Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing Nyanyak's Aces!

Today is a big day! OK, it is already a big day being one of this blogger's son's 8th birthday. However the same son woke this bloggers up early this morning declaring he wants to go for his first gift, a chess tournament today, where for the first time we will contest as a family team!

The photo above showcases the team as it stands now, with this blogger as team Manager and 'all-round' Ayah! The team's name, Nyanyak's Aces, is in honour of the all sacrificing Nyanyak of course! She has had to stay home to take care of our 'pelapis', but will join us for lunch.

Not sure if we would win anything, but we looked smug in the photo as at least we know we won't be last having won that (second) round. Points will be hard to come by after this with so many strong players! And the team manager sees this as a big day being the first Chess Tournament I've played in after some 27 years!

Hope I don't drag my kids down!

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