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Is Anwar Ibrahim A Zionist Agent?

My piece Antara Dua KJ,, seems to have engendered quite a lot of interest, but not of the sort I expected... ah the wonders of writing, especially a blog! Instead of reminding people of the existence of another dangerous KJ lurking in the corridors of PAS, I seem to have caused people to ask again whether Anwar is really a Zionist or a Zionist Agent.

Since Anwar is now claiming that he's going to be the next PM, I see it as my civic duty to present some observations:

1) Anwar's Very Close To The Poster Boy Of Zionist Interests In The Bush Era, Paul Wolfowitz:
  • Wolfowitz, whilst building a love-nest as World Bank Chief, also appointed Anwar as an officer of the World Bank to channel development funds into the tsunami hit Acheh region.

  • Before you say this is because Wolfowitz thought Anwar was 'competent', remember how Wolfowitz has a habit of appointing his chums into World Bank positions - one being a girl-chum, resulting in his sacking!

  • Wolfowitz's close freindship with Anwar was captured on a photo of their meeting in Germany soon after Anwar's surgery circulated widely in the Middle-East. This made Pak-Pak Arab feel quite angry towards Anwar.

  • And if I may quote wikipedia,"In an interview on the BBC Hardtalk program after his release from prison, Anwar admitted to his friendship with Paul Wolfowitz, the former US deputy Secretary of Defence and former World Bank President." Read for yourself:

2) Anwar is famously lauded for having been a visiting lecturer and speaker at Johns Hopkins University among other US and European universities that are also hotbeds of intellectual zionism. Of course, it could be because Anwar is such an expert in his field... not sure what it is exactly outside of politics... Or maybe he's not a zionist, but a friend of the Skull and Bones, you know, Bush's 'club', that also have such strong influence over these institutions.

Interestingly, over the course of the election campaign Anwar disappeared for a while to Singapore, supposedly due to a commitment to lecture there which he 'could not get out of'. Rubbish lah, have you ever heard of anyone saying campaigning for a national election is an unacceptable reason to be excused from an overseas commitment? So why did Anwar really have to visit a Zionist-inclined state's institution in the middle of an election? Money? Instructions?

3) For a person who was out of work for 9 years (being in prison and all), Anwar sure has a lot of money! Not only has his family been living quite well, he's even able to fund his own party, PKR! So where is all this money coming from? We know the guy is not earning from a regular high-paying job; he's even stopped lecturing at those prestigious universities mentioned at 2)! 3 possibilities:

  1. He was corrupt before, so corrupt that he had enough money to sustain a political party for 10 years, on top of his family commitments and even flying all over the world! So, if he was corrupt and PKR's struggle is being funded by the fruits of his past corruption, does it make sense to think of him as a 'saviour' from corruption in our land? We thought we had a 'Mr Clean' once before, see what happened!
  2. He's using money from Arab contributors. Arab contributors? Hahahahaha! This was what Anwar claimed in the past too! OK, lets take this theory at its word, so, Arabs are paying for his political struggle. Are you comfortable with a PM funded by Arabs Mr DAP and Mr Hindraf?
  3. He's getting money from the Zionist West. Why the Zionist West, why not just the West? Because the cold war is over, and since then, the only westerners funding dissidents outside of China, especially in Muslim countries, are Zionist organisations pursuing the "New World Order", whether they by Israeli, American or British Zionists.

I am of course ignoring the possibility of a local fund-source for PKR as I tend to think no one but Daim could possibly have that much money, except for Anwar of course as per 1. above. So, do you prefer to believe Anwar was SO corrupt at the high risk of him still being so, or believe he is still a puppet of his old Arab masters, however unlikely, or that he's a Zionist?

4) By far the most damning observation of Anwar's Zionist tendencies is how he has always been a favoured Muslim leader of the Zionist press. This stretches to even before he was removed from UMNO and was a point of criticism by many of his current allies in PAS! In fact, there is sufficient distrust in PAS of Anwar for there to be hope I would say.

Surely Anwar's hero status among the Zionist press worldwide, in good times and bad, is indicative of the possibility that he is an agent of their interests? Else, why would they continue to bother with him after his fall? This also explains his non-committal stance on many things in the foreign press.

I have of course happily stayed away from the more fringe ideas to support the theory that Anwar is a Zionist, such as how PKR's 'black eye' symbol looks distrubingly like the 'eye of Zion'. I've also chosen not to highlight Anwar's willingness to succumb to the IMF during the Asian Crisis or on his past poor ministerial performance, e.g. the RM9 Billion forex loses during his time.

Nevertheless, we really should be asking these and other questions to re-discover who Anwar really is, especially if he continues to claim he is close to becoming our next PM! For the key question would then be, do we really want Anwar Ibrahim as our PM? Brrrrrr....


Unknown said...

hogwash, if anwar is a zionist agent then mahathir is mother theresa

Unknown said...

While surfing the net to get my dose of the blog jokes, I saw this entry. Well, I was interested in what you wrote. Then I checked the website and saw the owner of the blog and what he has been writing. Credibility somehow seemed low and honesty was missing according to mu thinking which can be right or wrong though the truth never gets submerged even under deluge. What I saw were innuendos, character assassination, illogical input and outright lies that probably can be used to soothe toddlers.

Please note that I will try to be neutral as much as I can and try to be honest much the same despite my own shortcomings. Also note that my argument is not in defence of Anwar the person but a reply and a general answer from both political and Islamic point of view in relation to the Jewish Issue and other points that you have raised.

Before I answer whether Anwar Ibrahim is a Zionist or not, (seems you don’t know what Zionism is in the 1st place), I want you to know that Jews as a people are part of God's creation. Allah SW condemns unbelieving Jews much as He condemns unbelieving Malays. Your closeness to Allah (SW) is decided by your own Taqwa and belief more than it is decided by your own allegiance to UMNO or Mahatir or your belonging to the Malay Community. That said, to be friends with Jews, to marry from them or to live with them is neither disliked by Islam nor prohibited by it. Having known that; let me address your innuendo in a number of points.

1. You said Anwar was close to the “Poster Boy of the Zionists”: Wolfowitz and therefore he is a Zionist. This is like saying someone has been infected with AIDS simply that he has touched a person with AIDS. It is a scandalous claim that defies logic and reason. First of all, to be a friend with a Jew doesn’t make you a bad person. The problem does not lie in making friends or alliances; the issue has to deal with taking allies against Muslims. You should know that. There was a day the Prophet (pbuh) was sitting and then the casket of a Jew passed by, the Prophet (pbuh) stood up. His Companions asked him why did he stand up to respect the casket of the Jew who was his enemy and he fought him once; the Prophet (pbuh) answered: "Isn’t it a soul?” In other words, respecting Jews like any other human being is a must.

2. There is this question: is there is any wrong in your friend being a Jew? No! That asked, there is nothing more important in engaging your enemies today. There is nothing greater than talking to your enemy and making him understand your case. Standing there and insulting people doesn’t help us. This is why Tun Mahatir paid millions through a Republican Jewish lobbyist who is today serving his sentence for corruption in order to meet Bush for 30 minutes and take our case to him and make him understand our point of view. If he (Bush) doesn’t know, you don’t expect him to change his hostile stand or tone down his violent rhetoric. Gentle lecture and tête-à-tête discussion is both Islamic and logical at this age and time. The Prophet’s wife Aisha’ (RA) urged dialogue and restraint saying that the Prophet (pbuh) has said: “Allah loves kindness and gentle approach to all issues and cases.”

3. You can’t deny that Anwar is “competent” as you pointed out. Only that you did shut your heart and it became constricted. The reason you gave in relation to the man who has appointed him is puerile. The Photo is not an issue. Would Tun Mahatir meeting Soros as he did be an issue? Absolutely not! For you Tun paying millions from our taxes to a Zionist lobbist is not an issue because you are not driven by objectivity. Pliz note that I don't object to Tun Mahatir meeting Zionists or paying them to get Bush's ears. We need that otherwise our enemies will get his ears. But I'm pointing to the irony.

4. Having said something being a friend with a Jew or a non-Muslim, let me look at Arab-Anwar relation. First of all, Anwar has good relations with the overwhelming leadership of the Arab world. However, for me, that doesn’t point to any significance. Arabs today are their own enemies. Anwar is still close to many Arab leaders but what does it signify? Nothing! Only in 2007, he has met at least 6 Arab leaders and quite a dozen of Arab foreign ministers. But does that mean anything? In the Muslim world, he is quite popular. But does popularity in the Muslim world guarantee any good for anyone? Anwar also is close to non-Arab Muslim leaders including Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and both Indonesian current President and immediate President. In fact, they (Turkish leaders) invited him to Istanbul one week after their crushing victory last year. Indonesians call him "Pak Anwar". Mahatir even didn’t build close relations with Muslims. He concentrated on ASEAN. However, that doesn’t help me or Muslims. What helps us are the institutions (Judiciary, police, civil society, free media, etc) a Muslim leader leaves behind. Even the unborn knows where Malaysia is today in regard to the said institutions form the bedrock of any strong nation.

5. You call the John Hopkins University a “hotbed of intellectual Zionism” simply because Anwar lectured in it. What a pity. God the Almighty! You remind me Prophet Shu’aib's (As) people. The Prophet was good. However because of the hate they had for him, they rejected his message. Then he cried to them saying: “O my people, your hatred to me shouldn’t make you fail in taking my message.” In this case, your hatred to Anwar is not only making you a child but blind at the same time. First of all, there is nothing true in what you said in this instance. Secondly, if a University becomes a “Zionist” because either the person you hate lectures in it or that it may have a Jew Professor, then you need to know that 35% of Noble receivers are Jews while Muslims constitute 0.2%. They work hard and excel in education. I remember Chief Rabbi of Israel saying last year: “You [Jews] have no future or strength without education” In Malaysia, we chase every professor who doesn't pussyfoot the PM. And you know which PM ISA-ed a record number of Malaysian lecturers and suffocated them and under which Minister of Education was the Malaysian University students banned from politics and social activism. A friend of mine who is a medical doctor is from that University. It is an excellent university and you can do a Masters or PHD research in Islamic Studies, Arabic Language or Islamic Jurisprudence if you need. They offer such programmes. Honestly speaking and with due respect, your argument is pathetic. Even if you want to scare someone, you need to be smart lest people laugh at you.

On why Anwar or any other person lectured, remember, in the US, the Universities compete to get world leaders including dictators to lecture in their Universities. They invite everybody from Ahmadinejad to Mugabe to increase their profile and get valuable lessons on the particular subject the lecturer lectures on. You must know that this is why they are ranked the top because the profile of the lecturers counts for 40% in ranking. Doing my masters (2004) at Boston University, I remember we had 7 Presidents/Prime ministers from Africa, Latin America and Asia lecturing at the University.

6. You asked where does Anwar get money from "since he has no job". Then you insinuated that he is being funded by Jews. As a believing Muslim, the worst you can engage is insinuation. Pliz take note of that. Anwar has multiple jobs. He did mention that he still remains with the Universities where he was lecturing (The Sun Interview) and that he intends to resign in the coming weeks. He also sits in the boards of Bahrain Islamic Finance, Qatari Muslim-West Dialogue where Dr. Qaradawi also serves as Deputy Head, Islamic Development Bank and other Boards. That’s a lot of money. But if you want to help him, I think that’s being a nice Muslim. (No pun intended).

.7 You said Anwar was corrupt and even lashed at his family. God is Great. My dear brother, why not proceed to the ACA and lodge complaint against him? If he is corrupt, why not produce the evidence? Does Islam (don’t look at Anwar pliz) allow you to accuse someone without hard evidence? May be hate as I mentioned earlier and political expediency is making you fail to open your heart and relieve it. You have the choice my brother. You said PKR is funded by his past corruption, evidence pliz? It is a simple Islamic requirement since you are using Islam to demonize a fellow Muslim.

8. You said he is using Arab money and then doubted it. Earlier you said Arabs were angry with him. Is it intellectual penury or mental lethargy and crisis? Again: evidence pliz. Remember, Islam can’t be a tool you can use for expediency here unless you are a hypocrite. I’m being simple and not complex otherwise it will be a different question. On the question of Anwar going to Singapore, he attended a “Management Consultancy Conference” held in Singapore for one day and campaigned at the same night he has returned from Singapore in Batu for Tian Chua and Titiwangsa for Dr. Lo’lo Ghazali of PAS. You see, there is difference between the inferiority of the Malays and how Singapore overtook us in broad daylight and us lambasting Singapore. We have what it takes to be better than Singapore and greater than it. Dr. Mahatir made us hate Singapore to distract us from comparing Malaysia with them and making parallel between the two countries as he went on rampage to kill our institutions starting from the judiciary. Sir, that’s political makeshift and utter failure if not inferiority and outright jealousy. When you say Anwar had to take instructions from Zionists in Singapore, does it take to go to Singapore to do that? Why are you so naïve my dear? Or your mind is naïve? Remember what France Anatole famously quipped: “It is well for the heart to be naïve, and for the mind not to be.”

9. Then you went on to try everything under the sun and gasconaded that the “Zionist West” is funding him. My dear, there is difference between mere talking and substance. To say something is different from saying the truth and ascertaining it. When you just accuse people, the concept of morality and conscience is missing and Islam is definitely far from such abode. If you tell me: “Oh….I heard it, yes, I heard it. It is there…” I need evidence. Otherwise my answer will be the Quran: “O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people in ignorance, and then be sorry for what you have done.” (Hujraat 49: 06). If you have no evidence, tangible evidence, and nothing but mere accusations and innuendos, wouldn’t you be what Allah SW instructs Muslims to reject? “And do not obey any despicable man, ready with oaths, a slanderer, going among the people with calumnies.” (Al-Qalam: 10-11) Also The Prophet (pbuh) said: “The most evil among Allah's servants are those who go about spreading gossip dividing those who love each other and desiring to defame those who are innocent.' (Reported by Ahmad)”

Looking at your level of hatred, anger and the brazen lies and insinuation you engage and make with no single evidence or resemblance of it, I would advise you to read: The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, by prominent Muslim scholar, Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. I intend nothing but good.

10.You said I have disregarded “local financiers” for PKR. Why? Or the conspiracy theory doesn’t sound (taste) sweet with local flavour? Though I have assisted no one and voted for no one (Allah is my witness), at least I have seen 4 PKR candidates begging their constituents through ceramahs for financial help. Ironically, all of them but one (Chegubard) won. The message is different from money. It seems that you have tasted UMNO’s money and that you believe everyone must be oiled to vote since no voter acts with conscience (I’m sorry if you are hurt) but your language points to such understating.

That’s a diseased mentality my dear. Also PKR didn’t have many leaders going round like UMNO. It was only Anwar going round. How much does one need to go to Kelantan or Kuatan? Dr. Syed Husin was in office. Dr. Azizah didn’t leave Penang and that’s it. The rest were simply tied to their constituencies to campaign day and night. Where a PKR candidate stood, DAP and PAS helped with their machinery and vice versa since there was no competition between the 3 parties. You need to digest that.

11.You insinuated that the PKR eye logo is the “eye of Zion”. I don’t think you need to be so naïve to concoct such heartrending and intellectually handicapped hogwash that even draws sympathy rather than anger or laughter. I swear it is utterly cheap and infantile. Everyone knows where the eye symbol came from. (The Black Eye infamy). On your question of us (Malaysians) asking ourselves whether Anwar should be the PM or not, may be Andre Gide’s saying services: “Hate is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” Sir, we know what we do, when and why. But I believe you too have everyright to believe in what you should do. Only that whether you can win over anyone is a different matter.

Finally, there is ONE question you need to ask yourself: are PKR members naïve, stupid, illogical, childish, irreligious, evil, un-Islamic, unjust, ungodly, unlearned, inexperienced, misinformed, manipulated, and so on for them to betray Islam the faith of Muhammad (pbuh) and also serve Islam’s enemies? So it is you alone or the few who support your idol who have an agreement with God to use Islam to demonize others? It reminds me the Utusan double campaign. One one hand, they say Anwar is a Malay nationalist and a conservative Muslim to scare non-Muslims and on another, they say he has betrayed Malays. What a stupid campaign that boomerangs. Do you think PKR Malay members don’t understand that they have graves and appointments with Allah SW their Creator? My advice to you my brother is that you need to tone down and be honest with yourself. Your loyalty to certain parties shouldn’t fail you because at the end of day, you are one. It is the concept of Jahiliyyah where someone easily consumes all lies and spreads them without asking himself critical questions. I have talked from an honest point of view, be it political, religious or logical. Whether you want to accept them or not, you are free! I will appreciate if you disagree with me and answer me in the same forum so that others can benefit from it (insha Allah).

Cheers and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think to answer the question this blogger raised: "Is Anwar Ibrahim A Zionist Agent?", I think I will paste some writings that I have wrote in another blog. There was a sparring debate between me and a less informed, duped Mahatirite in Dato' K.Jasin's blog. The answers were in 3 parts but I condensed them here and also edited to be properly answer to the question and also for clarity. Some of the things that I have wrote in Jasin's blog included:

The saga of Anwar vs Mahatir and how Anwar was pinned down in 1998 can only be captured by Chinua Achebe in his acclaimed book: A Man of the People which he wrote 45 years ago. By then, Anwar was in High School. The author of the book is a Nigerian intellectual of immense knowledge and unparalleled literature critic. The African icon talked about politics of demonization and character assassination in relation to nations, their colonial powers in the then emerging Africa which has gained independence in the early sixties.

The writer wrote the book in the wake of Africa’s independence where close to 35 countries have gained independence in the early sixties simultaneously. By then, the most important thing was independence. Africans were happy to have chased out the whites and reclaimed Africa. They hated any African who collaborated with the Whites by then. A traitor he was called. Te writer however wasn’t happy because as he captured in his epic book, the new African leadership will cause misery, pain, corruption, nepotism, greed and suffering. They will do worse than the chased out Whites. In order to sustain themselves, the writer foresaw all evils and machinations. By then, what he wrote didn’t happen but he jsut prophesized it. However, in the same year that he has published his book in 1966, what he wrote happened almost in a prophetic way.

Achebe wrote that whenever an African leader will feel the heat of a strong leader in his government, and that he can’t remove him through popular vote or casual sacking; his only method will be to blackmail him and relate him to foreign powers and accuse him of treason. Remember, Africans were happy to have gained independence; so anyone who was accused of treason was a villain and cursed. This was when Tunku was the PM by the way. The book has no relation to Malaysia but it talked about how desperate leaders will handle tough competitors ruthlessly.

Ironically, the book gives a fictional example of how such leaders will handle their worthy competitors. In the book set up, there is a powerful PM and a powerful and popular Finance Minister. Chinua writes that the PM instructs the Finance Minister to “salvage” some companies as he needs to woo voters for the next elections and also as he has shares in those companies. Typically what Mahatir did to Anwar; albeit Mahatir wanting to salvage his sons’ companies.

However, the Finance Minister declines that order saying it will harm the nation since there was a economic recession and that the economy couldn’t sustain such a venture. The PM is enraged and he moves against his powerful and popular Finance Minister. He sacks him and his close friends on one night. The next day people come to the streets and protest saying the Finance minister was a good man. Knowing that he can’t convince people easily; the PM resorts to treason charges. He addresses the nation and even sheds tears in live coverage accusing his Finance Minister “of working with foreign saboteurs to destroy the nation.” The media is government controlled (typically Malaysia) and they do the spinning.

Many people buy the PM’s story and even start blaming the Finance minister whom they regarded as good yesterday. The Finance Minister is jailed, his hand broken and his house raided. (What happened to Anwar) and his close companions create a new party. It is after a long struggle that the people come to know the truth, after the PM’s government is overthrown by the military due to excesses, cronyism and corruption. Prophetically, this happened in Nigeria in 1966 and the book was nicknamed: The Prophetic Book. The writer was even jailed briefly and he fled the nation later.

In our context, this is what has happened in Malaysia. Mahatir knew Malays hated Jews since they mistreat the Palestinians and knowing that Anwar was a man of grassroots and a Malay nationalist who was also more mannered than he was and who probably has the best wife and children given to any male Malay political leader today, he had to accuse Anwar of working with the Jews to destroy Malaysia. I have never seen a more prophetic incident than what Chinua Achebe wrote in his book. However, in Malaysia, there is no military takeover but people’s takeover. What Mahatir did to Anwar is what Chinua Achebe explained in his time immemorial book.

The fact remains Anwar is far the most loyal and lovely son of Malaysia. Only that he is smarter than his Malay contemporaries by being a go getter politician who has extensive networks and foreign knowledge to know how to market himself and Malaysia. His competitors and UMNO warlords lack that finesse, so they resort to character assassination and base accusations. Thank God that we came along way as a nation to know much. They say Anwar works with Jews. Absolutely there is nothing he did nor has cheated anyone. However, working with Jews is neither a crime nor an anti-Islam undertaking in the first place. Our Prophet (pbuh) did work with them and did marry from them. Talking to your enemy, engaging your enemy, learning your enemy, outmaneuvering and befriending your enemy for both tactical and strategic reasons and humanistic reasons are measures that can only be taken by few chosen and highly intelligent men and women. The unfortunate thing however, is that some poor Malays and intellectually handicapped elements like you engage in flimsy issues for personal greed and grandstanding thinking that Malays are living in the past. It is interesting that Mahatir has to pay millions in order to have a photo with Bush through Jewish lobby and accuse others of treason simply that they are more influential than him. Pathetic. Understand, I support him meeting Bush, because we need to make him understand us and our issues. Talking to your enemy is the character of Muhammad (pbuh) and it should be done always. But I'm simply laughing at the irony.

Mahatir destroyed our institutions because he wanted to be an institution himself. Israel is strong today for one reason: good institutions. Israel's chief enemy Hassan Nasarallah of Hezbollah said last year: “I love Israel for one reason: Israel is a nation that draws its strength from its institutions and that’s why it wins because no Israeli leader can elevate himself above the interests of the nation for personal gain. But Muslim leaders always want to the institutions themselves and we always lose.” We have lost because Tun wants to be declared a semi-god. He dropped Ku Li, dropped Hitam, dropped Baba, dropped Anwar, dropped Pak Lah, dropped (now) Najib. He made Tunku cry and die outside UMNO. Tun Hussein Onn will die outside UMNO because of the brutal regime of Mahatir. It tells you a lot. Yes, Mahatir should criticize everybody or anything, but on one condition: that he accepts his humanness, his weaknesses and his failures. Otherwise, his crave for "angel" status doesn't exist on earth. It was the Prophet (pbuh) who has said: "May Allah have mercy on a man who appreciates his own shortcomings." But for Tun, all are evil, bad, Jewish, useless, corrupt except him and his children. Even Muhammad (pbuh) is against that diseased egoistic mentality.

Anonymous said...

I hope Rashid Abdullah will not mind as I have used some of his input and examples (above)for clarity as I edited my earlier piece to assert some points.


Amuraria said...

another hardcore umno/bn goon ! visit here for the real friends of zionist :
show evidence man !

YeeBody said...

Rashid Abdullah's excellent response summarises of what I subscribe.
On matters of receiveing fund, Anwar must have used the Kelantan voters' stance:
"Bagi gula kacau, Bagi kain pakai, Pangkah?.. biar mimpi puak2 dia hok agah kecai berderai"

BadmintonFamily said...

Bro Rashid Abdullah,

Thank you for your piece. I hope those UMNO junkies and especially this blog owner will come down to earth and realized how immature they are.

They are such an embarassment to the ummah.


Unknown said...

As you claim you are a muslim, I am sure you understand the meaning of "fitna"

New UMNOputra Zealot. Trying to project himself.

James said...

The term Zionist is misleading.
Obviously you have not really got to studying about the real happenings in the world.
I have studied the real perpetrators of world hegemony or world domination, since 2002.
All Christians can be considered Zionists as we are looking to stay in Zion (New Jerusalem - the City of God), not the present corrupt Jerusalem, but the divine City made by God.
It's the Illuminati that's have always been calling the shots.
Too long to tell in this comment.
They should not be called Zionists but Satanists, who is out ot control the whole world. But there are 'Zionists' who are with them. Illuminati/Zionists want to make the present Jerusalem their capital. A lot of Jews are not Zionists. The Illuminati are now blaming the Jews as they want to create problems whereby the Muslims will attack the Jews. Then the Jews will retaliate and the cycle begins as in the Middle East now.
Now Anwar been mixing with the wrong crowd - Paul Wolfowitz is a high ranking Illuminst of the Illuminati so are the Clintons, Bushes, so are all the candidates f or the US Presidential elections.
These people are so powerful that they now control everthing in USA, Britain, Europe soon SEA?
S'pore is a strong supporter of the Illuminati, so is Phippines, Indonesia have no choice because of IMF debts - see how many of their own citizens are found guilty of terrorism.
In my blog:
Anwar Ibrahim – is he with the world conspirators?
I have said that Anwar maybe an agent of the Illuminati, it is not confirmed.
Maybe you can confirm that, but pls do not use the term Zionist.

Izzat Nizam said...

Dear Sir,

You already have 5 kids and still write things like this (allegations without concrete proof)?

You know, I may be at the age of one of your kids but honestly, I am ashamed to have you as someone whom I should call a grown-up father.

It is true all of should not trust Anwar Ibrahim 100%. Yes we should be careful with whoever that we deal with, but going to the extent of saying that he is a Zionist agent? This is just too much.

I know conspiracy theories make such a good read compared to the normal ongoings, but please Sir, you have to be kidding us to say that with 5 children you still have such an interest to believe in conspiracy theories (or even start one up)?

If you're saying that Anwar is a Zionist Agent, that's the same as saying his wife and daughter are also Zionist agents because they all fought for the same cause this past election.

And saying that Datin Seri Wan Azizah as a supporter of a Zionist agent? If you believe in this, then I suggest that you should put up another special post to convince people how a devil Datin Seri Wan Azizah is (You probably want to exaggerate a little bit on that one too)

Good luck in your holy "civic duty", or what I call "The UMNO version of Fitna"

irfan said...

Oh My God.

Rashid Abdullah's explaination is superb!!!
Damn this blogger ought to close it's blog after reading Rashid Abdullah's reply!
Blogger ni memang just shows that the blogger's knowledge and intellectual level are very LOW! Ilmu takder dan IQ rendah!


Thank you Dr. Rashid..

Yap said...

To Rashid Abdullah.

You have my highest respect. It is nice to read an intellectual reply. Certainly the blogger has alot to learn from you.

Thank You Sir.

rosso said...

Ha Ha Ha. You are really pathetic. What a pitiful sorry state of mind you must have; your article clearly shows the shallowness of your thinking and arguments and you think you cam convince readers of your assertion ? In fact you have achieved the very opposite effect !! You must be some dumd ass !

Amir Hamzah said...

(Excuse me for this!)

I still do not understand why such prominence is given to bull**** written by a confused idiot like you.

You are left to corroborate your arguments against Anwar by virtue of mere suspicions and baseless accusations.

Do not be a wise ass by apologising Anwar is not a 'Jewish Puppet' but instead a "Zionist Puppet'. Why don't I label you as a confused ass***e and see what you say about that?

I suggest that you contemplate using concrete facts and proof in order to safeguard your waning credibility and to evade your uselessness in argumentation.

Maybe it was how you were brought up by your family, or maybe it is due to your confused and stubborn affilitation with UMNO? either way I still do not understand your logic and the way you spread fitnah against Anwar's family which is simply disgusting.

Maybe for some reason or another you get high on hammering Anwar. I suggest you go and screw yourself to death you sick idiot.

Anonymous said...

2. There is this question: is there is any wrong in your friend being a Jew? No! That asked, there is nothing more important in engaging your enemies today. There is nothing greater than talking to your enemy and making him understand your case. Standing there and insulting people doesn’t help us. This is why Tun Mahatir paid millions through a Republican Jewish lobbyist who is today serving his sentence for corruption in order to meet Bush for 30 minutes and take our case to him and make him understand our point of view. If he (Bush) doesn’t know, you don’t expect him to change his hostile stand or tone down his violent rhetoric. Gentle lecture and tête-à-tête discussion is both Islamic and logical at this age and time. The Prophet’s wife Aisha’ (RA) urged dialogue and restraint saying that the Prophet (pbuh) has said: “Allah loves kindness and gentle approach to all issues and cases.”

I quite agree with rashid. Yeah......sometimes i dun understand why people hate so much Zionist. is it they are Jews? what's wrong become Jews? They are human too.....maybe for certain people bcoz they conquered the land of palestine. But i dun see anything wrong wit that bcoz for them, read my lips carefully, for THEM the palestine is their land according to their scriptures. If they believe in it, we can't do anything just like we believe in our scripture like Bible or Al-Quran. plz dun too discriminate people my frens. dun hate people just because they are Jews. God loves everyone despite what race he is...

p/s: I'm not Jews. I'm normal malaysian.

Azrin said...

Firts they said he was they say he is zionist agent. Wow, i've never met a gay zionist agent before in my life. I guess we would be lucky to have this kind of people in Malaysia. Ada category kosong in the Malaysian Book of Records? I wonder wat next...anwar is an alien??

Unknown said...

Izzat Nizam wrote: "And saying that Datin Seri Wan Azizah as a supporter of a Zionist agent?"

Dear Izzat, thank you for raising this question. In both the Islamic context and Eastern (Muslim societies) understanding, a man is defined by his wife. When Prophet Ibrahim (As) meets his son's wives and one complains while the other shows patience and grace, Prophet Ibrahim (as) orders his son to divorce the wife who lacks finesse and grace. The reason? A man is defined by his wife. On the other hand, the Prophet (as) instructs his son to strengthen the relationship with his gracious wife. Reason: A man is gracious only if his wife is one.

There was a day when Omar Ibn Khattab (ra) refused to appoint a Governer to a given area. The reason was that his wife wasn't gracious but the man was. Omar stated that a man can only be good if his wife is good otherwise no man can succeed if his wife is bad, tempremental, greedy or "botox and shopping" crazy like in modern day. (UMNO leaders' wives).

I want to challenge Ubaidah to honestly and without prejudice and ill feeling to state a single Malay woman who comes close to Dr. Azizah in grace, good, character, restraint, aura, beauty, Islamic identity, her children's Islamic upbringing and her less interest in wild shopping and botox, UMNO leaders wives' craze.

A man is his wife. That's why the Prophet (pbuh) admitted almost while in tears that he was defined by Khadija Ummul-Mu'minin. Without glancing at Anwar and with all honesty, Dr. Azizah is the single most gracious and God-fearing Malay leader and also the wife of a Malay male leader. Sir, this is the only leader that I know who wakes up in the wee-hours of the night to submit to her Creator and the only thing you can afford is to smear her. "Shall We treat those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, the same as those who do mischief on earth? Shall We treat those who guard against evil, the same as those who turn aside from the right?" (Quran 38: 28)

Unless you are driven by jealousy or hate, you will admit it. Your medicine to hate or jealousy can come from the soothing words of the Prophet (pbuh) who has said that whenever we find someone who is better than us, we should convince ourselves that we are better than others. At least, console yourself that way. May Allah SW have mercy on all. Amin!

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for your comments! I actually found it quite funny how so many 'Anwaristas' chose to read my question,"Is Anwar a Zionist Agent?" as if it were an accusation or statement of fact!

In any case, I am glad to have at least put a question out there that engenders such passion, one of many that should be persistently asked as Anwar continues to claim that he is to be the next PM.

I mean, I haven't even asked the question of whether Anwar is competent enough to be PM yet, and Anwaristas like Rashid Abdullah are already being defensive about it! Makes one wonder really... ;)

And as the late great MGG Pillai used to challenge those asking him for proof - prove me wrong!

In the end, I just humbly observe... and we must really ask mustn't we as the Rakyat, do we REALLY want Anwar Ibrahim to be the next PM? Really?

Unknown said...

when anwar is in yayasan anda, he is nationalist.
then anwar is in ABIM, he is Islam
then he move into UMNO, he is malay
next he got sacked, he got mixed up with Islam and malaysian malaysia. latest, anwar is with HINDRAF.

we know lim kit siang, he is malaysian malaysia to the core. we all know nik aziz, he is islam to the core. we know mahathir, he is ultramalay to the core.

anwar? we dont really know who he is. he change his ideology every few years. do we REALLY want this type of person to be the next PM?

ubaidah is right, there is something not making sense with anwar. where exactly did anwar get the money to fund himself since his sacking? the legal fees (9 lawyers remember?), the world traveling, the party fund, the election campaign fund. where?

lets just look at PKR recent election campaign. lets just take the number of PKR flag as an example. lets just take RM1 per flag. in my constituency alone (DUN), there is AT LEAST 10000 PKR flag. imagine the whole nation. and guess what, even a DAP contested constituencies, there is PKR flag flying around. and i'm talking only about the flags, i have not counted in the posters, the mass gatherings, the huge banners, etc. yes, even one 10x3 feet banner cost close to RM100.

and i'm not saying all PKR candidate sengkek with cashflow. i know a few who are really rich. but not everyone. fine. but to fund a party machinery in the whole country need millions! if u dont believe me, try to fight as an independent candidate if you get the chance and see how much money u need JUST to become independent candidate at a single constituency.

and remember, PKR has contested in 3 general election since anwar sacking.

so, where did he got all the damn money?

regarding his association with the zionist. what i dont understand is this. thousands of moslems gets slaughtered in some parts of the world, but the west dont give a shit. but why is it they give a damn about 1 moslems name anwar? what is so important about him?

william cohen is associated with anwar
james rubin is associated with anwar.
dick cheney is associated with anwar.
paul wolfowitz is in GOOD TERMS with anwar.
madeline albright pays a personal visit to wan azizah during APEC meetings during reformasi days.

these are powerfull ppl that dont give a shit about thousands of other muslims who get bomb and shot at, but they really care about anwar. why?

Unknown said...

two questions.


1. Sukma darmawan sasmidtat madja, (anwar PET brother. lol)
2. mior abdul razak - fesyen designer to wan azizah, as well as some artist like ziana zain, siti nurhaliza. i dont know why, but most fesyen designer i see is sotong.
3. munawar anees. anwar speech writer
4) ismail harun. mior close friend.
5) azizan - wan azizah driver.
6) hairany mat nafees. anwar speech writer 2.


all of the person above act like sotong, so, what are the probabilities of someone who knows directly or indirectly the person above and at the same time all of them are sotong?


anwar is 50 plus at his time of sacking, have a beautiful wife and kids, a VERY senior minister in the government.

question, how many of you have an indonesian PET brother who is a faggot and kept in your own house for about 14 years? the best part is, you have kept him for 14 years in your house and NOBODY knows until you are sacked. why keep secret?

Old Fart said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Anwar was indeed a Zionist sympathiser who gets his inspiration from Israel?

Just look at the State of Israel which does not have any oil and the other states surrounding it. surely we would all choose to live in Israel and not jordan or Syria or Egypt or Saudi Arabia, surely. Why? Simple. You have the rule of law! Every wehre else you basically don't! Including Malaysia!

eisham said...

Everybody likes the way of rashid abdullah made comments. However,like AM Ubaidah he had nothing concrete to present his views.

Although he tried to convince other by saying "Please note that I will try to be neutral as much as I can and try to be honest much the same despite my own shortcomings. Also note that my argument is not in defence of Anwar the person but a reply and a general answer from both political and Islamic point of view in relation to the Jewish Issue and other points that you have raised", it is clearly shown otherwise. The fact, it is between pembenci dan penyokong anwar. That's all.

One thing good about Anwar's camp, if there is any attack launch to damage Anwar, his supporter will immediately launch defence or counter attack. Unlikely others.

Unknown said...

ubaidah vs me

"Wow, thanks for your comments! I actually found it quite funny how so many 'Anwaristas' chose to read my question, “Is Anwar a Zionist Agent?" as if it were an accusation or statement of fact!”

To stand and state the right thing is not loyalty to anyone unless you are accusing others of your own blind allegiance. Somalis say: “You accuse others of what actually you are.” Secondly, why you should complain that the question was answered when you demanded an answer? And why should all be Anwar supporters if people give their differing opinions which don't accept what raised here? May be they would have been "good" if they have clapped for you or agreed with your comments. People can agree with you, but on what basis? Don’t underestimate anyone! People can read between the lines and can compare notes.

"I mean, I haven't even asked the question of whether Anwar is competent enough to be PM yet, and Anwaristas like Rashid Abdullah are already being defensive about it! Makes one wonder really... ;)”

Ha ha! When you ask: should Anwar be our PM? How does the answer come? It has to be about viability and competitiveness and whether he is competent enough or not.. There is no short cut to it. The fact that we didn't answer as how you would liked doesn't render our answers illogical. Again, I repeat that I have differences with everyone including myself or my dearest mum; therefore, Anwar is not an exception. To rally to the truth or vindicate someone doesn't mean I have to be his supporter. And if I'm one, I don't think I'm stupid to make a choice.

"And as the late great MGG Pillai used to challenge those asking him for proof - prove me wrong!"

This is the height of intellectual poverty and utmost buffoonery. Where on earth did you see someone accusing another and when the accused goes to court, the accuser demands that his accused should prove him wrong. If you accuse someone, you need to have evidence. You don't ask the accused: “prove me wrong”. It is the accused who is seeking proof and not vice versa It s you to prove him wrong and silence him with the truth. God the Almighty! No wonder emotions and hallucination form the bedrock of the bunkum you perpetuate here.

"In the end, I just humbly observe... and we must really ask mustn't we as the Rakyat, do we REALLY want Anwar Ibrahim to be the next PM? Really?"

You must be commended for asking whether Anwar or any other person for that matter should be our PM. However, you should answer why he shouldn't be and you should do intelligently lest even toddlers may find your jokes not amusing. Your options and preferences too should be highlighted for people to compare notes and look at the merits and demerits of everyone.

Unknown said...

eisham wrote:

"Everybody likes the way of rashid abdullah made comments. However,like AM Ubaidah he had nothing concrete to present his views.

Although he tried to convince other by saying "Please note that I will try to be neutral as much as I can and try to be honest much the same despite my own shortcomings. Also note that my argument is not in defence of Anwar the person but a reply and a general answer from both political and Islamic point of view in relation to the Jewish Issue and other points that you have raised", it is clearly shown otherwise. The fact, it is between pembenci dan penyokong anwar. That's all.

One thing good about Anwar's camp, if there is any attack launch to damage Anwar, his supporter will immediately launch defence or counter attack. Unlikely others."

My dear brother, at least I can taste your language and can gauge many things. That said, my interest is neither personal nor political. Anwar will not defend me in the Sight of my Creator and he will neither take my position in the grave. Therefore defending Anwar blindly or hating blindly is not an intelligent Muslim does.

I have one principle and my consideration is nothing but what's stated below:

"And let not the hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety.... (Quran, 5:8)"

You may hate Anwar nothing but because for political reason where either your party, parents or family members are involved in the "opposite" side, but does that mean we have to refuse to know the truth? No. Of course, unless you either blind in hate or allegiance.

If your father is wrong and fights and wrongs someone, you tell him, " are wrong. Correct this..." You don't say, I don't care. My father benefits from UMNO and I'm happy with that. If you do that, many of us don't.

" (O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor..." (Quran 4: 135)

NB: I accept criticism and failure and take them in my stride. But I don't entertain fallacies, bad jokes, plain ignorance, blind allegiance and worst of all: Injustice.


Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do. said...

Please don't asociate yourself with ansara. You bring shame to the organisation with your stupidity.

Unknown said...

rashid abdullah.

Thank you for your persistent commenting on this blog. It does make me wish that I have as much time as you to do all this posting and indeed monitoring of my blog. You must indeed have a supportive family and good rezeki! Good for you! Are all Anwaristas as lucky as you?

However, I am keen to caution you on one matter. I do not think it is right for you to malign all the wives of UMNO leaders by saying all are crazy about shopping and botox. Whilst I understand that you consider Wan Azizah a saint, this does not make all wives of UMNO leaders what you nastily describe. Besides, Wan Azizah was once a wife of an UMNO leader too!

In addition, I do think you should stick to facts and provide proof. I just noticed that another commenter was right - you have made many comments and given many opinions, but none of them with evidence. If you wish to challenge me for proof, please provide your own. Remember, I have just asked a question and made observations, whilst you claim to have facts.

Maybe you can start by answering the first observations of the commenter Nitro who has shown that even an infant could figure out with maths on the back of an envelope that Anwar and PKR spent Tens if not Hundreds of Millions over the years Anwar was supposed to be with no income! So, where is Anwar's and PKR's income from? Zionists? Past corruption?

By the way, this over-awe you seem to have over Wan Azizah seems a little un-Islamic. If it is because she's Anwar's wife, I would advise you not to be so taksub lah of Anwar. You even ask me prove why he shouldn't be PM! As if he was PM materiel by default? Don't be so taksub lah.

evilcooler said...

Dear Ubaidah,

Since you posted your article in English, I will do so mine likewise.

For all that you have written about brother Anwar, there would have been endless accusations of him being all and sundry under the sun
in it. However I do so ask whether you are aware of all the allegations and insinuations that you have thrown against him, n pray tell us that you have facts and concrete evidences to support your arguments. Merely relying on your so-called 'evidences' of meeting people around the world and successfully funding his party's campaigns without you having the slightest idea on how he managed to do it suggest an unbelievably shallow intellectual mind at best.

Haven't you heard about people funding the cause they believed in, and havent you heard about the phrase "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? I for one believed he had all the meetings like you said, yet he knows that to simply ignore the enemy is a foolish act.

Likewise for Mahathir, for I believed the very reason he brought Anwar into UMNO was the fact that he had the foresight to see that this man is the closest thing he had in the mould of a leader and the only person he could not afford to ignore..

Stamp said...
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Stamp said...

Nitro wrote what was in my mind.

I shudder the thought of Anwar being a PM.

I dont trust him.

God help us!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

errr, wise bro rashid abdullah and evilcooler, why dun you ask Azmin Ali and Wan Azizah what they were doing by having a secret meeting with George Soros a few years back, heheh... perhaps you wise guys could enlighten us thru ur association with Bro Anwar a.k.a Pak Sheikh here on that matter,heheh...apo nak di kato..(",)

Unknown said...

my conspiracy theories,heheh

Dear Brothers in Islam, Anwar is not with the zionist but with the Illuminati, wanna know more and decide thru Anwar's foreign friends and contacts then browse on the links below.. better still do it when u really have a long free time..







No 3. will take you to a video presentation which will render you speechless, mind boggling,heheh..apo nak di kato..(",)

Unknown said...

Ubaidah wrote:

Thank you for your persistent commenting on this blog. It does make me wish that I have as much time as you to do all this posting and indeed monitoring of my blog. You must indeed have a supportive family and good rezeki! Good for you! Are all Anwaristas as lucky as you?

Ha ha ha! First of all, as I have mentioned in my 1st entry in this blog, I have stated that I have just came along this website and I have never known it and never commented on anything written it. Once I commented on the raised issue, I added that I will be happy to engage you on the issue and follow it. In fact, it is also in Malays-today, but since I have never registered, I couldn’t comment on it. Therefore, that engagement continues otherwise I have nothing special here. I don't need to monitor your blog. Why should I? For what? About what? On what? By what law? By what justice? Your desperate attempt to connect us all to Anwar and purporting that you are busy looking for income while we are a marauding horde is a miserable try to divert attention or seek consolation at best. Be assured that no one will demand anything from you. At least I'm of the country scavenging for my Rezeki. (Not working for Soros. Ok. Ha ha ha ha).

However, I am keen to caution you on one matter. I do not think it is right for you to malign all the wives of UMNO leaders by saying all are crazy about shopping and botox. Whilst I understand that you consider Wan Azizah a saint, this does not make all wives of UMNO leaders what you nastily describe. Besides, Wan Azizah was once a wife of an UMNO leader too!

I don't need to and will never malign anyone. I'm sorry if a person feels maligned wrongly because of me. That will be wrong and I accept my failure. However, I haven't targeted all UMNO leadership. When I mentioned UMNO leaders’ wives, I was referring to the top echelons and not the Class-F contractors’ wives.

In addition, I do think you should stick to facts and provide proof. I just noticed that another commenter was right - you have made many comments and given many opinions, but none of them with evidence. If you wish to challenge me for proof, please provide your own. Remember, I have just asked a question and made observations, whilst you claim to have facts.

Have you turned defensive? Are you now going for a different route? What facts should I provide? Give me an instance in which I was supposed to have provided proofs as if I have claimed anything. Sir, lest you forget, I was answering your rants and not that I have started the game. Get it. Concerning Nitro, look at the bunkum he writes, do you expect me to answer him? He should provide me with meat, and then I can engage, otherwise I don't bandy words with every gun for hire who doesn’t know him aim, to complicate matters.

Maybe you can start by answering the first observations of the commenter Nitro who has shown that even an infant could figure out with maths on the back of an envelope that Anwar and PKR spent Tens if not Hundreds of Millions over the years Anwar was supposed to be with no income! So, where is Anwar's and PKR's income from? Zionists? Past corruption?

Sir, who claimed this? That Anwar and PKR spent millions? Me? Or your fellow? Let him provide me with the accounts for the expenditure and all that stuff. Then I will answer it. I don't get fascinated by hallucinations and wishful thinking for the sake of it.

By the way, this over-awe you seem to have over Wan Azizah seems a little un-Islamic.

Un-Islamic? How? I'm not puzzled because certain fellows use Islam as an albatross for tribal politics and also for their own expediency to an extent that they judge whether someone is a Muslim or not. May be Class-F contractors will soon demand that non-UMNO Malays be stopped from using the word: Allah. That's a nefarious culture. Anyway, state how Dr. Azizah is un-Islamic! If it came from someone else, I would have rebuffed it easily, but coming from your calibre, it may be an advantage itself.

You even ask me prove why he shouldn't be PM! As if he was PM materiel by default? Don't be so taksub lah.

Desperation? Why so angry and so defensive? You did ask a question which was: Should Anwar be the PM? I did say that we should evaluate everyone and explained what evaluation means which is to look at the merits and demerits of everyone who wants to be a PM. Is that big? Then stated that if you have evidence to prove that Anwar is not fit, share it with all for the benefit of all and also shed light on all the alternatives we have for comparison and better viewing. Blaming others at later stage and turning venomous can't sustain your simplistic arguments.

Anonymous said...

Hafidzul wrote:

"errr, wise bro rashid abdullah and evilcooler, why dun you ask Azmin Ali and Wan Azizah what they were doing by having a secret meeting with George Soros a few years back, heheh... perhaps you wise guys could enlighten us thru ur association with Bro Anwar a.k.a Pak Sheikh here on that matter,heheh...apo nak di kato..(",)

Do you mean George Soros the loyal friend of Tun Mahatir or another Soros?

Unknown said...

Dear Hafidzul,

To talk is free. If you ask to comment on a meeting, pliz know that since I didn't attend a meeting, I need either the minutes of the meeting of the video recording of the meeting. Is that big demand? Look, I can easily write here day on...but we need facts, ok. Try again.


Unknown said...

PKR funding?

Din Merican explained this in Dato' Kadir A. Jasin's website. Get it there. May be we should ask who funds UMNO and its covert operations?

irfan said...

Sudah lah can't and will never be able to argue with dr. rashid (on this issue only)because what he has said are all true!
Damn I just love the way dr. rashid explains, a real class act! Very erudite! But above all, he writes to defend the truth, that's what's important most.

Izzat Nizam said...

Dear Sir,

Rashid Abdullah wrote:

"People can read between the lines and can compare notes"

And you say that you're just raising a question?

Please Sir. With all due respect, we all know that the title is not just merely a question.

And the last thing you'd want to do is to try to convince us that you were being neutral just because there is a question mark in the title. We the readers are not that naive and it is just too obvious to all of us what your real intentions are.

And let me ask you this, Sir. What was your real purpose when you first thought of writing this? Tanya hati sendiri, Tuan. You know it better than us. We don't have to tell you what it is, and you won't be able to lie to yourself.

And no I'm not an "Anwarist". I'm all for justice. If what you say about Anwar is true and there is evidence to support it, do present it to me. It'll take me less than the blink of an eye for me to go against him just as much as we all should (if Anwar is truly an evil).

But if cakap-cakap saja without much evidence?

I know I am young, Sir. I'm only 23. But I've been told that rationality of mind doesn't necessarily come along with age.

I fully acknowledge how much of a father you are to me and how much I'm respecting you as an elderly, but I'm sorry that I can't accept your ways and I should say that I don't agree to the "facts" you presented, especially on how loosely-based they are.

Regardless, I'd like to apologize if I didn't give you enough respect when writing my comments.


Unknown said...

izzat nizam.

Thanks for your frank opinions. This is certainly more worthy of response than others.

The question asked was sincere, is Anwar a Zionist agent? The answer may not be so straight-forward.

He may not be. He may be this incredible genius that many here such as (Dr?) rashid ascribe him to be. He may also just be friendly with these chaps by accident, or be unwittingly used by the Wolfowitzs and Cohens around. And indeed money can be found, I just ask for transparency.

Judging on the negativity of answer I expect from the question, I certainly have an opinion of Anwar which is not flattering, but this is irrelevant if it cannot be brought into a debate in an open manner - which I have attempted to do. It does not matter what I think, or what rashid or even you think in isolation, but how the majority of Malaysians think.

And indeed, the question is meant to provoke, as we need to provoke a critical discussion on Anwar, as a claimant of the position of PM. Too many Malaysians were uncritical of Pak Lah when he was annointed in the past, and look at where that led us to. Now it appears there were many negative signals in Pak Lah's past beyond his Mr Clean image...

I refuse to accept Anwar as a PM without a critical debate being carried out on his suitability. As it is, if he is to be PM, it will be by accident and by the wholesale purchasing of UMNO cross-over MPs. Is this auspicious?

Lets have a debate, rather than just rantings and juxtaposition of views. Whilst I admit my own short-comings perhaps with my own little better than musings and observations, the debate must continue, and wiser collective minds than mind, including 23 year old ones, should prevail. ;)

gelagat niaga said...

First of all Anwar Ibrahim is not a Zionist agent, but he is above that - he 'sleeps' with The Zionists thus he is their strange 'bed-fellow'. Thus, he is an "Associate' of The Zionists and not merely an ‘agent’!

Secondly, Mahathir is not Mother Theresa he is only a mortal Malay-Muslims who had accused The Jews (when what he should have said was the 'Zionists' or Illuminati - as pointed out by Dr. Henry Makow -, of controlling the world, by using others the fight for them. Mahathir is a straight talker, while Anwar is very slippery & deceptive in speech. I would prefer Mahathir!

As to answering Rashid Abdullah's question:- "... are PKR members naïve, stupid, illogical, childish, irreligious, evil, un-Islamic, unjust, ungodly, unlearned, inexperienced, misinformed, manipulated, and so on for them to betray Islam the faith of Muhammad (pbuh) and also serve Islam’s enemies? "

My answer is simple. PKR members ARE stupid, illogical & childish - when it comes to 'blindly' following Anwar's so called ‘deceptive politics’ - locally & internationally! But they are not in any way un-Islamic, un-Godly or unlearned to betray Islam & so on! But they are surely inexperienced in seasoned politics especially, and have been mis or un-informed, manipulated by whom they cherish & uphold to, politically – i.e. Anwar Ibrahim.

I have a question for Rashid Abdullah which is rather simple. Do you think that the 9-11 tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001 was an ‘Inside Job’ perpetrated by The West Powers themselves or do you think that 19 of Osama bin Laden terrorists had done the job as International Muslim Terrorism??? Just answer me this simple question! I will pre-empt you here now by saying - Don’t ask me in subsequent response by saying – “What has this question got to do with anything?” You just answer the question then we have a cause for mutual discourse. And besides this, don’t go and say that you try to be as neutral as you can be, when at the same time, one can sense the partiality in your messages – for the Anwar’s supporters. Furthermore don’t give us a ‘ceramah’ here about the history of Islam.

Anyway, for me to point out that Anwar was and is still bed with The Zionists is not that too difficult. Since the 1990’s I have somewhat been very wary of this Anwar fella, especially when he had made Finance Minister & later on as Deputy Prime Minister. That was when we saw some 'glaring changes’ in this ‘clown’ (if I may say)! A change in his wardrobe style (attire), a tinge of arrogance, over-confidence and change in ‘international elite associates’ had somewhat taken place.

Many more platforms in the international arena was ‘arranged’ for him in addressing speeches in numerous foreign nations (but not much in the ‘Islamic’ countries, unlike previously), where some nation, had even welcomed him with great pomp & frills – especially with the 21-Gun Salute & Red-Carpet treatment accorded to him by their government - which was against international & diplomatic protocol, anyway. Such treatment can only be accorded to our YDP Agong and not a mere Deputy Prime Minister. Also, this is such an insult to our nation's Ruler!

Anyhow, Anwar Ibrahim then made the front covers of International Magazines, even accorded as the Best Finance Minister on The World by some, and he was even given the honour for the Chairmanship of The Development Committee of The International Monetary Fund (The IMF)! How quaint? All this happened within a span of few years, when he had ‘started to change’, as I have said earlier.

But the real shocker to me was when had attended and gave a speech and addressed ‘The Elites of The Elites’ at a Dinner/Banquet in New York City, a function organised by The Council of Foreign Relations (The CFR). When this took place I had the gut feeling that Anwar Ibrahim had caught the bait, hook & sinker of The CFR. His speech is of no relevance here but his attendance & the platform given to speak is of great relevance of his future. Not many individuals can even get to attend and what more giving speeches at The CFR's function(s), you know!

Who are The CFR, you may ask? Well, why don't you check out what is The CFR is all about - not at their own website (only smoke screens), but from some other sources critical of this particular organisation. This organisation (some sort of shadow government - for the US chapter) is not only very, very influential (internationally) but it works behind the scene in identifying and setting-up leaders from other nations that can be 'useful' to them.

Anway, how in hell did Anwar Ibrahim came to be 'identified' & had associated himself with such an organisation, one might ask? Rest assured that before & after WW-2, all the US Presidents were identified & 'handpicked' by The CFR to become Presidents of The USA - including President John F. Kennedy (who somewhat went against the CFR's & Globalists 'wishes', one might say). And we all know what happened to JFK on November, 1963 !!!

The CFR (USA), The Bilderbergs (Europe), The Tri-Lateral Commission (Europe, USA & even Japan), The Royal Institution of International Affairs (The UK), all work together on Global Agendas. Of course, all these organisation are subservient to The Illuminati! And the Illuminati work together with The Commitee of 300 (the highest 'noticeble' Elites of the whole world), in deciding on world matters.

As an example, world decisons are NOT made at The United Nations, but from these selfish & 'evil' organisation. In fact, The Rockefeller family (who controls The CFR) had 'contributed' that piece of land in Manhattan Island (New York City), on which the present UN Headquarters sits on! The Rockefellers (CFR), where the ones who initiated the setting-up of The United Nations organisation (for their global agenda) after WW-2 !!

So Anwar Ibrahim had 'caught the bait, hook & sinker' when he befriended with The CFR. I don't think he can 'get-out' of it - even if he WANTS to or has comes to his senses - Once you're in, you can never get out - something like being involved in the High Degree Freemasonry! Remember, even some of the very rich & wealthy people are 'groomed & sponsored' by organisation such The CFR. We shall name some of those ‘filthy’ Rich & Famous later, if required.

Those are some of my evidence, check it out for yourself & prove me wrong if you can! I don't give conjecture here. In fact, I reckon you (and billions of people worldwide) have not even seen the tip of the iceberg yet , when it comes to very, very high level world & global agenda! Remember, in politics 'Nothings Happens By Chance - All is Planned'. And these form of politics is 'International Politics', where we are NOT even pawns but mere sheeps to be slaughtered, as and when they please. And Anwar Ibrahim is one of their smallest pawns to be used and sacrificed, perhaps after being 'dispensable' by them - just like President Saddam Hussein of Iraq! Many Third World Nation leaders had suffered this fate when they had ‘kowtim’ with these evil forces. Don’t take my word for this, go to thus URL and see for yourselves:-

An interview with John Perkins – “Confessions on an Economic Hit-Man”

Do you think Anwar Ibrahim will be so special anymore to those evil forces, when he will no longer be of any use to them, or should he decides eventually not to Toe-The-Line, like JFK had done?

When the 1997/98 economic & financial crisis or attacked took place to our country Malaysia, it was a widely known fact that the attack was instigated by George Soros to destroy our economy & make us financially collapse! Many should realise that George Soros & Gang are all in the Zionists-IMF-Illuminati-Dajjal conglomerate. In fact, George Soros and even Dick Cheney had once headed The CFR organisation. Now can you guess who was the over-ambitious Malaysian guy in our government that who whole-heartedly & 'bermati-matian' wanted the 'IMF formulae' to be applied for the Malaysian financial crisis at that time? Naturally, it was Anwar Ibrahim !!!

And nowadays, guess who the foreigner who is now financially & morally sponsoring Anwar Ibrahim’s attempt to 'buy over' some our East Malaysian MP's to leave Barisan National party and jump into the Pakatan Rakyat and form a new Malaysian government? I won’t name who, but you can make an educated guess & find out for yourself! Guess also who will be the new Malaysian PM should that happen? God Forbid !!!

To me, I do not really wish to digest the ‘sodomy’ story hurled against Anwar Ibrahim way back in 1998. But it was Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘Achilles Heel’ – i.e. his oratoray skills & speeches (his fiery & idealistic but foolish speeches) that had made him a target to go for the bait, hook & sinker! He loves making speeches, while the those wanting to ‘entrap’ him, would gave him all the rostrums & platforms that he wanted. They also gave him all the praises (in masquerade, of course) he had hungered for. He got what he wanted – International Political Glamour & Stature, Praise, Attention & International Acclaim.

The CFR could get something what they had yearned for so long – a grasp on Malaysia! They couldn’t do this through Dr. Mahathir (e.g. Because Mahathir had stayed at 'arms-length' away from those Globalists - such as his policy of say - Buy British Last, Look West Policy – remember!?). So they had to lure & ‘prop’ someone else instead. The rest is of course history. Anway, Anwar Ibrahim is still the ‘Darling of The West’. Thus, betrayal & traitor could be goods words for one like, Anwar Ibrahim. Political 'lust', power greed & over ambitious could be 'mild' words!

In the 90's Dr. Mahathir saw this coming and he had to take ‘precautionary’ measures! Remember when Al Gore had chanted ‘Reformasi, Reformasi’ at the APEC Conference, Kuala Lumpur in 1998? That was a sign that The Globalists – The CFR, etc., were furious at Mahathir, who had locked-up & jailed ‘their boy’ - Anwar Ibrahim!

Mahathir is a very responsible, methodical & very meticulous person. Thus, damage control in UMNO/BN had to be done urgently, before further damage happens when foreign powers can 'interfere' and infiltrate any further – even at perhaps the expense of the ‘sodomy’ case – just to save the country from collapsing to foreign power!

With the release o Anwar Ibrahim’s from jail a few years ago, The West have again manage to see their opportunity arising. Then, with Pak Lah’s blunder by befriending with Singapore (an ‘outpost’ for The Western Powers - who are much friendlier to The Zionist & Western Powers than Malaysia), and coupled with Khairy Jamaludin’s close association with the same, then Malaysia’s direction had ‘dramatically changed’ – not for the good, at least.

Blunder after blunder in ‘bad & wrong’ decisions in UMNO/BN's political party’s policies as well as Pak Lah's very weak leadership & decision-making in steering the Malaysian Government’s policy & programs, did not impress and instead had disillusioned the people (especially The Malays), thus culminating in the comparatively very devastating loss of the ruling Barisan Nasional party in March 2008 elections, one which was even worse then the tragic May, 1969 elections.

Therefore, some of you have already given or can give further conjecture or your side of the story. This is my side of the story and I challenge all to prove me wrong! Like I have said before – I don’t give conjectures. Nothing said here has been made-up or concocted, including the version about Anwar’s speech & address at The CFR banquet, which ironically is not known to many! That's how organisations like The CFR, The Bilderbergs, etc, can 'fly below the radar', without being noticed or they have purposely suppressed their fully-controlled mainstream medias!

Malaysians can be facing dark clouds & future ahead if we are not well-informed and prepared for the coming 'onslaught'. The Globalists are no bloody jokers, they are ruthless, greedy & evil bunch of sick & powerful psychopaths who, wants to give others nothing but everything for themselves.

As a final note, even the common people of The USA are kept blinded and are duped by their own so-called ‘leaders’. I invite you to watch this comedy to ponder & enlighten you further, as below:-

The title of this comedy sketch by George Carlin, is:-

“Who The Real Owners of America”!

So, let us be very careful in order not to be owned & re-colonised by those evil Globalists who can engulf us, with the use of their ‘Internal Associates’ in Malaysia!


zik said...


James said...

gelagat niaga is almost correct, it is good to know a fellow countryman who has such knowledge.
But bear with me the Zionists are not the Dangerous ones - the Illuminati is.
The Illuminati is made up of many other societies
Club of Rome
Council of Foreign Affairs
Jesuits (of the Roman Catholic church)
Pilgrims Society
Skull & Bones (current President G. Bush a member)
Trilateral Commission
Organizations - IMF, WWF, World Bank, U.N., etc.
There is further breakdown as each society and organization can have sub-divisions
The CFR is everywhere - if you use Shell or Mobil petrol its under them.
the list is almost endless.
If Anwar is with them - God save us when he becomes PM.
I am now more convinced that he is.
In my blog (March entry)
Anwar Ibrahim – is he with the world conspirators?
I asked if he is with the conspirators.
I have studied them for about 5 years now. Stop for a time to follow local politics.
You dont want to mess with them - the Illuminati.
I really hope that people will stop equating Zionists with the elites, sure some of the Zionists are with them. The Illuminati wants people to think the world's troubles are only caused by the Zionists, but in actuality they are real perpetrators.
You can only see the bigger picture (a panorama) when you view it from a better perspective. A lot of Malaysians are ignorant of their activities.
Rio Tinto co. is an Illuminist co (Q. Liz has plenty of stock in it) - coming to invest in I think Johor IDR.
I hope to cover more on the Illuminati in my blog later on.
So for those who do not know about the Illuminati, please read more and learn as they are coming soon to be near you.
PS do you know about Malsysia Today entry of
Tan Sri Dato’Azman Hashim as a member of the Trilateral Commission; a person cannot just join such a secret exclusive organization but have to be invited into it. How many there are in this country who belong to such org. or similar ones? You tell me...

gelagat niaga said...


Jangan la buat silap mendadak!!!

Soros yang sibuk nak jumpa orang tua tu! In fact, selepas dia serang pada tahun 90'an, tapi dia gagal nak lingkupkan Malaysia, namun selepas itu jugak dia sibuk-sibuk sangat nak mengadap Mahathir!

Kan ke Mahathir tak layan dia banyak kali. Last-last, disebabkan tak nak tunjuk sombong sangat & Malaysia pun dah semakin pulih, maka orang tua Mahathir barulah izinkan Soros jumpa dia - tak silap kat Europe kan?

Tak banyak cerita semasa dia orang berjumpa. Dia salam maaf-maafan ke? 'Cium-mulut', 'bergulung-lidah', 'berkancing sama-sama gigi' ke?, Wallahu'alam!

Tapi Zionist semacam tu mana boleh percaya punya. Satan/dajjal macam tu boleh senyum-lebar depan kita, tapi sorok kapak dibelakang dia, nak tetak kita kemudian, punya!

Mahathir takkan kowtim dengan orang macam tu punya. Tapi Anwar (mungkin idola awak kut), rekod dia ada tunjuk dia memang berbaik-baik dengan para-para Zionist-Dajjal-Jiboak, semacam William Cohen, Paul Wolfowitz tu kan? Bukan ke dia orang-orang tu adalah para-para penyembelih umat Islam di Iraq & Palestin! Dia juga jenis laga-lagakan kita sesama Islam!

Apa Anwar boleh buat nak tegur para-Zionists tu!? Dia kowtim lagi mungkinlah!

By the way, awak tengah kowtim dengan Mat Salleh pulak tu? Meniaga biar betul-betul, jangan meniaga 'manusia' cukuplah! Sorry, hee, hee.

Unknown said...

Dear izzat nizam,

Thanks for the points you raised. I don't know what ticked you off. Concerning your age, well, you are 23, add 4 years to that and you will know my age, which is 27. So I'm not fatherly to you as far age is concerned and be informed that I'm still a bachelor (like you) hopefully.

Concerning the "facts" that I have raised and your disagreement with them, I must say I have raised no facts but an answer. It was me who has demanded facts since someone accused another. In other words, it is me who wants to be convinced.

"Regardless, I'd like to apologize if I didn't give you enough respect when writing my comments."

Thanks and I accept just like I apologise to anyone harmed or hurt by my comments. It is not a question of Anwar, UMNOPutras or Class-F contractors, it is a question of truth and there is can no be middle ground in this.



Unknown said...

Ubaidah wrote:

"Lets have a debate, rather than just rantings and juxtaposition of views. Whilst I admit my own short-comings perhaps with my own little better than musings and observations, the debate must continue, and wiser collective minds than mind."

I agree with you on this. I agree with you on looking at Anwar and examining him. I demand that he should be put to public debate. I too demand that any person who seeks public office shall be known by Malaysians so that we don't make any mistake. However, prejudice can't precede that. That will not convince anyone. Political hatred, myobia and family affair can't be used to scare others of your political opponents. It should be a question of honesty, God's fear and knowing the truth rather than political leaning, posturing and favouritism which may b due to family affair, political position and economic favours. At the end it should be: Have I been honest with my Creator! If not, it will be mere jokes.


Izzat Nizam said...

Bro Rashid,

My post was written for the writer of this blog, and I quoted you when you said something like "The readers can read between the lines". I later question the writer what was his original intention when he first wanted to raise a question of whether or not Anwar is a Zionist Agent.

And the "elderly" and the "father" I mentioned was actually referring to the writer.

And so the writer has told us that the question he raised was sincere. Having no prejudice, I trust what he said and I hope he had true intentions in scrutinizing Anwar with neutrality and will acknowledge not only the bad side of Anwar, but also his positive points.

Regarding having an open debate, I fully second this idea. This is important to all of us Malaysians. And like Rashid Abdullah wrote, no prejudice involved. By the way, debates should not necessarily be a zero sum game, should it?

I did try to do some research for a few hours on this matter and I think the question raised is indeed valid. There is a serious concern especially to the fact that Anwar claims he is a friend to Wolfowitz during the BBC Hardtalk interview. I watched this video myself and I encourage everyone to watch it too.

But Anwar did say that although Wolfowitz is a friend of his, he doesn't support the war on Iraq, and he did tell both Wolfowitz and Washington D.C that he is firm about it. Wolfowitz, on the other hand, has been one of the most influential figure responsible in leading America to go to war with Iraq.

While the US Congress is known to be heavily influenced by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), I'm not too positive that Malaysian Parliamentary members could be easily bought off by AIPAC in the same way even if Anwar's policy's might be a little influenced by AIPAC (should he ever becomes our PM).

If Anwar is truthful in his words, that he is trying to save this nation rather than exploiting it, Anwar will become a legend. But if allegations that he is very much influenced by the powerful figures in the US is true, Malaysians have a lot to learn then.

Unknown said...

gelagat niaga wrote:

"My answer is simple. PKR members ARE stupid, illogical & childish - when it comes to 'blindly' following Anwar's so called ‘deceptive politics’ - locally & internationally! But they are not in any way un-Islamic, un-Godly or unlearned to betray Islam & so on! But they are surely inexperienced in seasoned politics especially, and have been mis or un-informed, manipulated by whom they cherish & uphold to, politically – i.e. Anwar Ibrahim.

Sir, why don't you share your unequalled intelligence with the "stupid, inexperienced" you mentioned. seem to be overreaching yourself in concocting stories here.

Again you say PKR members are not "ungodly and un-Islamic" but you accuse them of supporting Islam's enemies. Sir, as much as you are entitled to your lopsided opinion, don't get carried away. No one is seeking a share of your "intelligence" to know anyone be it Anwar or Mahatir. People have eyes and ears and they know what to do. Making sweeping slander and dismissing people as "stupid" simply that they don't buy your version of the story does damage to you more than it does to others.

MalayExpat Cyclist+Runner said...

"Wolfowitz's close freindship with Anwar was captured on a photo of their meeting in Germany soon after

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Rashid & Fadhallalah,

Browse the link below and make ur own judgement,..heheh...apo nak dikato..(",)

jonhafiz( Hafidzul)

Conspiracy Theorist said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

jonhafiz wrote:

"Bro Rashid & Fadhallalah,

Browse the link below and make ur own judgement,..heheh...apo nak dikato..(",)"

Ke ke ke ke. I did! Then? Where is the wisdom? All that I saw was an UMNOPutra who seems a distraught Class-F contractor blabbering about Soros meeting.

Ha ha ha! Look here, meeting Soros is not an issue in the 1st place. Here Tun Dr. Mahatir is gleefully oiling the hand of Soros:

At least that's a clear evidence unlike the UMNOputra Class-F contractor who seems confused. Where is his evidence? Recordings? Minutes of meeting?

At least we can Mahatir with Soros the Boss and the two are making a deal as you can see. Despite that, I have no problem with Mahatir meeting Soros or any other figure. Meeting him is not a problem. When somebody has something you need or he is stronger than you, you need to play by his rule or you need to act lik a friend till you get power and overpower him. That's why you will not see me criticising Dr Mahatir for meeting Soros or paying millions of Malaysian people's hard earned taxes to a corrupt Jew Lobbyist as he did in order to meet Bush. That Jewish lobbyist whom Dr. Mahatir paid millions of our money is today serving corruption criminal sentence in jail. But we can argue that Tun wanted to get Bush's ear so that he may try to explain some Muslim issues to him so that he softens his hardline stance. So that's who we look at things when even we have evidence unlike the fat UMNO-putra you have posted here. Is that an evidence? And does meeting Soros make someone bad? Evil? Unpatriotic? Shouldn't Mahatir be the same? At least, you can clearly see that he is being bossed around. Be simple and don't act like an excited child who was handed a sweet candy. Politics and world realities are not what you think of. Bad jokes and fear politics is for feeble minds and parochial, tribal and feudal hordes. Quit the Stone Age mentality.

Unknown said...

Dear jonhafiz,

As Rashid Abdullah has said repeatedly in this forum, the truth is different from politics of fear which is suited to primitive and unpolished populace. For example, you say Dr. Azizah, Azmin and Ezam who one week ago was even shouting against Anwar have met Soros. Someone demanded the evidence. He didn’t say what’s wrong with that; which is quite correct but simply demanded the evidence. Your ilk may get angry if they are forced to produce evidence because the mentality they operate with is the medieval mindset where one gets carried away through a word of mouth or supports something/someone due to tribal sentiments. Then in your temerity, you show a poorly constructed Youtube video of a young man talking about a meeting. In response, Rashid shows an evidence of Tun Mahatir with Soros but intelligently says he is not against that because meeting him doesn't mean selling out and goes further to state the millions Mahatir paid from our taxes through a Jewish lobbyist to meet Bush arguing that he needs to convince him of Muslim issues if it will help our cause. I agree with Rashid on this and many other points.

Laughingly, in the video, there is a photo of a military parade where William Cohen, US Defense Sec. from 1997-2001 and Anwar Ibrahim. Now, what does this signify? You either have a dead brain or your buffoonery is beyond salvation point. Anwar was in the US on behalf of the Malaysian Government which Dr. Mahatir headed. It is the Foreign Ministry which arranges all meetings and protocols and the related Malaysian Embassy facilitates. These are Malaysian national undertakings where the Cabinet headed by the PM approves and instructs the said Minister to visit this (or that) country and carry out such a job, function and visit to boost trade, military relation or political standing. Now, in your desperate attempt to link Anwar to Jews, you show a photo which ironically betrays you as it shows a national undertaking approved and instructed by the PM himself. That's why I agree with what (Dr.?) Rashid when he said at the end of his commentary: "Bad jokes and fear politics is for feeble minds and parochial, tribal and feudal hordes. Quit the Stone Age mentality." I second that. Quit that feudal culture and see further for you are talking to many who see far and know much. Copying and paste long articles that have no relation or give a figment of conspiracies to scare children are not meant for people who either engage in the truth or are serious. You can look for other feeble minds.

Hussain H. (Sweden)

Unknown said...

My apologies JonHafiz, but I do mind. Whilst I am happy to allow relevant debate on the issues posted to percolate here, even long winded arguments like rashid's, I must set standards to avoid this blog being hijacked. Your posting, whilst somewhat relevant, I am afraid had no reference to Anwar, Mahathir or Malaysia, hence is binned.

gelagat niaga said...

To wanmaya,

I have never-ever claimed to be of 'unequalled intelligence' here! Nor do I attempt to ‘over-reach’ anything. Like I have said previously, you prove to me that any of my comments are 'concocted'. You just prove to me that! I have presented 'my case' as clear & precise as possible, for the common mind.

Most of those previous comments by others prior to mine on this topic, were of mere conjectures – no hard facts & evidence.! This was what prompted me to give a piece of mind… with solid information & knowledge acquired over the years in digging-up & researching the situation that have culminated & pervaded our local national & political landscape! I feel compelled to set the true picture, rather than following ‘faithfully but blindly’ like most ‘un-informed’ PKR members are doing now! Yes, most UMNO/BN leaders are no angels either, but I doubt any of them will ‘sell-out’ their own nation to others – with the exception KJ, I suspect!

Am I not doing everybody a favour here, by attempting to put things right! Instead, why don't you do yourself a great favour and do some research & digging-up on The CFR, The Bilderbergs, The RIIA, Tri-Lateral Commision, etc.! Don’t take mine or anybody’s word on these organizations. Do it quickly, before The New World Order & The Globalists attempts ‘pulls the plug’ on the Internet.

As initial attempt why don’t you use those links I have provided previously, e.g.:- - Illuminati, NWO, Zionists issues. etc., - John Perkins issue.

You can even digest the comedy sketch by George Carlin! - i.e. “Who are the owners of America'! – with the link I have provided.

You see, you are not the only few who are blinded, brainwashed & misinformed by the global mass-media!. In fact more than 90% population of the developed nation of USA are ignorant of what is going on in their own country. They have been bombarded with all forms of entertainment, such cable TV, sports, consumerism, etc. They have become such a sick society of ignorant and blind work-force & consumers!

I can provide numerous other web links that perhaps 'greennhorns' like yourself can enlighten yourself with info & knowledge! But will you be able to digest the Truth! When it come to info & knowledge, don't ever allow yourself to be 'spoon-fed', like most political parties tend to do! Educate yourself, dig-up for the truth & try to connect the dots and see the clearer & bigger picture!

I do not accuse PKR members of supporting Islam’s enemies. I am just saying that don’t support a particular individual/leader who is very apparent in ‘sleeping in bed’ together with those apparent enemies of Islam’! Have you not seen what the ‘so-called’ leaders of Islamic nations like Gen. Musharaff of Pakistan, Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, the present leader (what-his-name?) of Iraq, Mahmud Abbas of The Palestine!? Are they not stooges of The Western Powers & The Zionists. Do they not know how to read the Quran? Do you think Anwar Ibrahim will be better than them, or will Anwar be just the same or even worse than those stooges! You can take the risk, I am not willing to ‘gamble’ my children’s future with such stooges.

So as the very touching movie of ‘Forrest Gump’ have uttered that:-

“Stupid is, what Stupid Does!”

Thus, PKR members become stupid only when they do something stupid! By ‘blindly’ following Anwar Ibrahim – then you ARE stupid!

I can go on rambling about say …….. that not all Jews are Zionist, while most Zionists are Jews….. the difference Serphadic Jews & Azkhenazi Jews ... & so on, & so on! What about The Khazaria Jews. Have you heard of Khazaria? This nation of ‘Khazaria’ have never-ever appeared in ANY history text-books! Check it out for yourself! Strange, huh!? Who the hell over the past donkey had concealed all these FACTS! Hmmm!

Do you what ‘Fitnah’ means? (i.e. not the short Dutch movie (FITNA), that Muslim all over are yelling & protesting about). Ask any alim-ulama, they can confirm to you that ‘fitnah’ is the ‘Concealing The Truth’! Period!

And lastly, you said “People have eyes and ears and they know what to do”. Yes, people do have that, but so do Animals! The greatest gift or ‘faculty’ that Allah SWT have given the humankind is the ‘Akal’, or Intelligence! Ironically, not many humans have managed to use their ‘akal’, other than most us who use it merely to ‘earn a living’! The akal must be used to its optimum! From technological advancement as well as to spiritual enlightenment, and above all for the quest of TRUTH!

Sadly, many have become so pre-occupied on trivial matters and fail to see the bigger picture of what is really going on in this world! Wake up, please!


James said...

I agree with gelagat niaga.
Take it from me - I have studied the elitists plans for 5 years now. The happenings in our country are nothing compared to what they can do if they come here.
They are here as doing biz.
CFR members: 1. Washington Times
2. The Washingtonian
3. Washington Quarterly
4. The Weekly Standard
5. Westinghouse Electric
6. Corporation American Enterprise Institute
7. Amnesty International USA
8. Aspen Institute
9. The Atlantic Council of the U.S.
10. Brookings Institute
11. Campaign For Peace and Democracy
12. Center For International Policy
13. Center For National Policy
14. Center For Strategic & International Studies
15. Center For Study of Human Rights
16. Center For Theory, Politics and Policy
17. Committee For Economic Development
18. Empower America
19. Ethics and Public Policy Center
20. Federation of American Scientists
21. Heritage Foundation
22. Hoover Institution
23. Hudson Institute
24. Human Rights Watch
25. Institute For International Economists
26. The Freedom Forum
27. Future Management Services
28. Gavin Anderson & Co.
29. General Electric Co.
30. Global One
31. Goldman, Sachs, & Co.
32. H.J. Heinz Co.
33. Hypo-Bank AG
34. IBJ Schroder Bank & Trust Co.
35. IBM [Big Blue]
36. Industrial Bank of Japan
37. Institute of International Bankers
38. JETRO New York
39. Johnson & Johnson
40. J.P. Morgan & Co.
41. Kidder, Peabody, and Co.
42. Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts, & Co.
43. Lehman Brothers
44. Lockheed Martin
45. Loral Corporation
46. MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, Inc.
47. McDonnell Douglas
48. McKinsey & Co.
49. Mercedes-Benz of North America
50. Merrill Lynch International
51. MetLife International
52. Mine Safety Appliances Co.
53. Mobil Corporation
54. Morgan, Stanley, & Co,
55. Mutual Life Insurance Co. Of New York
56. Nippon Steel, USA
57. NYNEX Corporation
58. Occidental Petroleum
59. PepsiCo
60. Pfizer
61. Price Waterhouse & Co.
62. Procter & Gamble Co.
63. Prudential Insurance Co. Of America
64. Reader's Digest Association
65. RWS Energy Services
66. Salomon Brothers
67. Scarbroughs
68. Scudder, Stevens, and Clark
69. Joseph Seagram & Sons
70. Shell Oil Company
71. Smith Barney, Inc.
72. Sony Corporation of America
73. Soros Fund Management
74. Southern California Edison Co.
75. Standard & Poor's Ratings Group
76. Texaco, Inc.
77. Titan Industrial Corporation
78. Toyota Motor of North America
79. TRW
80. United Technologies
81. Volkswagen AG
82. E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co.
83. World Gold Council
84. Wyoming Investment Corporation
85. Xerox Corporation
86. Young & Rubicam

I am compiling many articles on the Illuminati in my blog:

gelagat niaga said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Sorry Gelagat Niaga, again remove for need of stronger relevance.

Abu Bakar Hasan said...

Hang anak sanusi junid, patutlah hang anti anwar.

gelagat niaga said...

A M Ubaidah S,

The relevance of my last posting was in response to Insignificant One's reply. The latter had merely agreed with me on The CFR. I am therefore detailing how The CFR with Zionism & other Globalists in their creation of - the 'Problem', then to wait for the common peoples' 'Reaction', and thus to create wars, strife & conflict between them as a 'Solution'!

My contention is to put across on how wars are instigated by the Zionists through their subtle Globalist platform & forces. Also how the Zionists have acquired immense wealth through the waging of war for others! There are numerous facts since 200+ years ago, on how The Rothschild family (Zionists) had finance both sides of conflicting sides, and had made fortunes from the outcome of the wars & conflicts.

As an example, when Emperor Napoleon of France was engaged in The Battle of Waterloo with Lord Horatio Nelson of England, The Rothschild had made easy money & had profitted from The London Stock Exchange even before the outcome of the battle. This is a pure hard facts!

And how many can understand the Jewish concept of 'Dispora', whilst the Zionists concept of 'Alia'? How many have realised that the present State of Zionist Israel, was the work of The Zionist in getting The USA into the First World War to fight Germany, where subsequenlty after the war Britain had to 'surrender' Palestinian lands to The Zionists under the 'Balfour Declaration'?

Similarly, we should make all to understand that the previous Two World Wars was staged-managed by Global forces, so that we can also make people understand & realise that these evil-cretins (Zionist -Illuminati-Dajjal) have benefitted & profitted from the suffering of others - via wars & conflicts!

As another good example, George Prescott Bush (The grandfather of present US President George W. Bush - all of whom are members of the Skull & Bones Society), was the one responsible for literally financing Hitler's rise to power as well as financing the Nazi Party, thus culminating in the 2nd World War! How many people know this?

These stories must be told! By deleting my comments you have done your readers, participants & mankind a great disservice! I am just getting warmed-up to get others (like yourself) to wonder what relevance all those I have said have got to do with the Anwar Ibrahim-Zionism combination! You must not miss the point, I am coming to all that!

I would postulated that Anwar Ibrahim is merely like the 'little' Hitler who is to be groomed by The Globalists for this part of the 'Muslim' world! We must remember that Adolf Hitler was a mere Army Corporal after the First World War, but he had great oratory skills - and was made 'Fuhrer' of 'The Master Race' - Germany.

Nonetheless, a problem must be 'created' (conflicting parties & strife) initially to allow the masses to 'accept' a leader who is 'viable' - like say Anwar Ibrahim (apparently this is now happening in Malaysia!). Do we remember when similarly in the 1920's & 30's, the German people were willing to accept Adolf Hitler as their 'Fuhrer' (groomed & financed by The Globalists). However, later on Hitler was was subdued and disposed of!

In fact, even Japan was 'built-up, modernised & used' (remember The Meiji Restoration) by Zionist Freemasons, and was 'tested' in The Russo-Japanese War, then later on applied to 'overwhelm' China (through Manchuria) and finally aligned with Germany during WW-2. Then Japan was also subdued by the two Atomic Bombs!

Nowadays Muslim leaders are easily being 'drawn' into wars like Saddan Hussein had done (Desert Storm) and he suffered his own fate, whilst Iraq now 'belongs' to The Western Powers! Then again Saddam Hussein was also subdued. The same had happened with Gen. Mossadegh of Iran who was deposed and instead The Shah Reza Pahlevi was installed as their stooge! The pattern for causing wars & strife by The Globalists over past centuries is starkingly similar. Groom, use, dispose!

As Malays or Malaysians we must not allow our leaders to be drawn into this trap - i.e. by allowing others in creating two conflicting sides that could lead to civil war, like what had happened in Iraq & Afghanistan. In Iraq - its Sunni vs Shia, plus the Kurds. In Afghanistan its The Taliban against the Government forces. The same also applies to The Palestine - Fatah against Hamas, in Lebanon - government forces against Hezbollah, etc.

Don't be surprised one day when UMNO die-hards (due to inside & outside agitation) will start attacking & killing some PAS or PKR members & vice-verse. God Forbid, but this is not impossible! Will a civil-war ensue? The Zionists are experts in logger-heading between parties! Who will lose then & who will stand to gain?

Thus, my last posting is very much relevant to make others understand that war or physical violence is not the answer in settling disputes! Also, just observe how The Vietnam War (as sung by the rock group Grand Funk Railroad - is even more relevant today), was 'manufactured' by President Johnson due the purported 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident.

All these must be told, so that many will understand that wars do not happen by chance! The brave Muhammad Ali (The Greatest boxer ever) stood up against The US Government & did the right thing by refusing to be drafted into The US Army, to avoid being involved in The Vietnam War and he was willing to be stripped of his World Title and be sent to jail!

How many Muhammad Ali are there in Malaysia? The likes of 'kaki-bodek' people like Muhammad Taib's are those that we have, are aplenty! How many people can understand how the 9-11 incident was perpertrated by The Zionists to create 'the clash of civilisation' between Islam & The West! How many can understand about The PNAC (The Project for New American Century), which was the sole brainchild & project of Paul Wolfowitz - a very close friend of Anwar Ibrahim! The inception of this particular project is well underway now for the Total World Domination!

To prevent wars, we must understand what 'cause' it is fought for. Most 20th & 21st century warfare & battles does not justify any particular 'cause'. For example, there no is justifiable 'cause' whatsoever for The US Armed Forces to be in Iraq & Afghanistan, right now. Yet they are there now! And no one can do anything about it, including The United Nations! The OIC & Muslim countries can only watch but do nothing. Pity!

I am saddened that my last posting was deleted due to no relevancy. Thus, I feel my contribution is not well received nor well understood for the good of all. Perhaps I will have to contribute elsewhere.


Izzat Nizam said...

gelagat niaga,

In my opinion, I think you're a little bit too obsessed with this New World Order topic. Just look at the lengths of your comments.

What the writer initially wanted to discuss is whether DS Anwar Ibrahim has anything to do with the Zionists or not. Please be clear, as the topic did not ask about the existence of secret societies controlling the world, whatsoever.

Honestly, I personally feel a little bit annoyed to see this blog post being hijacked with such irrelevant comments that you made. This is not my blog, but if we keep digressing away from the original topic, I guess this post didn't really get people to talk about the real topic it wanted to debate on. See, it doesn't matter how influential the so-called New World Order is now dominating this world, but what really matters is, does it have anything to do with Anwar Ibrahim?

Since you're an expert (no pun intended) about Zionists, etc etc, could you please do some research and get some details if Anwar Ibrahim is indeed a Zionist agent? You could share the results of your research here.

I respect your passion and I know your topic is also important to be debated, but please, if it doesn't have much to do with Anwar Ibrahim, I suggest you take your discussion somewhere else and not here.


James said...

Dear Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi, or the blog owner,
Please bear with me as to whether all this CFR, NWO has to do with Anwar.
It has everything to do with him, that is if he in involved with them.
The Illuminati sphere of influence will be greatly enhanced if the leader of a country is with them.
I do not want to speak more on this as you felt your blog being hijacked by us.
As to gelagat niaga posting that was deleted - he wanted to tell me something guess I wont know what is.
May I suggest that you all look up the website: see the website: by Greg Szymanski, JD; or for Muslims see: by by Leo Lyon Zagami, now Khaled Saifullah Khan, an ex high level & of royal bloodline in the Illuminati, now a Muslim convert.
gelagat niaga can look up my blog to contact me: http://worldmessenger. and contact me thru the blogsite comment.
Thank you for your patience.


gelagat niaga said...

izzat nizam,

You say I am a little bit obsessed with the NWO topic. Well, obsess is perhaps a 'mild' word. These days I am even more 'paranoid' (if I may say) with regard to the NWO issues! Why? you might ask. Let me share my 'version' with you.

If we can all still recall when the WTC Twin-Towers in New York City was slammed on 11th Sept, 2001 by so-called Muslim 'hijackers', that was when my suspicion that the Neo-Cons (Neo-Conservative), have finally indicated (in public view) their evil quest in fulfilling their 'New World Order'!

It has been almost 7 years now since that incident. And yet the rest of the world 'just can't be bothered' at all, whether the perpetrators who had planned the 'attack', has been caught or not! Where are the so called Master Strategists (terrorists) who had planned (with great precision) the attack on USA's soil? Why to this date Osama bin Laden & gang have not been captured yet – for their so-called ‘terrorism’ on American soil? The more serious question that should be raised is - Was Osama & gang really the ones who did the attack on USA, or was an ‘Inside Job’ – i.e. to put the blame on ‘International Islamic Terrorism’? These questions must be addressed and should have been be answered - a long, long time ago!

And yet to this date, the whole world have been lied to, over, over and over again by the 'controlled' Western mainstream-medias with regard to the 9-11 incident! And sadly, most people 'just can't be bothered' to seek the real story behind 9-11, and they just go about their lives as though nothing really serious had happened on Sept.11. 2001!

Anyway, one of the very first ‘famous’ person to dispel the story that Osama & gang (Muslim terrorists) had done the 9-11 job was Mr. Bobby Fischer (the previous USA World Chess-Champion – who died recently on 17th Jan, 2008 - in Iceland), and who was in 'self-exile' from his home country USA (for more than 20 years), for his criticism of The Jews & Zionism! Watch & listen to his comments on the Jews (after being ‘kicked-out’ from Japan – under USA’s pressure) on board a plane on leaving Japan, as below:-

You may notice that such a great chess player that The USA had ever produced has died ONLY recently, and where no international mainstream-media (all Neo-Cons & Zionist controlled) have even bothered to cover any biography whatsoever of Mr. Fischer’s great contribution to World of Chess! In fact, I presume they are too happy now that Mr. Fischer has died and thus he will finally, shut-up! Such pity! I truly salute this great & brave man for standing-up against Jewish-Zionism. Now, do you see how the international mainstream-media is controlled!? However, only a small mention is covered on Mr. Fischer as below:-

Watch also the link below, of how the genius Mr. Fischer had already become USA’s Chess Champion at the age of ONLY 15, as below:-

Anway, if you personally feel a little bit annoyed to see this blogpost being hijacked with such irrelevant comments that I have made, then I reckon that you are a very IMPATIENT person! If we were to simply prove that Anwar Ibrahim is a Zionist agent and thus produce here ‘some documents or video that Anwar had signed a letter of acceptance for appointment as a Zionist agent’, then we would not need a blogsite to discuss about him would we!? Let us just make a police report and produce the document/video and leave it to the Malaysian government to do the rest!

In fact, you have failed to see the relevance and points of my posting & comments. After almost 8 years have passed since the 9-11 incident, the George Bush government & the Neo-Cons have yet to prove to THE WHOLE WORLD that Osama bin Laden was really BEHIND the 9-11 attack !! But to-date - Zilch, Nothing! All they can do is say that Al-Qaeda did this, did that, had admitted to this & that…. blah, blah, blah. To me, I personally feel that The Al-Qaeda organisation does not even exist!! The western Zionist-controlled mainstream media are drumming-up this ‘Al-Qaeda’ story just to keep all of us being – dis-informed but contented! Sometimes while watching the prime-time TV news, I would literally spit at the TV-screen, if the word ‘Al-Qaeda’ is uttered by the newscaster! That’s how I feel about how the world is being lied to!

You have said, quote – “ it doesn't matter how influential the so-called New World Order is now dominating this world, but what really matters is, does it have anything to do with Anwar Ibrahim? ” Well, again you being ‘easy going’ when it comes information & knowledge about such matters! No press, radio & TV media or news agency is simply going display information about The NWO colluding with any world leaders. In fact such medias are so afraid to even utter anything about THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

The internet & cyberspace is the ONLY MEDIA that does not have any ‘owners’ to be ‘controlled over’, when it comes out in ‘churning-out’ news and information. Occasionally, when the operators of the computer super-servers are warned by some ‘super invisible powerful group’ as not to allow certain independent parties to produce certain material that are ‘against’ them, then perhaps you would get ‘hooked-off’ the internet with some stupid excuse from the server operator(s). Then again, one can be ‘hooked-up’ again to the internet using other domains or with other server-operators !

To prove that Anwar Ibrahim is in direct collusion with the Neo-Cons-Zionists is not an easy job! But to provide circumstances that proves that he befriends them is not that difficult! This I have done in my previous comments. Furthermore politically speaking, one has to study the character of the person (Anwar Ibrahim) to see whether he is a true & genuine ‘pejuang’ for his people & nation like say – Mahatma Ghandhi or Nelson Mandela. Or whether he is a fraud, attempting only to be in politics for his own fame, power & political greed! There’s no other way about, it's either this or that!

I tend to believe and ‘discover’ that Anwar is not genuine! Period! Someone has mentioned earlier on before this (i.e. - abu bakar hasan), that the operator of this blogsite (a m ubaidah s), is the son of Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. I don’t know whether this is true, only the ‘tuan badan’ (a m ubaidah s) can explain further. But since this abu bakar hasan guy have brought it up, then I would suggest that we inquire from Tan Sri Sanusi Junid how he feels about Anwar Ibrahim, as a ‘genuine pejuang’! Both Anwar Ibrahim & Sanusi Junid go back a long, long way back i.e. since their ABIM days. So, let’s see what Sanusi Junid has to say about Anwar Ibrahim. Also, why don’t we see another of Anwar Ibrahim’s old friend’s comments about him, here:-

So, if Dato’Nallakarupan says that Anwar Ibrahim is NOT a man of principle, then don’t you think that Anwar Ibrahim would ‘sacrifice’ his principle of be amongst the ‘Elites of The Elites’ of the world for his own political ‘lust’!? I have mentioned before that Mr. Paul Wolfowitz is the sole brainchild on The PNAC Project (Project for New American Century) for The NeoCons, Zionists-USA’s domination of the whole world. And yet, this Anwar Ibrahim dares to declare that he is a close friend of Paul Wolfowitz! How foolishly blatant can one be!

I have never claimed to be ‘an expert on Zionism’, far from that! But if you would like to know more about Zionism and their evil agendas, then you go here to get some insight:-

For your information - izzat nizam, I have already taken my comments & discussion on other website and blogsite, just to ‘clear the air’ on the ‘stench’ that pervades the world and now our country, Malaysia. I have contributed tremendously with comments, on popular websites such as as an example. But for the past few months I have not re-registered with Malaysia-Today since they were attacked by hackers & ‘cyber-troopers’ since late last year. Even the good Raja Petra Kamarudin have had a hard time debating with me on certain issues, since the past 2 to 3 years ago!

I am currently active in some other ‘political websites’. In fact, I have personally ‘battled’ with several foreign commentators on ‘YouTube’, with regard to Islamic issues especially. But unfortunately YouTube limits comments of up to 200 characters per post only! I have even been curbed by YouTube for ‘excessive comments! So there! I will only ‘leave’ this blogbsite when I feel that I am no longer ‘invited’ by the operator…. and not from you – izzat nizam!

Much has been said, I will reconvene later – Insya Allah.


Izzat Nizam said...

gelagat niaga,

Thanks for the response.

I do have seen and read some pretty reliable information on the 9-11 "coincidences" for the past few years as well, and I strongly believe, just like you said, that it was an "inside job".

Yup. The "free" US media is also no doubt being somehow controlled by influentially rich individuals (who happen to be mainly Jews). Combined with the US Congress being heavily lobbied by Jewish groups such as AIPAC, one could only wonder if the Americans are really being represented by the ones they voted as their "voice" in the government. I don't know too much, though, but I could just say that there's just too much information to comprehend.

Regarding my previous post, I've probably gone too far by saying that you didn't say anything about Anwar - because you did, especially on your first post which I didn't notice earlier. I apologize for this and I guess you should've been given some credit for that.

I will continue to weigh both arguments presented by both sides regarding Anwar Ibrahim. Who knows after 6 years in jail he has really changed to be this determined figure who'd do anything he could for the benefit of the country? Have you watched "Count of Monte Cristo"? We never know what he went through when he was jailed.

On the other hand, I also believe one should not invest too much trust in another person. Therefore, I will (and all of us should) never be too naive to give 100% of my trust to Anwar Ibrahim. If he truly is the savior, he will have to prove it to the people.

Thanks for the video links too. But in politics, just as much as we should scrutinize Anwar, shouldn't we also scrutinize anyone who changed their views 180 degrees from their previous stand? (like the recent Sang Kelembai). We should also scrutinize Nalla Karupan as much as we question Chandra Muzaffar's personal attack on Anwar. If Zionists can use money to influence world leaders, do we think our politicians are too naive to not use the same techniques? I'm not trying to make any accusations here, but we should all bear in mind that nothing is impossible, especially in politics where too many people with too much money are involved.


Unknown said...

Dear gelagat niaga,

First of all I'm sorry to say that I couldn't read what you have pasted here. That needs few days, at least. Secondly, it was a pasted work rather than input and a clear answer to the raised question and that that's a clear contradiction of what's being discussed here.

Thirdly, you shouldn't know how to separate issues. I think there is no child here and everyone is quite informed. I live in the US and I know much about Lobbies and their tentacles across the globe. Trying to divert attention or desperately linking them to our politicians or others for reasons that we can imagine of needs much intelligence and not emotional harangue, indiscriminate generalization and desultory work. Rather than blaming everyone thinking that shadows can scare others, or trying to link every person who happens to belong to your father's political opponents with foreign saboteurs and nemesis, you should ask yourself: why not become strong like those you fear.



Unknown said...

To add one small truth, the US is a Zionist country and it is controlled by Zionists. On the other hand, Malaysia is the number one Muslim trade partner of the US. Malaysia too relies on US Defence system more than it relies on any other country. Malaysia too has innumerable US (read Jewish owned) companies in Malaysia. By the way, Malaysia ranks no.1 in Muslim countries in hosting US owned investor companies too. Malaysia too sends its children to the US for "Zionist" education with Mahatir leading the pack by sending even his girl to a US Secondary School at the age of 16 with no guardian to stay with an American family.

I hope you know why we are like that and under whom did Malaysia became like that so much so that our economy will collapse if the US and secondly Japan economies collapse. Sir, do you hate Jews? Illuminati? AIPAC? All shadows? Then chase out all US owned companies in Malaysia. Return Malaysian students in the US to Universiti Malaya. Cut the diplomatic ties with the US. Cut the defence contracts from the US. Cut Malaysia's dependence on the US economy. Otherwise go and sleep for you are not talking to toddlers here blabbering about non-existent issues when all know the hard truth.

gelagat niaga said...

rashid abdullah,

It’s news to us to discover that you live in the US. May I ask whether you have been hassled at the Airport Security in the US recently, when you happen to have a Muslim/Arab surname (Abdullah) appearing on your passport?

For your information, nobody is trying to divert attention here! And to divert from what to what? Leave the rhetorics behind, please. Who’s father’s political opponent are you talking about here, anyway? My father had long ago passed away! Dia sudah arwah – May Allah bless his soul. You must have mistaken me for someone else. Also, I fear no one but only Allah Subhana Wata’ala. If I do fear anyone other than Allah SWT, I wouldn’t be posting these very revealing comments, would I?

So now you admit that The USA is a Zionists controlled country, right? At least we are on common ground here. Yes, Malaysia is a good trading partner with The US, but so is China with The US. And China don’t see eye-to-eye with The US on many issues, even though when both countries are permanent members in The UN Security Council. And besides, why shouldn’t we trade with THE PEOPLE of The US, it’s their leaders & ‘their controllers’ of that nation that pisses other people off!

Yes again, Malaysia ranks no. 1 (for Muslim countries) in hosting US investors here. And why not? First we get ‘free’ money investment, we get industrial development, we get employment for our citizens, we get tax from their produce, occasionally we get technology transfer, and a host of other benefits for the nation. While they get cheaper labour workforce (as compared to own workforce in the US), they get competent (English speaking or understanding) workforce, they get tax-holidays (for some investors), they get a stable political & economic climate to invest in, and a host of other benefits as investors! It’s a win-win situation. What is the problem you raise here?

And why do you raise the Mahathir & his 16 year daughter issue here? Perhaps, it just comes to show that you have very strong prejudice here against Mahathir and perhaps you are still an ass-licker of Anwar, I presume. Anyway I can’t be bothered with your prejudice or balls-carrying! Stop being hateful – it’s a bad & evil habit you know? And besides with regards to power, Mahathir is already history.

I don’t preach hate. I only fight injustice, evil deeds and falsehood.

Why should we chase out all the US owned companies? Many of their management are good and wonderful people. For your info, in fact I have stayed in The US (Denver, Colorado – wonderful place – Denver Broncos) for several months on a management program. I have been attached to several corporations over there. The ordinary Americans are wonderful people. I have also stayed in the UK for several years – not as wonderful as The US though.

You fool. Why should we cut diplomatic ties with The US. From what I know the country that we don’t have any diplomatic ties is ISRAEL – and I think it should remain that way.

As for defense contract we have Russia as a new partner, and including a new Medical Education destination for our foreign medical students there! In fact, we have sent our first Malaysian Astronaut into space quite recently with Russia’s technology. Malaysia have never been dependent on The US alone for our economy & foreign trade. But be careful though, word is out that The US economy is collapsing now! Aren’t you running home, back here before things starts to crumble over there?

Since the early 70’s Allah SWT have endowed our blessed country Malaysia with petroleum & natural gas to sustain & grow quite rapidly since then. Have you ever wondered that MOST of the petroleum producing countries in the face on this earth, are Muslim nations? Kindly appreciate that phenomena.

And stop being emotional and say that we must tell our students to return home and enter Universiti Malaya instead. You are displaying foolishness, emotional & and above all insolent here! Stop it.

Non-existent issues huh? You know all the hard truth, huh? Why the erratic behaviour now? Can’t face the hard facts & truth? Who is being the toddler now?

Can’t afford to entertain insolence anymore.


Unknown said...

Dear gelagat niaga,

Dear gelagat niaga,

I'm sorry to inform you that you have confirmed my worst fears: that your buffoonery is beyond salvation point. I don't think I need to bandy words with hordes of your calibre for the people might never know the difference.

Why rant and rave when you even can't answer one question? You know throughout the debate, you have been posting irrational works that have no relation to the topic; trying to affright us with eidolon junkies that’s suited to moppets. Sir, when I have mentioned your “father”, I meant by “political father” and not the actual father. If you can’t get that, what should I do for you? Babysit you?

Secondly, I didn’t tell you to lecture me on why we should have relations with the US. I know that and I’m in the US and I’m exposed to that. Your idiosyncratic and juvenile tendency to shift goalposts is interesting indeed. You know you have been complaining about dominance, Jewish conspiracies, Jewish lobbies, Zionist manipulation and economic strangulation and stuff of the sort, so I told you that all starts with the US. If you want to fight Israel, you can’t do that before you subdue the US. You will never achieve that because Jews control the US. If you want to sabotage the Israeli economy or military, it is a dream as long as the US is there. So I suggested that you turn your guns to the US if you are honest about confronting Jews. And what do I get in return? Shoddy and miserable lecture that’s baffling and infantile threats. Ha ha!

I hope this will be our last exchange. I have avoided you because I could see what you were pasting here and it represents your level of thinking. Let me put it clear to you in simple terms and language: Do you want to isolate Israel? Yes. Do you want to subdue Israel? Yes. Do you want to sabotage the Israeli economy? Yes. Do you want to make the Israeli education system fail? Yes. Do you want the Jewish lobbies to run out of ideas and steam? Do you want to liberate the Palestinians and all other oppressed societies? Yes. Do you want to gain the upper hand over Israel? Yes. Do you want to rule the world including Israel? Yes. (And etc). Then the answer is simple: you need to fight the US. How? That’s for you now. But you have to know one thing: as long as Malaysia supports the US and works with it, then that’s working with Israel in a different name. Israel is the 51th state of the US, so there is no isolated country called Israel that you can easily target as a prey. Heaven! It will not happen as long as the US is on top of affairs. In other words, there is no point in talking about Israeli or Jewish conspiracies, lobbies and other stuff because that’s the US already.

Unfortunately, when I have given examples, you started ranting and raving and beating about the bush as if that’s wisdom accusing me of “carrying balls” and talking about security ordeals at Airports. Puerile discourse belongs to its author and language is the dress of man’s thought. Enjoy. I believe if we can’t benefit each other, then the best thing is to give each other enough peace and maintain our distance from each other.


James said...

Reading the tussle between gelagat niaga and Rashid Abdullah, I have to agree with the blog owner that the issue had detracted off course.
Back to the title: "Is Anwar Ibrahim A Zionist Agent?" Please let me say - he is not a Zionist Agent but may be an Illuminati agent, as the fact that the Illuminati controls nearly all agencies but is controlled by one man - the Black Pope - just type it in google and you will be surprised.
he just retired and I am not sure if they have found a replacement.
As all of you are Muslims - do read by by Leo Lyon Zagami, now Khaled Saifullah Khan, an ex high level & of royal bloodline in the Illuminati, now a Muslim convert. This man was with them and see what he says whether Zionists or who the real masters are. He is in danger of losing his life now, just got harassed by the authorities.
You get nowhere blaming the Jews only.
They already have a state to live in therefore Zionism is no longer alive. Zionists are merely supporters of Israel. Now why would non Jews support Israel so much?
True they control the world's trade.
The Illuminati is not Jewish but have several Jews in it.
If you do not trust or believe the Illuminati defector now a Muslim (your fellow Muslim brother) then I too have nothing to say.

gelagat niaga said...

rashid abdullah,

Your true colours as a complete idiot have finally surfaced!

Be informed that I do not have any POLITICAL FATHER - you damn fool! You don’t know me in person and vice-versa. You dare to accuse others of having ‘a political inclination’, when you haven’t the faintest idea who you are communicating with. Whether or not I am a male, female, youngster, middle-age, or even very experienced senior citizen – you have no idea whatsoever! All you can guess by now is that I am a Muslim, and possibly a Malay, and perhaps living in Malaysia. And yet you dare to throw ‘shit’ at someone you have not even met, spoken to, nor had any experience of long –term discourse!

I shall pray to Allah SWT that you suffer the accusation you hurl upon others whom YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Semoga Allah SWT beri petunjuk & pembalasan kepada anda atas segala tuduhan yang lempar terhadap saya!

Whereas I know that you are a Muslim male (at least by your name in your previous postings), that you are a youngster – age 27 and a bachelor (from your discourse with – izzat nizam), and hopefully not a gay nor bi-sexual! However, you know not even ‘two-bits’ about me!

I would also pray & supplicate to Allah SWT to show wrath & retribution upon the cruel Zionists that have incurred cruelty & injustice upon mankind, especially to the Muslim Ummah. May my supplication be answered by Allah SWT. Like the late Mr. Bobby Fischer, I do not fear the Zionists. May some Zionists will read this message that I am rebutting to you now!

You call yourself a Muslim? Shame on you. You are a shame to your faith! It is very, very apparent that you fear so much of the Zionists, that you instead dare attack a fellow Muslim. Have I not told all about how the Zionists ‘are experts in logger-heading’ between two parties in dispute? It’s happening to you now!

You have so much to learn young man & so much to uncover about the cruelties & injustices is perpetrated by those ‘evil hidden hands’. You are in the midst of the Zionists controlled society. Hence you should know how the American public have been twisted & fooled into supporting Zionists based leaders! The recent past and present leaders of The USA are Zionists-aligned individuals.

The up & coming potential candidates (either the Democrats or Republicans) are all Zionists aligned potentials as President of The US. May it be Hillary, Obama or even John McCain – all are Zionists aligned or conformed candidates. The American public have been bought lock, stock & barrel and are always duped by the Zionists controlled media & election machinery!

Good, honest & courages candidates (who are NOT aligned to Zionism) like Dr. Ron Paul (Republican – a long term congressman), Mr. Dennis Kucinich (Democrat) & Miss Cynthia McKinney (Democrat) are always sidelined & suppressed by the US mainstream media, thus fooling the American citizens of their true potentials, worth & viability as Presidential candidates for the people of USA.

I personally feel that the Zionists controlled mainstream-media had 'successfully' suppressed the Presidential campaign for Dr. Ron Paul (Congressman from Texas) is truly unbelievable & beyond words! Having raised THE HIGHEST campaign contribution funds from the vast but ordinary citizens & man on the street, but not from big corporate contributions & sponsorship, and yet his own Republican Party have railroaded Dr. Ron Paul and keeping him always behind John McCain.

If only Dr. Ron Paul can become next President of The USA, then America would have ONE OF THE BEST PRESIDENTS, America could ever have! Let’s just hope that with the slimmest of chances, Dr. Ron Paul can still be in contention as President as how Abraham Lincoln had won! He’s good for the US and good for the rest of the world, but not good for Israel! And the Zionists will not have that! Period!

And mark my words, if John McCain becomes the next President of USA, then the US Armed forces will be staying in Iraq & Afghanistan for a very long, long time. So who suffers and who gains? Like some of the American public have said - ‘Everything is Rigged’! But rigged by whom? Even the rigged ‘Diebold’ election voting & counting machines as in previous US elections are designed & supplied by Zionists corporations! Check it out, as below:-

That's how much I know about American politics! Just because you are IN the US doesn’t mean you will know a lot more about what’s going on over there! Remember, we now live in the internet & information age. Information that is displayed over the in The Net in USA or elsewhere, can also be accessed here in Malaysia within nano-seconds. Newspaper & paper-based reading material (other for hard-copy documents), will be ‘dinosaurs’ & things of the past. That’s what the Zionists & Globalists are worried about – i.e. how to control the flow of ‘free’ & independent information & knowledge over the internet!

Being a mere ‘greenhorn’ and you dare to insult & accuse me many things uncalled for. Being a defeatist that you are, you dare ask me about what to do with Israel. And you have dubbed that Israel is the 51st state of The US! How Silly! I would instead reckon that the whole of The USA is a ‘sub-territory’ of Israel! That would be more apt wouldn’t it?

Anyway let’s see how ‘Christian America’ feels about Israel when they see this video clip:-

Perhaps, you can also watch how America is controlled by The Rockefellers as exposed by Mr. Benjamin Fulford, as below:-

Also, watch how The Zionists controlled America is preparing to attack Iran - and for what? as below:-,com_seyret/task,videodirectlink/Itemid,40/id,781/

These are alarming issues that can surely culminate in The WW-3! Are you prepared for this!? Like I said before, wars are ‘manufactured’. Thus, who are the ‘manufacturers’? Who will lose & suffer (normally the babies, women, children & old folks), but who would stand to gain? Are you prepared to die in a nuclear holocaust? If not, do something about it and fight the perpetrators of war.

Don’t be an idiot to criticize & ridicule a fellow Muslim and instead ‘comply’ & succumb to the evil Zionists agenda. I can sense a feeling of fear, restlessness and even the defeatist attitude in your words. How very sad!

We are suppose to fear only Allah SWT. We do not know when, where or how we are going to die. But ‘how’ we die is of great importance. Please prepare ourselves to die in faith (beriman) to Allah SWT, and not to die by fearing and colluding with those evil ones, thus will received Allah’s wrath & punishment. Always, always remember this!

Lastly, don’t be an idiot. It seems that you seem to fear man (The Zionist) more than you fear Allah SWT. And be reminded, as Muslims the only Surah from the Al-Quran that is obligatory for us to read or utter (in our hearts), in our 5 five daily prayers (Solat), or any other prayers is the surah Al-Fatihah. And what does the Last 3 Ayat (verses) of this surah says:-

“ 1:5 Guide us to the Straight Path, that leads us to real success as individuals and nations, (by providing us with the faculty to listen and not just hear, to observe and not just see, and to analyze and not just blindly follow)

1:6 The Path of those upon whom You bestow the blissful benefits deriving from conscious obedience to Your Commands,

1:7 Not of those who earn the bitter consequences of rejecting Your Commands, nor of those who fail, by deviating from the Road. ”

Thus if you follow & comply to those who ‘rejects Allah’s Command, fail and deviate from the Road’, then you will surely earn ‘the bitter consequence’ as the deviated ones (sesat) like The Zionists, etc., surely will! Make your choice!

The rudeness & arrogance and the ‘dialectically verbose’ lingo that you have displayed to me in your last comment is idiotic & unacceptable. I deem you as a disturb individual, due to your own meekness and fears, and thus you are lost in direction & choice. Pity! Kindly seek help in supplication to Allah SWT, and to no other!

And lastly, as not to deviate from topic and to remain relevant, I guess you are just like Anwar Ibrahim. Why so? You would rather attack and hurt a fellow Muslim due to your fear of Zionists’ so-called 'power & might'! Similarly, Anwar Ibrahim had 'stab a fellow Muslim in the back' (Dr. Mahathir), and stooped down to comply to the Zionists wishes (IMF formulae) instead. And you call yourself a Muslim?

I do not wish to be disturbed anymore with your childish antics. As a clue, I would strongly suggest that you kindly respect yours elders!



P.S. - insignificant one - I have a surprise for you & all with regards to Mr. Leo Zagami & The Black Pope story ! Coming soon! Cheerio

Unknown said...

Hey guys, cool down la bila tengah discuss ni. We are all young, so kalau pun nak insolent sikit sebab hangat hati muda, jangan lah sampai lose respect.

Btw, I am the son of Sanusi Junid. I also do not see that as relevant to this debate, other than that Sanusi was Anwar's mentor from school through to ABIM days and they've had a difficult political relationship with each other since Sanusi joined the BN gov. in the 70's, against Anwar's wishes.

Sanusi was nevertheless involved in bringing Anwar into UMNO and on a personal level, Anwar sought Sanusi's personal advice in 1998 to avert negative impact from his crisis with Dr M. Read into this as you wish.

Thanks for making the postings, even the extended ones, more relevant to the topic (some of you are being a little sly about it, but that's ok).

Pembangkang said...

Adakah Anwar Zionis? Itulah yang dipersoalkan oleh pemilik blog.... Ada yang memperbetulkan perkataan Zionis telah disalah ajukan, di mana ianya sepatutnya di tanyakan ADAKAH ANWAR SEORANG ILLMUNINATI?

Sekiranya jawapannya ialah "YA", maka pemilik blog, risaukan Anwar sebagai seorang Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Rashid Abdulah membawa hujahnya untuk menjawab bahawa Anwar bukanlah seorang Illuminati kerana ketiadaan bukti prima facie. Semua yang dihujahkan pemilik blog hanyalah andaian dan pertuduhan tidak berasas, begitulah kata Rashid.

Namun ada forumer lain yang menyokong andaian pemilik blog dan mengatakan Anwar adalah seorang Illuminati.

Saya berharap perdebatan ini tidak keluar jauh dari tajuk asal, agar pembaca yang lain mendapat jawapan yang jelas kepada persoalan yang dibangkitkan; secara fakta dan figura.

Unknown said...

To whom it may concern:

"Don't argue with a fool for the people might never know the difference."

End of quote!

gelagat niaga said...


Persoalan yang anda bangkitkan itu berbunyi amat mudah. Iaitu, adakah Anwar Ibrahim itu Zionis, Agen Zionis, Illuminati, dan sebagainya? Anda juga persoalkan dimanakah bukti prima facie terhadap Anwar!

Pada ulasan-ulasan saya sepanjang 2-3 hari yang sudah, terdapat terlalu banyak bukti-bukti kukuh yang memperincikan keadaan (circumstances) dimana Anwar telah meletakkan dirinya dan kepercayaan & keakraban beliau lebih kepada mereka dipihak asing atau luar negara (Kumpulan CFR, Zionists, dsbnya), daripada mereka yang berada didalam pihak pimpinan kerajaan & negara dan juga dipihak atasan beliau sendiri! Semua itu amat nyata dan telahpun berlaku pada tahun 90’an, sebagaimana yang telah saya hurai & perincikan.

Mengenai bukti prima facie pula, perlu kita fahami bahawa ia bermaksud:-

“Suatu bukti jika tidak dipertikaikan, akan menjadi satu fakta atau menimbulkan satu andaian bahawa ianya adalah fakta”

Maka persoalannya, sejak bilakah ada sesiapa yang pernah membawa kes Anwar Ibrahim ke Mahkamah dengan bukti-bukti ‘prima facie’ terhadap beliau? Kalau itu sudahpun berlaku, maka tidak perlulah kita berdebat disini, lantaran Anwar Ibrahim sahajalah yang perlu mempertahankan diri (dalam Mahkamah) bahawa beliau bukanlah alat Zionis dan sebagainya. Paham?

Bibit-bibit dan cerita bahawa Anwar itu adalah alat Zionis telah timbul apabila buku ‘50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Ibrahim tidak Layak Menjadi Perdana Menteri’ (ditulis oleh Allayarham Khalid Jefri), yang telah ‘tersebar-luas’ pada tahun 1998!

Kini, setelah 10 tahun kemudian kita masih memperbincangkannya. Itu sahaja. Namun dengan keadaan sekarang selepas PRU-12 yang lalu, dimana pihak parti pembangkang telah menampakkan kekuatan memenangi begitu banyak sekali kerusi Parlimen. Juga dikhuatiri pula bahawa si Anwar itu sedang dan berkemampuan (dengan sokongan kewangan pihak asing - kononnya) untuk ‘menggamit dan mengundang’ sebahagian dari ahli-ahli Parlimen BN yang telah memenangi kerusi Parlimen di Sabah & Sarawak supaya mereka ‘melompat’ dan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat pula! Maka, jika keadaan sebegitu itu boleh berlaku, pastinya si mamat Anwar berkemungkinan besar akan menerajui Pakatan Rakyat lantaran beliau bolehlah menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang baru!

Nescaya, maka kini timbul berbagai laman-laman blog seperti yang kita sedang sertai ini yang mempelawa kita untuk berhujah diatas kekhuatiran sebagaimana apa yang telah dibangkitkan oleh Allahyarham Khalid Jefri – semasa 10 tahun dahulu!

Andai kata bahawa si Anwar itu dapat menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia (andaian sahaja) dan tindak-tanduk beliau menampakkan halatuju kepimpinan beliau bagi negara kita, akan lebih ‘berkiblatkan’ kepada Amerika (kuasa Zionis), maka bukankah sudah terlalu lambat untuk kita rakyak jelata untuk memperbetulkan keadaan itu kemudian. Bukannya mudah untuk kita menjatuhkan seseorang pemimpin yang sudah naik ke ‘takhta’ kuasa politik!

Lihat sahajalah kepada Pak Lah, dimana parti BN telah kehilangan nisbah kerusi Parlimen yang paling teruk dalam sejarah Negara kita. Namun, beliau sehingga kini enggan berundur-diri atau mengaku segala kekurangan strategi & kepimpinan beliau yang begitu lemah dan kucar-kacir. Namun walaupun tanpa majoriti 2/3 dalam Parlimen, beliau berasa bahawa beliau masih perlu lagi berkuasa, namun untuk apa pula yang kita persoalkan. Hanya Allah SWT sahaja yang tahu apa di lubuk sanubari Pak Lah tu!

Begitulah juga keadaannya di Pakistan. Presiden Pervez Musaharaf (alat & rakan sekutu kuat bagi Amerika–Zionis), telah kalah dengan begitu teruk sekali semasa pilihanraya baru-baru ini di Pakistan. Namun sehingga kini, beliau enggan turun atau melepaskan jawatan Presiden, sebab beliau tahu bahawa Amerika-Zionis ada menyokong dan akan berada ‘disamping’ beliau. Begitu juga keadaannya dengan Presiden Afghanistan – Hamid Karzai, dimana para-pengiring peribadi beliau (body-guards) adalah dari pasukan keselamatan Amerika dan bukan dari rakyak Afghanistan sendiri! Bukankah mereka itu semuanya pemimpin-pemimpin negara Islam yang ‘berkiblatkan’ Amerika-Zionis!?

Dalam sejarah negara kita sejak zaman Malaya (sebelum Merdeka) sehinggalah kini sudah menjadi Malaysia, tidak pernah ada salah-satu anggota kanan pimpinan negara kita yang begitu ‘intim & akrab’ dengan para-pemimpin kuasa besar/luar Barat, selain dari Anwar Ibrahim! Itu adalah hakikat!

Nescaya, tujuan platform perdebatan ini adalah semata-mata mencari kemungkinan bahawa adakah si Anwar itu pernah, ada atau sedang membuat perkiraan dan ‘bersubahat’ dengan Amerika (yang dikuasai oleh Zionis). Itu sahaja. Jika tiada maka kita semua akan meneruskan hidup macam sebagaimana biasa. Tetapi jika ada – maka susahlah kita, setelah semua & umum ketahui bahawa tabiat Amerika-Zionis yang amat suka ‘membuli’, memporak-peranda dan memperkotak-katik hampir kesemua negara-negara dunia ke-3 yang 'dikuasai' mereka. Itu juga hakikat!

Ada baiknya kita berbanyak-banyak waspada daripada menerima akibat padah!



P.S. - rashid abdullah - Pergi melingkuplah awak!
Tak tahu cakap Melayu ke?
Maklumlah, dah jadi Zionist ‘celup’!

Unknown said...

gelagat niaga:

Why talk too much? Haven’t you heard that small words with substance convey the best message? There is no relevance in what you are saying her. Moreover, you are contradicting yourself. And one more thing is that you are poor in hiding your political leaning despite your frivolous and repeated attempts to maneuver. It is not shameful to have a political stand but it is shameful to pretend not to be as if you reading a lullaby to your son or daughter. And also you are poor in arguing your case. Whom do you expect to read the long articles you post here? Anyway, so far, I don't see anyone who has understood what you are talking about. Where is the wisdom in your words? Hope you answer in one or two paragraphs. No one needs the kind of irrelevant, contradictory and politically motivated stories you are perpetuating here. I can see many people are giving up on you. Be short and concise. Wish you well.

Pembangkang said...

Salam gelagat niaga.....

Anwar memang berkawan rapat dan baik dengan ramai Jews. Hal ini tidak disanggahpun oleh mana-mana orang di dalam Forum ini.

Itulah antara jejak-jejak dan cara Anwar berpolitik di peringkat antarabangsa.

Cumanya ramai orang masih belum menanggapi "political will" Anwar. Apakah sebenarnya keinginan politik beliau.

Dulu Pahlawan bertarung menggunakan senjata Pedang, Keris dan sbgnya.

Kini "Pahlawan" menggunakan senjata baru .... yang dinamakan "politik".

Jadi di sini, sekiranya Anwar didapati bersama-sama dengan Jews berkenaan, persoalannya .... Adakah dia sedang berkahwan dgn Jews itu ataupun dia sedang "berpolitik" dengan Jews tersebut.

Inilah andaian yang boleh sesiapa buat. Saudara bolehlah berandaian bahawa Anwar sedang berkompromi dan/atau berkonspirasi dengan Jews tersebut. Dan andaian saudara juga tiadalah menjadi salah sebab Anwar sendiri telah mengundang andaian yang tersebut dibuat ke atasnya.

Saya juga persis berandaian seperti saudara.

Lalu saya ingkari andaian yang saya buat dan memberikan "benefit of the doubt" kpd Anwar. Saya andaikan pula Anwar sedang bermain politik dgn mereka (Jews, rakannya itu).

Memang kerja yang Anwar buat itu terlalu berbahaya...... Namun, pasti Anwar ada suatu kelebihan yang menyebabkan rangkaian Jews rakannya itu ingin "berbincang" dan/atau berdialog dgn Anwar.

Mungkin Anwar adalah "representative" kpd Yusuf Qardhawi atau reps. kpd Pak Arab.

Mungkin Anwar ada kedudukan politik (political rank) yang tinggi dalam rangkaian Dunia Islam.

Boleh juga berandaian sedemikian. Saya kira Anwar pastilah tidak akan memberikan sebarang komentar berkenaan hal ini kepada umum atas dasar keselematan. Dan/atau kerana beliau melakukan sedemikian untuk sesuatu strategi politik antarabangsa bagi kebaikan Dunia Islam.

Akhirnya semua itu menjadi tanda tanya dan persoalan yang tak berjawaban secara fakta dan figuranya.

Di dalam PKR atau Pakatan Rakyat saya kira tidak ramai yang tahu tentang ehwal pergerakan Anwar yang sedemikian. Dan betapa pentingnya Anwar dalam kelompok politik antarabangsa terhadap Dunia Islam, Dunia Arab dan Negara Dunia Ketiga.

Saya juga berandaian bahawa Anwar tidak akan bertanding di dalam Pilihanraya dalam masa terdekat. In roads kepada capture Ruling Govt sudah terbuka utk Anwar. Dia tiada risaukan apa-apa lagi.

Dan kenapa saudara juga berfikir bahawa Anwar akan menjadi PM Malaysia pada pengal ini?

Pada p/raya akan datang pun Anwar tidak bertanding. Isterinya akan menjadi PM.


gelagat niaga said...


Disebabkan saya menerima teguran kerana terlalu panjang berhujah, walaupun saya telah cuba untuk padat & ringkaskan terdaya mampu, maka eloklah saya membalas saudara, begini sahaja:-

Setelah mengkaji segala telatah, tabiat, ciri-ciri & rekod politik si Anwar tu sejak awal tahun 70'an lagi dan sehinggalah kini, maka ikhlas saya katakan bawa saya tidak berani memberi 'The benefit of The Doubt' kepada si Anwar tu. Ikhlas!

Itu pendirian saya dan tanpa sebarang prejudis samasekali. Saya harap semua akan menghormati pendirian itu.

Sebenarnya, ramai yang tidak memahami bahawa saya berhujah berpanjang-lebar adalah bertujuan supaya anda semua akan melawat segala pautan-pautan web yang disertakan, semoga anda semua akan mendapat gambaran lebih jelas lantaran menghayati tentang apa yang sedang berlaku disekeliling dunia ini, yang pastinya akan melibatkan negara kita, Malaysia.

Pastikan anda melawat laman-laman web yang telah pautkan itu, demi ilmu & maklumat anda semua juga. Itulah sumbangan makluman yang bertahun-tahun sudah saya kaji & ceduk demi dikongsi bersama kepada sesiapa yang prihatin dan berkemahuan! Janganlah mempersia-siakan puatan-pautan tersebut. Anda akan memahami dengan sendirinya.


Izzat Nizam said...

gelagat niaga wrote:

"Itu pendirian saya dan tanpa sebarang prejudis samasekali"

gelagat niaga,

The meaning of prejudice is "preconceived judgment or opinion" and "an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge".

You might have sufficient knowledge about the Zionists, but not enough to prove Anwar's links to them, other than:

- He befriends Paul Wolfowitz
- He favored the IMF during the late 1990's Asian economic crisis
- He goes to America to become a distinguised lecturer at well known universities
- Foreign media likes him more compared to AAB

Not much of a solid evidence, eh?

The IMF issue is a hard one. To me, Anwar only wanted to go for IMF because he just thought it was the best idea to save the country since compared to Mahathir, Anwar's pretty much a newbie. He didn't know a lot of things and that could be the reason why. But if after these few years Anwar still think that IMF is "the best solution for all problems", then he will raise many eyebrows - even mine. But what's his true stand now? Nobody really knows.

If anyone in here says that what Anwar has been doing all these while is just for the sake of himself and his political career only, and yet say that you're not being prejudice, I just can't be convinced. Let me ask you. How can any of us have any idea of what someone else is thinking? It's all assumptions. (Sometimes we're even confused with what we actually want, apa lagi nak cakap kita yakin kita tahu orang lain tu apa motif and niatnya)

If you're filling up the gaps with your own conclusions before even meeting Anwar Ibrahim, please don't deny it that you're in fact being prejudice towards him.

I myself admit I've given more "benefit of the doubt" to Anwar Ibrahim. You might call this "bersangka baik", whatsoever. And at the same time I've been having some prejudice towards SOME BN politicians whom so far I've only heard of the negative stories about them. Take KJ for example. For me to "bersangka baik" towards this guy will take some really hard time.

Bottom line, let's just be true to ourselves. Living in denial gives us nothing good but only pure self-humiliation.


Unknown said...

Izzat. I'm pleased to clarify on your again good questions. It may be of interest to you that Anwar Ibrahim was Chairman of the Development Committee of World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1998.

Both this fact as well as the fact that Anwar had been Finance Minister for ~8 years by 1998 indicates Anwar either could not possibly be naive of what the IMF was and who it represented or that he was a fool to be so naive after so many years! And rashid assures us Anwar is no fool... so?

The position he held on the IMF is not just of honour, but represent a measure of trust, in what you seem to agree are organisations that seem to be under the influence of the Zionists, or 'New World Order' bunch, et al.

I am also glad you asked the questions you did as it validated part of the reason why I began this discussion. Many people of your generation know nothing of Anwar Ibrahim outside of the propaganda, the majority of which have been positive since the beginning of this century as his opponents had considered him no longer relevant to bother.

Many of my generation and older on the other hand may have forgotten in the heat of anger towards Pak Lah or simply because, at least for the Malays, "Melayu Mudah Lupa". Well, we'd better remember properly who this person Anwar Ibrahim is now he's claiming to be the next PM!

For balance, I also present here a reference that is positive about Anwar.

You will find the article acts as its own check and balance, as it is just a tad too rose tinted - including on the IMF route Anwar was advocating in 1998, and the posting organisation's exco also has members that raise eyebrows!

Unknown said...


If Anwar held a position in the IMF prior to the Economic Crisis in 1988 for 8 years, what was Mahatir doing about it if it was bad idea? He was aware of it and he supported it so that he acts as bulwark against any outside forces. Mahatir is on record of saying Anwar was a smart man who "mellowed relations with the West and softened his [dictatorial] image."

That said, Korea went the IMF way and recovered and today is ahead of us. Turkish PM, an Anwar ally and an Islamist took that road in 2002 and today he has salvaged his country and FDI stands at 22 billion US$ while Malaysia stands at 5 billion with many regional countries overtaking us. Looking at IMF, it has its positive side and negative side as well. But saying Anwar took that road because he was a Zionist or that he wanted to destroy Malaysia his nation and motherland is the worst joke you can try on anyone including the most stupid people on earth. If I were to be employed by IMF today, I will be happy to get that job. It doesn't mean I'm a traitor, un-Islamic or Zionist. I hope you know whom you are addressing. There is a difference between Langkawi kampung inhabitants and the informed lot who know the world reality. To have Jewish friends or non-Muslim friends is what we need today more than ever before even though we have always needed. Last year, a Muslim man couldn’t get a permit to build a mosque in one of the districts of New Hampshire (UK) for 30 years and later he went to the Jewish Synagogue, befriended them and called on them to have religious dialogue with the local Muslims and etc. Later, they started campaigning for his project and finally the local council passed a resolution where a church was turned into a mosque and the Muslims are happy. You need to be smart, not a plain stupid who doesn't know how to manouver. I’m flabbergasted that you are behaving like a Stone Age rumormonger as if you are talking to the same.

gelagat niaga said...

izzat nizam,

Yes, there is no hard proof there we can directly link Anwar Ibrahim with The Zionist.

Similarly there is no hard proof that George Bush, Rudy Guliani, Larry Silverstein & The Rest of the Gang had any direct link to set-up an 'attack' & 'demolished' their 'own' WTC Twin-Towers in New York on Sept. 11, 2001 and put the blame on Osama bin Laden & Muslim Terrorists, is there?

After all these years, if you are one of those who still believe that it was Osama & gang who were responsible for the 9-11 attack , then who is in denial now?

Instead, if you don't believe that Osama & gang were not responsible for the 9-11 incident, then who is? And yet, George Bush is still President of The US to this day! And you can't even see the 'Smokin' Gun', after the tragedy.

Only idiots would believe that Osama & gang did the 9-11 job. And only idiots would believe that Anwar is a 'pure & genuine' pejuang bangsa & negara. What more to become a pejuang menegakkan Agama!

If there is 'solid evidence' that Anwar have direct links with the Zionists, then this guy guy would have long ago been 'deported' to USA or Israel!

That's what we are here to do, discussing the possibilties! - not denying the possibilities - That is self denial!

All bunch of naive conformists!


Izzat Nizam said...

gelagat niaga,

I personally would like to give Anwar Ibrahim a chance to lead this country and if he excels in doing it, we Malaysians should appreciate and enjoy that. But if it's true he is only bringing damage to the country, I'm sure Malaysians are smart enough to realize it and make him a humiliating one-term PM.

Pakatan Rakyat is trying to reform the media and judiciary system, so any corruption or Zionist-like activities will be closely monitored by our newly reformed media. If there is such an intention, I tell you this - people will be informed, they'll know, and they will notice. And if Anwar tries to control the media, we always have others from PAS and DAP to do the check and balance to stop such negative intentions.

Because of these, I'd like to be positive and say that at this point, we Malaysians have nothing much to lose. Malaysia is not America. Our media is far from being controlled by Zionists who will try to cover stories should Anwar really cooperate with these jerks.

Being positive is just my preference, but at the same time I do not deny that there is a possibility that Anwar Ibrahim having other intentions. Anything is possible in this world. But for now, I just prefer to take the "tunggu dan lihat" approach first. I mean, what else can we really do about it other than discuss, right?

Well, at least I'm open to accepting this negative possibility. How about you, Sir? Are you reserving some of your thoughts to the possibility of Anwar being the real deal?

If you're 100% firm that Anwar is a Zionist agent (or like you said earlier, he's worse than that) and gives no tolerance on this issue, then you might wanna ask yourself if you're actually the one denying these positive possibilities.

Like the owner of this blog, he's at least given us a link that states positive traits of Anwar. Although he said the writer's background is questionable, to me that is still fine, as he was trying to give some room towards the alleged subject.

And no I don't think people who believe that Osama planned 9/11 are idiots like you said. They could and might just be misinformed.

Just because you have bumped into a lot of information saying that George Bush, Paul Wolfowitz and Larry Silverstein planned 9/11 does not make you any smarter than anyone, Sir. And just because a lot of people still don't know about the facts behind what happened on 9/11 (like the insurance covering the two towers Larry King bought just a few weeks before 9/11) doesn't make them any less clever than you are. I'd like to blame the US controlled-media for making Americans oblivious about such issues.

Anyway, let's just stop this talk about 9/11 and such, for it is quite irrelevant to include it in this blog.


gelagat niaga said...


Let me answer ahead of ubaidah.

There you go again. Such strong prejudice against Mahathir – a typical ‘Pendendam’! Despite what you say, Anwar’s appointment in The IMF was not even ‘celebarated’ by the Mahathir led government, back then. In fact, the appointment was looked upon with great suspicion – as though ‘ada udang disebalik batu’.

But what does Anwar Ibrahim care! What he cares is about getting bigger & better ‘platform’ and of course international recognition & ‘glamour’. At the same time, he was also registering his cockiness to Mahathir like say – “See internationally, I am better than you”, whilst not realizing that he is singing & dancing to the tune of the Neo-Cons & International Zionism!

I doubt whether this Anwar guy can even read and interpret a typical company ‘Balance Sheet’, or perhaps even to calculate the basic ‘Financial Ratios’, and what more to become of The Chairman of Development Committee of The IMF. Hiish, Phew! Who is this guy kidding?

With regards to your comments on South Korea’s ‘recovery’ – again you are a fool! This is another scam by The West you fail to see! The only country to ‘fully’ recover at its own effort & strength is Malaysia! And that’s a World Record – aren’t you proud of that!?

Whereas, Thailand & Indonesia had somewhat did received some financial help from Malaysia to alleviate their crisis. Remember, havoc had wreaked the streets in Indonesia back then. Many people had committed suicide in Thailand and some foreign opportunistic ‘carpet-beggars’, such as from Australia were even murdered by the locals (in Thailand) in recovering credits from the local Thais. Yes, a few stock-brokers in Malaysia had committed suicide due to the price-crash in BSKL. But ironically, how come Singapore was unscathed in the East-Asia economic crisis? Was it perhaps they are ‘the outpost’ for Western & Zionist Powers in this region, who knows?

Anyway, remember that South Korea was one of the rising economic ‘Tigers of The East’ before the financial & currency occurred. Due to the East-Asia the financial attack, South Korea was eventually ‘brought the her knees’. She thus succumbed to ‘The IMF Formulae’. But do you know that now economically that most the South Korea huge corporate concerns has been bought lock, stock & barrel by the West? Do you know one of the biggest bank in South Korea was taken over by US concerns for a mere USD 400 million? Do you know that the equities of the so-called ‘Chaebols’ corporation of South Korea are now mostly Western owned?

Do you know that some of the Koreans cars plying our Malaysian streets today like say ‘Hyundai’ do still maintain the Korean ‘dressing & brand-name’, but now have US technology (engine especially), and are mostly are taken over through equities by The West? The West thus have now even managed to use ‘Asian brands’ to market their wares!
Can we recall the huge number of ‘Hyundai – Sonata’ as the ‘official car’ that was elegantly used in The 2004 Olympic Games at Athens, Greece? Quite a display for a nation that had just ‘recovered’ from an economic crisis, huh? Who actually did the ‘marketing’ for those ‘Hyundai-Sonatas’ for the 2004 Olympic Games – if I may ask? Interesting, huh!

Remember, as the S. Korean government policy stipulates, one cannot see any foreign-made imported cars in South Korea. But now foreign equities are producing ‘Western concerns’ automobiles in South Korea! How sad! And you dare say that South Korea have recovered and ahead of us! Silly! Do some research please. Don’t just be so gullible and soak-up Western mainstream media’s garbage!

And yes, of course we Malaysia can take The IMF Formulae. But we then have to surrender (in equities) our huge government Corporations & GLC’s concerns to the IMF as sureties, right? They will do all the recovery formula & package, they will decide what is to be done and not to be done, they will ‘fly-in & import’ their so-called financial experts, and of course they will pump in the ‘so-called funds’ for our ‘recovery’ - from the damage they had they had actually perpetrated – i.e. The financial attack on our currency, so that we comply & succumb to their ‘financial diagnosis’!

In short they give you the ‘disease’ (by giving you the germs or virus – i.e. financial & currency attack), and then they will want you to take their ‘medicine’ but they will have to be your ‘doctor’ forever! Of course, they will NOT allow you to devise your own medicine or use other treatments – because that is ‘not good’ for their ‘business & profession’! And of course before do any ‘surgery’ on you, they will tell you to ‘pledge’ your house, your car & maybe even your wife to them, before the begin the ‘operation’ on you to ‘cure’ you & make you ‘recover’. Then only, can you still ‘live’! But other conditions they put upon you is that, they can also get stay in your house, drive your car and perhaps get to ‘hump’ on your wife occasionally – after you have ‘recovered’! Would like that? You cannot reverse anything by then – all has been agreed & pledged! So please, kindly see this parable or ‘picture’, if we had taken the IMF formula.

You see that’s how their PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION formula works for those evil Western NeoCons-Zionists-NWO proponents?

That is what happens to most people who succumb to fraudsters, when they can only think ‘COGNITIVELY’ but cannot think ‘CRITICALLY’! When it comes to basic thinking skills, it is the right-brain and the left-brain affair! When it comes to critical thinking it is more than that. It also involves the ‘gut-feeling’, instinct, intuition, common-sense, to some extent even some ‘Godly & spiritual-intervention’ have to occur, and where a strong sense in unraveling and uncovering the truth or the ‘true-picture’ would be one’s conviction.

One will notice that ‘sweeping-under-carpet’ are the ‘lazy’ and ‘easy going’ type of mentality (like some Malays would to utter the words – “Aah, malas nak pikirlah!”), are not critical thinking mentality.

Again, don’t take my words for what has been said. Do your homework & check it out for yourself! That’s why on this Anwar Ibrahim issue, critical thinking must be applied to uncover the real story – and we must avoid the – “Aah, malas nak pikirlah”, attitude!


Unknown said...

Beg your pardon gelagat niaga but I will answer for myself here, especially as I believe we need t be accurate to be credible - Hyundai cars is and remains a Korean company. The family actually fought hard to keep it independent.

However, this does not make gelagat's view of Korea's IMF experience incorrect - Hyundai group (which includes KIA) now stands as the only truly Korean car company, when in the past, there were several which had viable business models, proof positive from the fact that Daewoo for instance exist today, but owned by a Western firm.

The rape of the Eastern economies under IMF restrictions during the Asian crisis had nothing to do wih the success of the economies moving forward. These economies should have succeeded anyway, if only their leaders, especially of their own MOF or Central Banks were more enlightened!

The IMF miss-applied the 'cure' (they admitted this later) and whilst the nations then naturally recovered, it was at a very high cost, including loss of local equity ownership, sacrifice of sovereign rights, excessive hardship, especially for the poor and middle class, even death!

Malaysia's approach was not popular and proclaimed as unorthodox, but it is the same approach the US is applying today to try manage their sub-prime crisis! (The US may still fail though as its problems are bigger and credit gap too large for the Japanese to help with soft loans they way they did for Malaysia, thanks to Dr M's relationships)

Malaysia had fallen back over the last few years in terms of economic growth, but that is more due to Pak Lah's miss-management than Dr M''s legacy

Focussing back on Anwar - it is untrue that Anwar was right in his handling of the 1998 crisis. If even the IMF now agrees Malaysia's way was better, Anwar should certainly back down on this, and so should his fans. So their idol is incompetent in managing economic crisis, so what? So many leaders are just as incompetent, except for say Dr M and few others.

Pembangkang said...

to gelagat niaga

may i share your blog?

gelagat niaga said...


Thank you for asking,

I do not have a personal blog. The one 'gelagat niaga' blog was opened by a colleague of mine (using my email address) with our intention to stimulate the Bumiputera entrepreneural mindset & network later on. The blog is still inactive until such time when budding participants are ready to contribute relevant articles pertaining to the blog name.


Unknown said...

Well, you see, we have been arguing with no substance whatsoever. People can write...write and write ten million times. So? Then? Nothing. May be we should answer the question of Lawyer Haris Ibrahim in his blog.

"Just wonder how you sleep at night, Dr M?

Go Here:

gelagat niaga said...


My apologise for jumping ahead of you in response to wanmaya. And my thanks in correcting me on the ‘Hyundai’ issue. Nonetheless I am quite surprise to discover the Hyundai family (owners) fought hard to maintain a grip on their company. But again, if I may ask you as to whether the Hyundai family had to forego some or a substantial amount their equity to foreign interest in order to remain afloat? Your response is appreciated.

Anyway, many have been displeased with my lengthy comments where some have even accused me of deviating from this Anwar issue here. The purpose of the ‘lengthy’ comments is to get the attention of your visitors to click-on to the many web-links that I had included in my comments. Why? One may ask! It’s because I wish to let everybody know of the GREAT EVILNESS of The Western Powers (especially The NeoCons-Zionists), where a handful of our local politicians DARE to befriend – especially Malaysia’s one and only - Anwar Ibrahim!

Remember when Ayotullah Khomeini ‘wrested’ leadership of Iran from The Shah of Iran (Reza Pahlavi – a Western stooge), and almost immediately after assuming power, he then referred to The USA as THE GREAT SATAN. Do we remember that? Do you think Ayotullah Khomeini is wrong?

Up to this day, The USA (including through covert efforts) have tried to ‘secularised’ Iran by whatever possible way. But now The USA is contemplating in attacking Iran by Military Force just to ‘get back’ and subdue Iran’s present leader (Ahmedinijad), for his very vocal voice in defying The USA. To The US, the ‘Axis-of-Evil’ nations like Iran must be made to ‘toe-the-line’, where The NeoCons-Zionist have drawn, or else....! That goes the same for Hugo Chavez of Venezuela!

Ironically, we have ‘clowns’ like Anwar Ibrahim who prefer to befriend those ‘evil’ NeoCons-Zionists! A so-called Muslim ‘champion of rights’ befriending ‘The Great Satan’. How odd!

Thus, let me prove to everyone here how the so-called leaders of The USA for the past 100 years had ‘sold-out’ their own nation to a bunch International Bankers Cartel (controlled by The Rockefeller-JP Morgan- Rothschild mostly), under their own citizen’s noses. Is that not an ‘evil’ and ‘treasonous’ act? How so, you may ask!

Well, if we here in Malaysia have a central bank called Bank Negara Malaysia – headed by a Governor, that regulates all local & foreign matters with regard to finance & monetary issues, then surely The USA should also have their own central bank shouldn’t they? Well they do, sort of. The USA have The Federal Reserve Bank, which is supposedly to be their Central Bank. Actually, The US Federal Reserve (as it is normally referred to) is not actually ‘Federal’, nor is actually a ‘Bank’, nor does it have any ‘Reserve’. To explain further you may click to this link here, (very important info):-

& here:-

So, the biggest difference between BNM & The US Federal Reserve is that Bank Negara Malaysia belongs (or is owned by) to our country, whereas The Federal Reserve is does not belong to The American People nor Government, but is actually a cartel of International Bankers! And the alarming part of this story is that only until recently, that 99% of the American people do not know of this information! Americans had thought that The US Federal Reserve belongs to America. How very shocking!

As of to-date, the Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is the only US politician who is courages enough to say that if he becomes The US President (which is quite unlikely to happen), that he will surely ‘close-down’ or abolish The US Federal Reserve – Once and for all, to save the American economy & financial system from collapsing! Very strong words!

So we now see clearly that the International Bankers are the REAL CULPRITS in this whole world! For the USA particularly, The Federal Reserve had ‘created’ money ‘out of thin air’ to ‘lend’ to US Government and subsequently to ‘stimulate’ The US economy. How brilliant! This is where The Bankers or issuers of ‘money’ control just about everything in this Whole Wide World!

When the ordinary people makes money as wages or profit from business (for their day-to-day living, savings, investment, etc.), who are the ones issuing those money – of course the Banks, central banks normally. Who then controls the central banks? In our case Malaysia - our Federal Government controls & instructs The BNM. And we – the rakyat ‘control’ the government we that put in power through the general elections. So, in our case, its okay – the people are ‘in control’ of our elected leaders, who subsequently have a control over our Bank Negara Malaysia! Whereas, in The US their Congress does not have ‘control’ over The Federal Reserve. The International Banking Cartel are the ones who really controls The US Federal Reserve. Thus the American people have been ‘sold-out’ by their own leaders – since the year 1913!

The International Banking Cartel have a very strong grip on the biggest economy of the whole world – i.e. The USA. Who then controls or owns this International Banking Cartel? The NeoCons, CFR, International Zionism, Illuminati, etc.? You all can keep on guessing as long as you want. But for me, I now really know who controls The USA – i.e. through The US Federal Reserve! And for sure it is not the American people nor their Congress!

I thought that in The US of America, they have the most number schools, colleges, universities & the most number of Ph.D’s than anyone else in this world. But how come they are the MOST IGNORANT in not knowing that their own money (USD - $$$) is not controlled by their own ELECTED representative & their Congress! So much for the most advance Nation in the world, huh!

So, if the NeoCons, CFR, Zionists, etc., can control the leaders, the government & economy of The US of America, then who is this ‘chicken-shit’ (I ‘pre-apologise’ for the expression) of this Anwar Ibrahim think he is, in befriending such organisations!? Does he thinks he can ‘influence’, persuade or control them, in any way? My foot!

Educated as he may be (GD – Malay Studies only!), but I would reckon that in the 90’s when Anwar Ibrahim had met the with ‘The Elite of The Elites’, then suddenly he had turned into a typical ‘da’oh’ character (Anwar should know the meaning – dia orang Utara, kan?), and thus he became over-impressed with the new surrounding & ambience where such like a ‘kera kena belacan’ or like a ‘rusa masuk kampung’, he’d get over-excited and would do everything possible to be amongst them – even at the expense of even having to challenge his own boss – Dr. Mahathir, just to be among ‘The Elite of The Elites’. That’s when perhaps he discovers the political phrase – ‘In Politics Everything is Possible’, being very plausible. As what I have commented in my earlier comments – i.e. that is also when Anwar took the ‘bait, hook & sinker’ of The Council of Foreign Relations! The rest as we know is history.

As a mortal Muslim our aim should be for Jannah – the true Paradise. Not to be among the ‘World Elites’ who are in reality the world’s evil & scounderels! Sadly, but those are the choices that some people have made in their lives – what else can we say.

I end this comment with a very entertaining comedy satire – A History of Oil. Though very comical & entertaining, but the subtle messages are very meaningful, as below:-

Enjoy it.


Unknown said...

I swear by the Creator of Muhammad (pbuh), I have never read what this gelagat niaga fellow wrote here. Even once. My appeal to those who read or could read, pliz tell me what's he is talking about and why is he so paranoid and so boring?

Anyway, an answer to Haris Ibrahim?


gelagat niaga said...


Hang ni tak habih-habih dengan busuk-perut kat si Mahathir tu, buat apa? Dia tu kan dah tua. Hang tak hormat kat dia pun takpa, tapi hang hormat la sikit umok dia!

Awat la hang ni. Dia tu dok tidok malam baguih aja. Bukan ka dia tu laki-bini sama-sama doktor perubatan. Depa pandai la jaga kesihatan depa.

Hang dok hasad kat dia pasai apa? Bukan dapat untung apa, dapat tambah dosa lagi mungkin ada la! Hang toksah la mai loqlaq kat sini.

Hang pi la tanya kat idola hang tu - si mamat Anwar, kut dia yang tak boleh tidok siang-malam, pasai dia pun sama macam hang tu, dok hasad-dengki kat orang tua tu, takut hangpa tu jatuh sakit sampai jadi kerin' macam cicak kubin' baru hangpa tau!

Dah la tu, hang pi bagitau kat loya sapa nama - Haris Ibrahim tu, toksah la nak buat kalut tulih kat blog pasai macam mana Mahathir bolih tidok malam!

Orang tua tu tidok ateh katil la, takkan pulak dia tidok atas rumput! Toya betoi hangpa ni! Tak dak kerja lain buat haghu aja.

Dah, dah, dah tu. Hangpa ni macam budak-budak pulak. Pih, pih, pih main jauh-jauh!

Wassalam, noh!

gelagat niaga said...

wanmaya, eh silap wanyama,

Tak payah hang dok sumpah kat Pencipta nabi kita Muhammad (SAW). Hang ni makin kalut la!

Hang dah sumpah hang tak pernah baca komen-komen saya walaupun SEKALI. Hang dah sumpah tapi hang dok kata bahawa saya ni 'paranoid' & membosankan!

Kalau tak pernah baca walaupun sekali, macam mana pulak hang boleh kata komen saya ni paranoid & membosankan. Hang dah bohong dan juga contradict kata-kata hang sendiri!

Begini rupanya cara pengikut si mamat Anwar! Masya Allah!

Takpa Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui.


P.S. - Tapi kalau hang memang orang buta kat mata, saya paham lah. Tapi janganlah sampai terlalu emosi, ya!

Unknown said...

gelagat niaga,

you talk cock man; too much noise. Do you think guarding this blog 24/7 and lecturing people on phantom stories is the way you win a battle? You need to enroll for a crushing propaganda course so that you can learn how one can be an effective paratrooper, not a silly noise maker who spends sleepless nights in pasting non-existent issues or thinks that he can win by dismissing others and blabbering too much. Go and rest boy. Just look at the comments, 75% have no relation of what was being discussed here and you have taken 60% of the space spewing hogwash and effrontery puke. I gave up midway. Sheesh!

Unknown said...

Dear Gelagtat, using Allah's name when it serves its nefarious purpose is not the way smart people operate. As I said, I can't follow what you are saying. I hope you give me peace and continue talking to ubaidah because the rest of the people have already left here to mind their own business. I think was important was discussed in the beginning and that ended the story. I have no problem you saying what you want to say or talk about, only that concentrate on yourself and keep it to yourself or those who get fantasized by it. We are adults who know what we are saying and we are informed. We are not in a Primary classroom to be taught simplistic issues. I hope you will not disturb yourself in answering me taking 10 pages to do so. Bye and bye.

gelagat niaga said...


Kalau awak dah takda hujah langsung malah cakap kosong, maka jangan buang masa sendiri & masa orang lain.

Kalau saya 'talk cock' awak pastinnya awak 'talk cunt', kan? Awak baling sampah kat orang, pastinya orang baling tahi balik kat awak. Saya 'talk facts', awak berani kata 'talk cock'. Dah dasar biadap - biadap juga. 'Hamlau of The Year' lah awak ni.

Kalaupun saya kena berjuang 24/7, semacam mana kedai 7-11 itu dibuka, namun demi perjuangan melawan KEBATILAN, saya sanggup berjuang tanpa henti sebagaimana kedai 7-11 itu dibuka!

Perjuangan Belum Selesai selagi Kebatilan Berleluasa!!!


Dan kpd. wanmaya pula, ooops yama,

Awak ni semakin teruk lagi gabra pulak nampaknya. Pergi makan ubatlah! Jangan tersalah minum racun pulak, ya!

Dah le tu, nak tarbiah kita pulak dia. Awak tu tak 'nefarious' ke? Saya melawan kebatilan awak kata 'nefarious'? Kalau tuding jari kat orang lain, berapa jari tertuding kat awak balik?

I think you must be jenis Hello Brader, kut? Auuw. Jangan lemah semangat, ye! Apasal awak suka cakap - Bye & Bye?

Nanti bai betul mari dia tanya kat awak - Hello kicik, lu panggil sama saya, ka?

Auuuw, nyampahlah - kata si wanyama, iye tak!?


Hiisy, hiisy - Betul-betul gelong habis lah para-pendewa si Anwar tu. Heee, gelilah !!!

Fakta, puatan web-link dan segala makluman yang tak ternilai dah semuanya terbentang, tapi korang tak nak teliti & hargai. Itulah dia jenis orang tak mau menerima hakikat! Hidup dalam penafian diri-sendiri! Nasiblah korang.

Anonymous said...

Bla...bla..bla...blaa...some people just talk and talk. Huh!

"My victimization at the hands of Mahathir's "Asian values" has transformed me in another way. All my adult life, like so many in the Muslim world, I have suspected under every nook and cranny some conspiracy by the West to keep us down. Yet, in this seminal experience of my life, my friends in the West succeeded in saving me, while Mahathir, a Muslim, did everything to destroy me. And he is trying to do the same to Anwar again through his obliging courts on totally fabricated charges."

Dr. Munawar Anees.

Then the chief Conspirator and the master manipulator of all feeble and greedy minds.

Dr. Munawar's breaking point...the ungodly world of a man (...)

Watch here:

Anonymous said...

Dr. Munawar's tribulations at the hands of a man who thought he could outlive all. A man who wanted nothing short of God's status.

James said...

gelagat niaga
1st you should prejudge Anwar as a foreign agent unless u have proof.
In my blog http://worldmessenger.
Anwar Ibrahim – is he with the world conspirators? - I dare not accuse him of being an Illuminati agent as I have no proof. My blog was even earlier than this blog.
you have not much idea of what u are talking about.
I actually wanted to stop my commenting.
You said you knew about the Black Pope and Leo Zagami, and yet u keeping mentioning about Zionists.
Zionism is dead, Zionists of old already have their state - ISRAEL to live in.
What we have now is a society ILLUMINATI with the Leader - the Black Pope in full charge.
Now this man is not Jewish nor of Jewish religion, but Roman Catholic.
As u have said u knew about them all - Wow teach me - What have Roman Catholic to do Zionists? Zionists is a made up term by the Illuminati.
I have studied Illuminati activities for 5 - 6 years often daily.
You have been too influenced by Alex Jones who is Jesuit plant. He always defend the Jesuits to the point of bring lawsuits to those who condemn the Jesuits.
First study the Jesuits
all the bloody wars and atrocities are committed by the Vatican earlier, and when Ignatius formed the Society of Jesus. They becme the Military arm of the Vatican and now the Black pope is even more powerful than the white pope.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Batman. Apologies, but your comments on Tun Dr M's shortcomings are irrelevant to the discussion. You cannot justify someone as being good just by saying another guy is bad. A person must be good on their own merits, not just relative to another.

I'm sick enough with Pak Lah's boys using this diversion to Tun Dr M trick - Anwar supporters should have the strength to support Anwar on his own merits if they do believe in his cause.

Anonymous said...

ubaidah, get cool sir. I'm not even a Malay. However, I just came along this blog and saw the debate and added to it. However, to say Anwar is bad calls for comparison and question and it is here that Mahatir comes in. Defending him sheepishly while insulting others is foolishness. I'm not an Anwar supporter, but If I were in a position to choose between him and Mahatir, god forbid that I point my fingers at Mahatir. For me, he is a petty dictator who seems hellbent on getting god's status yet he represents all that's bad and ungodly.


Unknown said...

Much better posting Batman. And I don't really care if you're a Malay, just as long you are a Malaysian and are trying to make sense.

dohwie said...

Saya hanya tahu 3 perkara yg benar2 sahih mengenai Anwar dan saya mula mengenali Anwar ketika dia merasmikan sekolah kami (1987). 1) Kisah melobi utk menjatuhkan Ghafar Baba 2) Kisah Ladang Kelapa Sawit 50,000 ekar di Sandakan (IOI) 3) Kisah Aokam Perdana. Semuanya cukup utk saya menilai keperibadian si Anwar tsbt. Bagi sekelian penyokong Anwar, tlg buktikan apakah perkara yg paling baik / jasa ketika dia menjawat TPM dulu ?

AIDC said...

Lihat video ini 1:

lihat video ini 2 :

dan lihat blog ini 3 :

Unknown said...

Obviously you don't know the definition of Zionism or what a Zionist is. To put it simply, DSAI doesn't even qualify ethnically and religiously to be a Zionist. Try coming up with some evidences of what ur claiming, instead of half-baked innuendos and pure BS.


AIDC said...

Anwar Agent Amerika -video 1 -video 2 -video 3 -video 4

Semua ini boleh dilihat di :

all about food said...

born, breed, educated and always a malaysia with an open and positive mind. malaysia is always my home and because of that i am so concern of what is happening with our leaders who think of themselves and "kroni"

sheena said...

I hope you all can bring friends to a talk in Auditorium MPSJ, Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, USJ5, at 8 pm, TUESDAY, 1st July 2008.
Organised by PERKIM USJ. (contact: Bro.Syed Haleem 013-2044 818).

sheena said...

Semua bloggers, sila baca artikel2 di website di bawah:

1)SCANDAL WORLD BANK-cronyism of the highest order:

2) Implications of Anwar Ibrahim’s promotion of a moderate and west-friendly Islam:

3) The covert operations to topple legally elected governments (with rich resources), in order to replace it with "US-friendly" individuals, or those who can serve US interests.

May truth prevail.

from: muslimah_Truthseeker

gelagat niaga said...

Insigficant One,

It's been quite some time since I posted something on this particular blog.

It’s mainly because that I refuse to entertain and waste my time in entertaining the comments of some of those silly die-hard Anwar supporters and proponents. I consider it as just a waste of time when many of them would refuse to listen to rationale and reasoning but would rather succumb to their delusions and gullibility on this Anwar issue.

Anyway, you have claimed to do some 5 to 6 years of research on the illuminati and all that stuff, huh!?

Well, let me tell you that I have personally done more than 10 years of hard research on The Illuminati, The Jesuits, The Black Pope (so-called 'The Most Powerful Man in The World'), Zionism, The Khazars, The Freemasons and so on, and son on.

I have no intention to brag about anything here. But I can even tell you what is the difference between - who is an Israelite and who is a Jew! I have even downloaded a copy of the very interesting book by Arthur Koestler called - ‘The Thirteenth Tribe”.

I have even downloaded a copy of the very, very revealing book (more than 1000 pages) about The Jesuits – i.e. ‘Vatican Assassins’ (written by Eric Jon Phelps). I have even downloaded the debate between Eric Jon Phelps and Micheal ‘Piper’ Collins – on the Jesuit/Zionist issue. I have even audio transcript on the debate between Eric Jon Phelps and Leo ‘Lyon’ Zagami (an ex-highest level Illuminati/Freemason), who is now a converted (reverted )Muslim and now calls himself Saifullah Khan.

I have also downloaded a voluminous book by a CIA mind-controlled sex-slave such as Brice Taylor with her book – ‘And The Truth Shall Set You Free’. Her startling revelation in this book is simply jaw-dropping. Her stories of being a ‘sex-slave’ escapades with some of the US Presidents – i.e. from J.F. Kennedy right up till George Bush Sr., as well as with some foreign dignitaries is simply beyond belief. Other sex-slaves such Cathy O’Brien and Barbra Hartwell revelation can be easily viewed and downloaded via ‘YouTube’. Please check it out for yourself!

So, what is this crap you talk about Alex Jones. This guy (Alex Jones) arguments on The NWO agenda is nowhere near my ‘league’, from what I have dug-up.

I can talk about the formation of The Jesuits (by Ignatius Loyola), the formation of The Illuminati by Adam Weisthaup, the rise of Zionism through the The Rothchilds, The Westphalia Treaty in Europe, the subversion and control of The Freemasons by the Illuminati, the purpose of The Knights Templar in wresting Jerusalem from The Muslims as well as the purpose of The First Crusades against Islam in the 9th century.

Do you want to go into all these topic!? It can get very scary you know!

Anyway, this Anwar Ibrahim is only a very, very small cog in the agenda and machinery of The New World Order (evil & satanic anyway), in overwhelming and enslaving the WHOLE world and mankind. He has befriended and have allowed himself to be a part of their evil agenda.

Let me tell you this. Even great men like Hassan Al-Banna (Ikhwan Muslimin – Brotherhood of Islam) movement was infiltrated and penetrated by some Freemasons. Even the courages Syed Qutb of Egypt died of execution in the hands of his own Muslim countrymen! Do you think that Anwar Ibrahim can even come close to the qualities of these very courages, of high principal and great individuals? My foot!

Not anywhere in my previous comments have I ever accused Anwar Ibrahim of being a Zionist or an Illuminati agent. Nothing, zilch! I have only laid out the true picture and scenario that he had befriended The Council on Foreign Relations – way back the 90’s! I have only proven that he had befriended hardcore Zionist like William Cohen & Paul Wolfowitz. Would a champion of Islam do this? The circumstances he had put himself into (by befriending and not keeping an arms-length) with these ‘rogues’, can only fool some of us but would eventually lead to his own downfall!

In the USA, even the Nation of Islam movement are against Zionism. Nowadays, Lou Farakhan have spoken very strongly against Zionism and even against his own US Government. But that does not make The Nation of Islam as being the champions of the Muslim world, does it? Why, even their hands are tainted with blood in the murder of Malcolm X, way back in the 60’s. There are even talk that The Nation of Islam had been long ago infiltrated by Shriner Freemasonry!

Nonetheless, maybe Lou Farakhan have regretted and repented on these past events, and thus he and The Nation of Islam have nowadays spoken out strongly against those hidden world powers. Only Allah SWT only knows.

But the question remains, can you really trust Anwar Ibrahim to lead our nation and the Muslim Community? Is he consistent enough in his principals of clean and fair politics? Does he really hold true to the teachings and principals of Islam? Or is he merely an ambitious career politician out for his own fame and glory?

And even worse, is he a stooge for the evil and hidden world powers such as The Illuminati, The Zionists, The Neo-Conservatives, The Globalists and The New World Order proponents!?

These questions must be asked and answered. One can only do this to obtain and garner solid information and knowledge of past and current affairs, to gauge and prepare oneself for the future!

Remember the saying – “We deserve the leader that we get”. And I for one, very strongly believe that I don’t deserve Anwar Ibrahim as my leader! But that’s my stand. I am not here to force anybody to take my stand!

You and all others are entitled to your own stand and beliefs. But before you make any stand, make sure you get yourself well-informed – for you own good!

So please do not insult anybody’s intelligence here, by giving me some crap about this Alex Jones guy. I would rather listen to people (Jews) like Dr. Henry Makow (, or even say – the ex-world chess champion – i.e. Mr. Bobby Fischer (who died only recently – also of some Jewish descent), or occasionally to Jeff Rense (also a Jew) of

But nowadays, I indulge myself (just about everyday) in a very thought provoking pro-Islamic website. I shall not reveal this website to you – ‘insignificant one’ until you make yourself ‘significant’, to be worthy of fresh and startling revelation.

Cheerio for now.

I’ve got to sign-off. I want to watch the game between Germany and Spain of The EUFA – European Cup Finals match. OK !?

sheena said...

dear all,
please ATTEND a talk in Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ),tomorrow, 1st JULY 2008, 8 pm.


further info:Syed Haleem 0132044818

Entry -free.Bring everyone. Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Hati2 said...

Salam Sejahtera..

Bagi sesiapa yang percayakan Al-Quran sila rujuk pada Surah Mumtaha(60) Ayat 9 dan Ayat 13.

Untuk mendapat keredhaanNya.

Bismillah Ar-Rohman Ar-Rohim

60-9 Allah melarang mengjadikan yang memerangi Islam sebagai kawan

60-13 Janganlah kamu jadikan penolongmu kaum yang dimurkai Allah.

Hanya Allah yang lebih mengetahui...

Unknown said...

Rashid Abdullah,

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Thank you

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