or maybe certain parts of Terengganu? Oh well, we'll see... I serve at the pleasure of my supporters, not KBS and definitely not Syed Hamid!

kuyr53e said...

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Asri said...

Thanks for the reply.

Youth clubs has always been a bit of mystery to me since I have never come across any actively seeking new members. Be they MAYC, 4B, GPMS or a few other more obscure ones, I don't remember encountering any kind of membership booth or forms.

It is probably a bit late for me since I'm already 36. Not much 'youth' time left. But ever since I became aware of these clubs and also because rakan Muda started after i left sec. school, I've always kept my eye out for membership drives.

None ever existed. Last year, I even tried ABIM's online member form, but noone has contacted me abt that one too.

It seems you have to actually know someone who is already a member to be invited into these groups. And that's how I came to a 4B member, sort of.

I was talking to my UMNO branch KP, who is quite active in 4B and a few other groups (he was the one who put my name up for 4B membership btw)and I asked him about MAYC.

His view (most likely filtered down from his immediate Belia colleagues) was that you are not the president.

I want to say that it doesn't matter to me, but actually it does.

Although I am not a member, per se, i am still a youth. And have been quite pissed of watching 60 somethings Datuks and Tan Sris leading youth clubs. So the recent ruling on age limits really pleased me.

Hope to see MAYC get its bearings, and a deserving president too.

I look forward to more news on this.

p.s. Sorry you lost in the UMNO Youth exco race. On a smaller scale, i also failed to win a seat in Besut....:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the response Asri. 36 is still a 'Youth' according to the 'Akta' and the societal norms in Malaysia that consider anyone between 16-40 a 'Youth'. Actually, I'm also 36, at least till this Friday :-)

I am also of the school of thought that we should allow people of older ages to be MEMBERS of Youth clubs, much as they do in Japan, as the problem we have with clubs tend to be funding, a problem much resolved with the presence of older more affluent members. However, it is essential that the LEADERS be young, as the activities should be Youth-driven.

This is the way it still is in Japan, and even Malaysia until the turn of the century, when the Youth act had to be introduced to force older folk from growing roots in Youth club leadership! MAYC was not alone suffering this malaise, and worse still, some olders just stick around and treat youth clubs just as a political platform more than anything!

However ambitious a politician may be and however potent a youth club could be as a platform, a youth leader should not forget their primary responsibility is to the members of the youth club in ensuring the club prospers under his/her leadership, not the other way around! Unfortunately, some do forget...

Anyway, interesting to hear your KP's views - not relevant really as it is a view from a 4B member, but I am finding differing views in 4B as well about me, some treat me as MAYC President, some don't. I think in part it depends on allies and rivals in youth activities too. Your KP may be closer to those who are pro-Syed Hamid. No matter...

Sorry also for your own small loss in Besut. Glad it hasn't put you off. We have to continue to bother... else the world will go to the dogs if good people do nothing...

Asri said...

I just backed the right candidate for Div. KP. That's all.....

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