Saturday, February 02, 2013

Weekend For Kids As MRT Corp Keeps Getting Whacked

Whilst the Great Wall of Jalan Sultan caught a lot of news on Friday, with more news coming from Pinggir Za'aba in a few of days' time, thought I'd focus on the family obsession of Chess again.

Started escorting kids to National Age Group (NAG) 2013 from Friday, a start of a 3 day event organised by Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) at University Technology Petronas (UTP) near Seri Iskandar, Perak.

The first photo is an image on the first match on Friday. The second being the 7th and second last game today. My kids aren't doing so well at this stage, but this is their first year and both have another year in their age groups... Yes, I only took two of my sons this year.In

Their sis decided to join a Tunas Puteri public speaking contest instead. Good call on her part, she got second place, the last image! Life presents choices and as long as my kids make WISE choices, the wisest always being to experience new and more enriching things, like my daughter had, rewards would follow!

The jokers in MRT Corp could learn quite a bit from my kids about choices and decision making I reckon!

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