Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Couple Of Worthy Plugs

Was asked to, checked out and agreed to plug a new comedy program that an old friend, former Angkasawan candidate and fellow UK grad, Zaid Zahari, has been working on. Check it out from tonight, Wednesday, 9.30pm on Astro RIA. The program's a sketch series that is common in the UK but not so common here... yet. It's called Alamak and they have a website for you to check out.

Whilst I'm plugging, noticed recently that my Ayah has started writting again, and in more earnest than previously! He's now got an irregular column in Berita Minggu and his blog has had a few of postings already that are both informative historically and still relevant to the present. He is my Ayah, so please check out his write-up on the ISA (he was Deputy Home Minister) if you don't think I'm credible as a plugger :-)

I'm rather proud that my Ayah is writing these pieces though, as he's showcasing a better way for political veterans and former leaders to contribute to society - through views, reflections and ideas that do not impose, but simply instigate debate and greater depths in thought. And also hinting that you don't have to be a Tun to do so...


kita anak melayu said...
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Pro Raja Nong Chik's said...


Pak hang punya tulisan rambling lah, tak dak fokus.

Rugi betui, pasai dia punya isi mmg rahsia negara dan rahsia bangsa yg tak boleh jumpa kat tempat lain. Punyalah penting sampai aku dah copypaste dah semua kat tempat lain just in case blog dia kong. manalah tau.

tapi rambling habih la. kena dok baca 2-3 kali baru boleh dapat semua. cuba hang advise sikit boleh na.


Unknown said...

kita anak melayu. Again you are being irrelevant to topic, so again deleted.

Pro Raja Nong Chik. Saya sarankan sdr/i komen direct ke blog Ayah saya tentang perkara tersebut. tq.

Unknown said...

Aku benci blog kau... cam haram jadah. Bapak kau pun haram jadah gak.

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